I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 990

At the beginning, when Jiang Chen was reborn, he swore that he would use the blood of the 36 main gods to pay tribute to those who died for him!

Now, it has been a while since I returned to Nine Heavens. Although Jiang Chen’s cultivation base is not high, his battle strength is extremely strong.

Together with the rules set by Tianya now, Jiang Chen feels it is time for revenge!

Of course, it is obviously impossible to directly act on the main god of Guangming and the others.

Though the 36 main gods normally fight each other and even want to destroy each other, at the critical moment, these 36 main gods will still join hands.

Furthermore, Tianya has laid down rules not to be bully the weak. If Jiang Chen is small and broad, then the other party can ignore the rules and in turn bully the weak.

By then, things will be troublesome.

Therefore, the matter of revenge is impossible, and it must be done slowly.

After that, Jiang Chen and the others directly entered Cangzhou with the help of the Transmission Array in Yong Prefecture.

Today’s Cangzhou is shrouded by Formation, and has been sealed off from the world.

But Jiang Chen knew that when he came here, the creatures in Cangzhou would definitely notice it.

Sure enough, at the moment Jiang Chen appeared in Cangzhou, the voice of the gray-haired old man appeared in Jiang Chen’s ear.

“I’m back?” The gray-haired old man asked: “Do I need to open the array for you?”

“I don’t plan to return to Shengshi Academy, this time I’m here to give something away Something.” Jiang Chen said.

After that, Jiang Chen put the power of a dozen earth-level titles in front of him, and said: “Senior, please help me to transfer the power of these dozens of earth-level titles to Jiang Liu and the others.”

As soon as these words came out, the gray-haired old man’s expression could not help but was taken aback, and a hint of shock flashed in his eyes!

The power of more than a dozen earth-level titles! ? There are not so many on the horizon!

“Where did you get it?” the gray-haired old man asked.

“Senior, don’t ask about this.” Jiang Chen shook his head, naturally impossible to tell him about the Tianyong Dynasty.

After all, in Jiang Chen’s mind, he does not believe in Tianya 100%.

Be aware that Jiang Chen has only seen two people on Tianya since he came into contact with Tianya. One is a gray-haired old man and the other is Zixiao.

For the forces who have only met two people, Jiang Chen doesn’t have such a big heart to trust each other completely.

Just like now, there are a total of ten dísciples in the West Hall. Excluding mixed gangs, only nine titles are needed for full play.

But the reason Jiang Chen took out a dozen of them was just to “please” him.

After all, now that people are in the territory of the end of the world, which gives some benefits to the end of the world, Jiang Liu and the others can also live more comfortably.

Furthermore, if you send some local titles out, this gray-haired old man will do his best if he takes advantage.

If not, the power of these titles will be sent out, who knows whether the gray-haired old man will be directly deducted.

“Aren’t you afraid that I will swallow these titles privately?” The gray-haired old man said, “These are all titles of the earth, and I don’t have that many on the horizon.”

“Send the nine pieces to the West Hall, and I gave the others to Tianya.” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “Senior, how good is this?”

“Can do things.” The gray-haired old man said with a smile.

Immediately, the power of the title in front of Jiang Chen disappeared, and he was directly captured by the gray-haired old man with Great Divine Ability, passed through the Formation, and entered Cangzhou.

“Are you not going to come back? Now the outside world is chaotic. My horizon is closed again. I am afraid that few people will abide by the rules that I made.” the gray-haired old man asked .

It seems that because of the benefits of Jiang Chen, this gray-haired old man is now more concerned about Jiang Chen.

“If you are in danger outside, it’s better to come back. With your innate talent aptitude, there is no need to rush outside, come back and cultivation with peace of mind. When the prosperity comes, you will naturally have a foothold between this Heaven and Earth. Power.” gray-haired old man persuaded.

“I can stand, but what about them?” Jiang Chen sighed: “They came to Nine Heavens God World from Atheus Continent with me. They have no foundation.”

“I have previous life memory, I have some background. But what do they have? If I don’t do something for them, not to make them stronger, is it possible that I want to watch them fall in the flourishing age “

The gray-haired old man hearing this, also sighed heavily.

He also understands that what Jiang Chen said is correct, even the Peak Divine King, in the heyday, it is not necessarily safe to protect himself!

Even the powerhouse of the Emperor King level like Zixiao didn’t dare to shoot at will in the flourishing age.

If not, if Zixiao is truly invincible, how could the world be sealed off!

“Senior, I beg you, goodbye.” Jiang Chen lightly said, and then left here with a group of people.

And just as Jiang Chen gave the power of the title, a shocking change occurred in the city of Yong Prefecture!

City Lord Mansion in Yong Prefecture, the array and restrictions in the Underground Palace are constantly expanding. In just half a day, it has covered half of Yong Prefecture!

Under these formations and restrictions, all creatures were forcibly expelled, and even Ji Liuyun could hardly resist!

In this way, in one day, the entire Yong Prefecture was shrouded in a huge array of Formation, expelling all living things and turning it into a forbidden place!

“Damn! What the hell did that guy do in the ruins!? How could this happen!?” Ji Liuyun’s face was dark and in a bad mood!

You should know that Yin Sector has all discussed it. When Yin and Yang are in rebellion, when all the creatures of Yin Sector come to Yang Sector, they will use Yong Prefecture as their base!

But now, this stronghold hasn’t covered the heat yet, it’s gone!

The most important thing is that this Yong Prefecture was lost in the hands of Ji Liuyun!

Moreover, he didn’t know the reason yet, so he was expelled from unfathomable mystery!

When the time comes, the powerful group of Yin Sector asked, he Ji Liuyun asked three questions…

“Holy Son, where should we go now?”


“Yes, there must be a place to stay.”


The group of creatures in Yin Sector are a bit messy, and they are now nothing Home is now.

“The nearest place should be Pingzhou, so go there.” Ji Liuyun thought for a while and said, “Pingzhou has no Peak power, plus the special status I am waiting for, even if I go there, the local The forces of Pingzhou don’t dare to do anything to us!”

“At the worst war!”

“What kind of war? As far as I know, the strongest cultivator in Pingzhou has just entered Lord God Realm, there is no powerhouse in that place, I will sweep it when I go!”


Finally, Ji Liuyun and the others decided to go to Pingzhou!

At this moment, Pingzhou, in front of Xuanyang Temple…

Jiang Chen entire group stands here, in front of them, dozens of powerhouses of Xuanyang Temple stand, One by one expression grave, some of them still have blood on their bodies, and their injuries are not light!

Look at all around again, a lot of people have been killed, blood dyed red the gate of Xuanyang Palace!

“Xuanyang Hall, a subsidiary force of the Bright Lord God faction.” The old one said solemnly, his body roaring like a killing intent like a black wind!

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