I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 992

Yin and Yang are opposed to each other, and the creatures who are Yang Sector are naturally unhappy with Yin Sector.

Someone wants to take action to drive the creatures of Yin Sector out of Pingzhou, or even suppress and kill!

But at this time, I have to consider those default rules!

Yin Sector Nowadays, the most powerful powerhouse in Yang Sector is Ji Liuyun, titled the god cultivation base.

If you want to deal with him, you can only dispatch a cultivator called a god.

But I also got the information before, Ji Liuyun can suppress and kill the middle main god!

And now, in this Xuansen Temple, there is a title deity that can kill the middle main god, but there is not one!

If you really want to do something with Ji Liuyun, at least you have to mobilize the upper god!

But like that, it broke the rules.

Once the rules are broken, when the time comes Yin Sector’s powerhouse comes, the rules do not exist, and the ordinary person on the Yang Sector land will suffer!

“When the sky is falling, there are tall men who are standing against it.” Palace Lord of Xuansen Temple said: “I am only responsible for dealing with Tianchen, and I don’t care about other things.”

” But… Could it be that you just watched Yin Sector’s creatures wantonly in Yang Sector?” Someone frowned, still feeling very uncomfortable.

“What can be done? is it possible that I should wait for the upper master to deal with that Ji Liuyun?” Someone said with a bitter smile: “We also have descendants, and we also have dísciple with a low cultivation base. If the rules are broken now, waiting for the Yin-Yang two sectors to start the war completely in the future, I and the future generations, Direct Disciple, will all suffer!”



Everyone sighed, feeling helpless.

Some people also have a melancholy expression. Why is there no secretly thought Yang Sector like Ji Liuyun? ?

“You said that the descendants of the Divine Emperor clan, the Holy Son of the Peak force, can compete with that Ji Liuyun? If they can, why don’t those people take action?” Someone wondered.

“Who wants to let the descendants of their own Holy Son take the risk? It’s good to say that if you can’t beat, you will lose a Holy Son at least, and at the same time, your own appearance will be lost!” Someone explained Said: “Those Divine Emperor clan, Peak forces, value face more than fate!”

After this person said this, the Great Hall suddenly fell silent.

In fact, these people all understand in their hearts that those Peak forces should not take action.

But, I understand, I still feel upset!

“Which forces are left in Pingzhou?”

At this moment, in the eastern part of Pingzhou, Ji Liuyun, led by a group of Yin Sector creatures, is taking over the entire Pingzhou step by step.

“The other forces have little strength, and only one Xuansen Temple is left.” Someone took the map and looked at it for a while, and said: “This force seems to be under the Lord of Light Divine Throne. Radiant Palace Hall also has some connections.”

oh?” Ji Liuyun said lightly, with a smile on his face, and said: “It sounds very strong.”

“Well, There are ancient Divine Kings and Young Master gods in the power, and there are also several upper master gods.” Someone said.

Ji Liuyun hearing this, clicked nodded, and after thinking about it for a while, he said to everyone: “You will find a place to settle down first, I will go to Xuansen Hall to see.”

“Holy Son, you go alone…” someone worriedly said.

“It’s okay, both sides have default rules, those main gods dare not do anything to me.” Ji Liuyun was very confident, but when he said this, Jiang Chen’s head could not help but pop up in his mind!

This guy, completely disregarding those rules, let the old man and Yue Xiangchen suppress him!

Sooner or later this matter must be settled!

“Holy Son, there is one more thing. This Pingzhou originally had a Xuanyang Temple, but for some reason, it was destroyed.” Someone frowned: “I haven’t waited for it. It should be someone else. For.”

“What does it have to do with me? The more fierce the Yang Sector infighting, the more beneficial it is to Yin Sector.” Ji Liuyun said with a smile.

After that, Ji Liuyun got up, his body bloomed with colorful glow, like a rainbow, and flew towards the Xuansen Temple.

And just as Ji Liuyun went to Xuan Sen Temple, Jiang Chen entire group was also flying to Xuan Sen Temple.

At the same time, in a Small World in Yang Sector.

The main god of Guangming is here secluded cultivation, and he wants to become the Divine King before the prosperous age comes, one step ahead!

However, he has been unsteady in the past few days, and he always feels that something major is about to happen!

As a Peak Master god, he has a hunch of the future Divine Ability, which is derived from Grand Dao Law.

And just today, this feeling is getting stronger and stronger, making him restless and unable to calm down and cultivate!

“I’m in the Radiant Palace Hall, nothing will happen here…” The Lord Guangming frowned and lightly said: “Is it possible that is outside?”

One Thinking of this, the Lord of Light Divine Pupil Kong Yining, holy light broke out on his body, and a Strands of Divine Sense rushed out of the Radiant Palace Hall!

divine sense is like a cloud of smoke. After coming out of the Radiant Palace Hall, it soon came outside the Pingzhou Xuansen Hall.


At this moment, the Strands of Divine Sense of the Lord of Light was shocked!

He felt that a major event would happen, but he never thought that such a big event would happen!

Looking around, I saw that within a hundred miles of Xuansen Temple, Formation and Formation were secretly arranged!

But no one in Xuansen Hall noticed it!

“This is…Nine Absolutes Killing Array!” Divine Heart, the master of light, was surprised. This Strands of Divine Sense looked all around and soon found the Jiang Chen entire group standing on the cloud!

And when he saw Old One, a killing intent flashed in his eyes!

But, next moment, the face of the Lord Guangming turned black!

Because he saw the Peak Divine King Tianyong Princess!

“It’s over…” Divine Heart, the Lord of Light, is dripping blood. The Xuansen Temple he cultivated and established at the beginning cannot escape the fate of being destroyed!

Also, even if he comes here with True God, he can’t stop it!

After all, Jiang Chen has a Peak Divine King by his side!

“Big nephew, someone is watching us.”

At this moment, Tianyong Princess glanced ahead, where his gaze was, which is where the Strands of Divine Sense, the main god of light, is located. place!

Jiang Chen and the others are naturally invisible, after all, realm is not as high as Tian Yong Princess.

However, Jiang Chen suddenly laughed under Tianyong Princess’s description.

“Bright old thief, what will you do with a Strands of Divine Sense? Watching the forces under your seat be destroyed?” Jiang Chen joked, knowing that the other party could hear it.

“This king CNM!” The divine sense of the main god of Guangming directly swears, and the “Three Character Classic” spouts!

However, Jiang Chen couldn’t hear it.

However, Tianyong Princess helped him to translate it…

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s old face went black, and he stood upright where the divine sense of the main god of light was. I raised a middle finger and coldly said: “You dare to come over, and you dare to kill you today!”

“My nephew, he has been saying the three words CNM…” Tianyong Princess continued to translate .

Because the Lord of Light is now furious, but unable to make a move, unable to get out of the Radiant Palace Hall!

And, he dare not come now!

In this way, I can only talk about it!

“If you hit someone but don’t slap your face, you don’t scold someone, don’t scold your mother, you bright old thief, are you too much?” Jiang Chen said coldly.

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