I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 993

The Lord God of Guangming also knows that cursing people and not cursing his mother, but he is really angry!

He can’t leave Radiant Palace Hall, nor dare to come here. What else can he do besides cursing?

What makes him most angry is that Jiang Chen is unruly!

“What did you bring a Peak Divine King over here!? I didn’t follow the rules!” Guangming Lord God angrily scolded: “The strongest in Xuansen Hall is just a higher Lord God!”

Tian Yong Princess kept translating on the sidelines, Jiang Chen hearing this, raised his brow, and jokingly said: “What about unruly? When you destroyed my Tianchen Divine Sect, were there rules?”

“Now talk to me about the rules? Are you worthy?”



When the voice fell, Jiang Chen asked Tianyong Princess to take action. Under the palm of the hand, he directly extinguished the Strands of Divine Sense of the main god of light.

“Tianchen! I will kill you sooner or later!” The main god of Guangming was incompetent and furious. He was in the Radiant Palace Hall, his eyes flushed.

“Boss, why don’t you attack directly?” Huang Dade was lying in the air, Jiang Chen lying on his back, he also pulled out a few feathers and made a fan, very leisurely Look like.

Huang Dade did not dare to complain, but was very curious.

“What are you going to do to attack? Do you think this Xuansen Temple is so easy to attack?” Jiang Chen said angrily.

Xuansen Temple, Jiang Chen also knows this power.

The strongest force of this force is not battle strength, but prohibition!

One of the Profound Nether bans is extremely insidious. If you break in rashly, even the Divine King may hate it!

For safety’s sake, Jiang Chen had to block this place first, and then break the ban before entering the Xuansen Hall.

“Is it necessary to be so careful? We have an aunt!” Long Dade murmured. Since don’t behave and recognize Tianyong Princess as an aunt, the whole dragon has confidence!

The same goes for the Bird Dade on the side. They patted Tianyong Princess’ flattery all day long, and almost forgot who he belonged to.

“She has lost the memory of her past, and now she has a cultivation base, and a little bit of magical skills will not.” Jiang Chen said with a bitter smile: “If she rushes in, don’t die also seriously injured.”

“Wait here…it’s a waste of time!” Mu Youde said angrily: “With this time, this king will steal some tombs for you Come here with rare treasure, your cultivation base has long been improved!”

As soon as these words came out, the three great virtues were nodded, and when they looked towards Mu Youde, their eyes were full of worship and gratitude. meaning!

Be aware that it didn’t take long for these three great virtues to enter the Nine Heavens God World, but now the cultivation base has reached the main god!

The credit for this is naturally attributed to Mu Youde!

This guy doesn’t do good things all day long, just like a grave robber!

The things that were stolen, I don’t need them, I gave them all to the three great virtues!

You need to know, which of the things in the ancient tomb is Fanpin?

Tiancai rare treasure is a trivial matter, some treasures of pure brewing for several times medicine pill are the most precious!

Those medicine pill, one drop, not to mention becoming a god, but it can also make people’s shedding body, exchanging bones, and cultivation base improve a lot!

Furthermore, Jiang Chen also found that the titles of these three great virtues are very special and hazy, containing mystery and grand dao’s aura.

It was also thanks to Jiang Chen who asked, otherwise he really didn’t know that Mu Youde dug up three Tianzi-level titles in an ancient tomb.

And these three Tianzi-level titles are now in the three great virtues within the body!

“Why don’t you wait here, I will go all around and see if there are any ancient tombs.” Mu Youde said, it seems that he can’t be idle anymore.

“By the way…What do you keep robbing the grave?” Jiang Chen asked suddenly.

At first when I met Mu Youde, this guy had been robbing the grave.

But at that time, Mu Youde also suffered from memory loss, and kept robbing the grave to find his own life experience.

But afterwards, Mu Youde’s memory recovered, so what would he do to robber the grave?

Sometimes, Jiang Chen really does not understand Mu Youde, and always feels that this thief Taoist still has something to hide from him!

“I’m looking for something.” Mu Youde said: “To be precise, it’s a group of creatures.”

“What?” Jiang Chen was shocked. The tomb was robbed to find someone. ?

What kind of creatures are they?

However, Mu Youde did not explain much, but told Jiang Chen that the group of creatures were extraordinary and related to reincarnation!

After that, Mu Youde groaned a few times. He was really bored, so he left first to check the terrain all around and see if he could find the ancient tomb.

However, just after the time it takes half an incense stick to burn, Mu Youde is back.

It’s just that, this time he did not come back alone, but brought a creature from Yin Sector!

“Ji Liuyun?”

“Hey, isn’t this the kid in Yong Prefecture?”


A group of people I was dumbfounded, looking at Ji Liuyun with bloody nose and swollen face, it hurts!

And Ji Liuyun is even more angry, secretly thought that he is really unlucky!

As soon as he arrived near the Xuansen Temple, he met Mu Youde!

Before speaking, he was directly suppressed by Mu Youde!

Ji Liuyun was shocked and angry. What was shocked was that Mu Youde’s battle strength was too sturdy, and he didn’t even have room to fight back. He was directly suppressed, and he was beaten by Fat!

As for Qi…

That is the second time Ji Liuyun was suppressed!

Holy Son, who is a big stream in Yin Sector, was suppressed by the same group twice in succession. If this were to be spread, it would be too shameful!

“You are so unruly, in the future, my Yin Sector powerhouse will come, will you not be afraid of retaliation?” Ji Liuyun said solemnly, while speaking, he was still coughing up blood, obviously he was beaten by Mu Youde.

“en?” Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and jokingly said: “You have to figure out the situation. You are the one being suppressed. Why would you dare to threaten me to wait? Don’t kill me?”

As soon as these words came out, Ji Liuyun suddenly stopped.

He is really scared, Jiang Chen and the group do not play cards according to common sense!

“Master! Have you seen it, Senior! You asked me to help Shengshi Academy at the beginning, but now you take a look at them, are they humans doing things like this!” Ji Liuyun thought. Tears, but the surface is still very strong!

He didn’t say a word, he chose to be silent!

“Say you stay in Yong Prefecture, what are you doing in Pingzhou?” Jiang Chen asked.

Ji Liuyun was originally angry. Hearing this, his chest was ups and downs, and a mouthful of blood spurted out.

“You still have the face to ask! What did you do in the Underground Palace of Yong Prefecture City!? Now the entire Yong Prefecture is enveloped by Formation and Formation, I will be expelled! If not, who I’m willing to come to this broken place!” Ji Liuyun said grimly.

“Oh…what a coincidence.” Jiang Chen said with a smile: “We seem to have a destiny.”

“Who is so destined to be destined to you! I knew you In Pingzhou, I won’t come here if I’m killed!” Ji Liuyun’s face was dark, and he didn’t want to talk or see Jiang Chen’s face!

But, next moment, Ji Liuyun screamed: “What are you going to do!?”

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