I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 994

Under Ji Liuyun’s scream, he was thrown out by Jiang Chen and directly smashed into the gate of Xuansen Hall!



In an instant, the Formation of Xuan Sen Temple’s apologists was activated, and one after another gloomy streamer transpired!

A Power of Netherworld erupted, appearing in the world like the hell of a Shrimp, the howling of a hundred ghosts sounded, and the entire Xuansen Hall turned into a netherworld!

“This Netherworld restraint is a bit mysterious and requires someone to try it out, otherwise I really can’t find a way to crack it for a while,” Jiang Chen said.

“Why don’t you try the battle yourself!?” Ji Liuyun roared, and then hurriedly begged for mercy, saying: “Quickly unlock my seal! Or I will die!”

“Mu Youde, unlock his seal and let him jump inside for a while, and I can also see the Netherworld restraint.” Jiang Chen said.

Mu Youde is hearing this, with a pinch of his hands, a stream of light flies into the body of Ji Liuyun, unlocking his seal.

At this moment, I saw Ji Liuyun dare not care, Dao Soul Qibao glazed glaze tree directly summoned out, one after another colorful glow shrouded it!

The tree has seven branches, and each branch has seven leaves. The seven colors are up and down, like a silkworm chrysalis, covering it.



All around Power of Netherworld constantly strikes Ji Liuyun, under the rumbling sound, the gray Power of Netherworld and colorful glow In the collision, one after another ripples spread out!


“There are enemies!?”


At the same time, a group of powerhouses in the Xuansen Hall When they walked out, when they saw the colorful streamer at the gate, the complexion of a group of people changed slightly.

Someone exclaimed: “Yin Sector creatures!?”

“Yin Sector boy, what are you doing in my Xuansen Hall!? Get out!”


Several people scolded their cultivation base higher than Ji Liuyun, and didn’t want to break the rules.

Furthermore, they came here to wait for Jiang Chen.

“Do you think I want to come!?” Ji Liuyun’s face was dark, said solemnly: “Take this ghost prohibition!”

“No need to take it.”

Suddenly, Jiang Chen’s voice came from outside the mountain gate.

Immediately afterwards, a magic seal crashed down, hitting the formation eye of the netherworld!



Under a burst of noise, the netherworld restraint collapsed, and then Jiang Chen dropped another magic seal, bringing down Xuansen Hall’s Religion Protecting Great Array cracked!

At this moment, the talents of Xuansen Hall discovered that a Nine Absolutes Killing Array was placed outside Xuansen Hall!


“Do you really dare to come and die!?”

“Thinking that you have broken the Nether prohibition and Religion Protecting Great Array, just Can destroy my Xuansen Temple!? You are too naive! Today, your life, please stay here!”


Several main gods sneered and didn’t care at all Nether restraint and Religion Protecting Great Array.

But, next moment, the expression of these people freezes.

I saw the old one stepping out after another, and the fist stamps struck out across the board, like two shining suns, falling among them!



Two explosions broke out, and the crowd was exploded. Several people were blown up and bloody. I don’t know about life or death!



At the same time, Long Dade let out a long roar, and the breath of the dragon came out in his mouth, turning into the sky The flames instantly turned the Xuansen Hall into a fire sea!

This is not over yet!

As the Vermilion Bird Wan, the Bird True Fire spreads its wings at this moment, and one after another Vermilion Bird True Fire falls, and falls with the Dragon Breath Flame of Long Dade, drowning everyone!

The Huang Dade on the side was not to be outdone, and spit at the mouth, then turned into a dark flame!

Three kinds of flames blended out, and in just a few breaths, the entire Xuansen Hall was burned clean!

Only a few high-ranking gods survived. At this moment, they were full of black smoke and looked at Jiang Chen and the others with horror.

“Not dead?”

“This…when did the King’s Vermilion Bird True Fire become so weak!?”

“I am Nine Nether Phoenix, that fire is the fire of Nine Nether! Why can’t even a few main gods burn to death?”

The three great virtues are dumbfounded, even if they are the upper ranks. The main gods must melt under their flames!

“A few evil creatures! Dare to burn my Xuansen Temple! Courting death!”


At this moment, the mountainside of Xuansen Temple On, an angry voice came!

After that, a Divine King imposing manner broke out, like a bright star, rising from the mountainside!

“There is a Divine King!?”

“Quickly withdraw!”


Several virtues are unscrupulous In other words, when I saw Divine King in Xuan Sen Temple, my first reaction was to run away.

But, they quickly reacted, each of them had strange expressions.

Especially the Niao Dade, this guy’s morals are basically negative. At this moment, he uses his wings as a fan to fan Tianyong Princess, saying: “aunt, they bully people!”




As soon as these words came out, Jiang Chen’s face blushed too, secretly thought who is this? Who are you bullying! ?

Even the few surviving upper master gods of Xuansen Hall were stunned!

Bull people! ?

Who! ?

“Aunt, it’s time for you to take action.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen expression condensed, and he saw Divine King of Xuansen Hall rushing over!

Its speed is too fast, like a flash of thunder, it is even more terrifying!

At this moment, if Tianyong Princess doesn’t make a move, Jiang Chen and the others will probably die!

However, Tianyong Princess blinked beautiful eyes and asked: “Why should I shoot?”


“… …”


Jiang Chen and the others are messy, secretly thought this is too “simple”, right? !

“aunt! He wants to kill your nephew!” Long Dade exploded, and he rushed to the front. At this moment, he clearly felt that the power of the Divine King was too terrifying, and he was shocked. Cracked!

“When the Tianyong Dynasty was destroyed, this guy also shot!” Jiang Chen said nonsense.

When she first met Tianyong Princess, Jiang Chen instilled the concept of “revenge” in her.

Now, when I heard this, Tianyong Princess naturally understood.



next moment, I saw Tianyong Princess make a move, without using magical skills or performing Tao skills.

The slender jade hand, snow white as jade, pushed it horizontally, and the oncoming Divine King was directly fanned out!

Afterwards, before the Divine King reacted, Tian Yong Princess shot out with a palm, and her palm fell from the sky like a curtain, finally suppressing the Divine King to the ground!

“Boss, how did you teach her!? If she took a step slower just now, I would die!” Long Dade had a lingering fear.

“Who knew she was so stupid.” Jiang Chen whispered whispered.

“Stupid? What do you mean?” Tianyong Princess asked.

“Uh…this…I praise you for your beauty and your strength.” Jiang Chen hurriedly said nonsense.

“Oh.” Tianyong Princess looked clear.

The next thing, naturally, Jiang Chen doesn’t need to act, and Tianyong Princess does not need to act.

The three great virtues screamed strangely and rushed into the Xuansen Hall as if they were crazy.

Where the three beasts pass, like locusts swept out, grab them all and eat them!

Of course, those dísciples in Xuansen Temple were fine, but the senior leaders were swallowed by Long Dade!

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