I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 995

There is the Nine Absolutes Killing Array on the top, the four great virtues and the old one and the Tianyong Princess underneath. This Xuansen Temple is simply unable to resist.

Finally, the Xuansen Temple was destroyed, its Hidden Treasure Pavilion was looted, and all the high-levels killed.

Of course, those dísciples who didn’t know about it and didn’t participate in hunting down Divine Sect, Jiang Chen let them go.

As Jiang Chen said, the main god of light and the others can kill to the last one and kill those irrelevant, but he can’t.

Whoever does things, who will fight!

At this moment, in the Xuansen Hall.

Jiang Chen entire group sits here and chats leisurely, below Ji Liuyun complexion is gloomy, full of bitterness.

This time, he wanted to come to Xuan Sen Temple to explore the reality, but he didn’t expect to meet Jiang Chen entire group.

These people don’t talk about any rules. Now that Ji Liuyun is still alive, he himself feels incredible.

“Da Liuyun Holy Son……”

At this moment, Jiang Chen looked towards Ji Liuyun, with a smile on his face, and asked: “What is the status of Da Liuyun in Yin Sector?”

“The top ten.” Ji Liuyun immediately got excited, with a look of arrogance, and said: “The background of my Da Liuyun is not what you can imagine! Wait until my Da Liuyun’s powerhouse arrives, Yang Sector is destined to be destroyed!”

“tsk tsk tsk…I said this kid’s brain is not good?” Huang Dade squinted, waved his wings, and said: “Where are you now? Who’s in the hand? You don’t know how to do it at all?”

“It’s skinny and tender, and it’s from Yin Sector, my physique, I like your Yin Sector small insect the most. Yes.” The bird licked his mouth and wiped the saliva from the corners of his mouth.

To be honest, if it weren’t for Jiang Chen’s blocker, Liuyun would have been eaten by the bird this season!

“You…can’t kill me.” Ji Liuyun’s imposing manner disappeared in an instant, and even pointed to the junction of yin and yang, and said: “Yin and yang are about to go against chaos. You are not following the rules now. Against chaos, Yin Sector creatures are coming, you are definitely the first bad luck.”

“Oh? Really?” Mu Youde is hearing this, the expression is weird.

When the voice fell, everyone’s expression changed one after another. You could clearly feel that when Mu Youde was speaking, there was a very terrifying aura in his body!

The breath is like a supreme breath, even Divine King trembles in front of this breath!

“Your cultivation base has been restored?” Jiang Chen asked in surprise.

“I have recovered a long time ago, but I can’t use that’s all.” Mu Youde said lightly.

Mu Youde committed a lot of things in the first place, and for the entire Six Realms, they are considered serious crimes!

Nowadays, I don’t know whether he repents or repents, but now he has restrained a lot.

Moreover, Mu Youde’s within the body has a Restriction Seal. When he is not sure whether his mind and himself are good or evil, his seal and restriction cannot be unlocked.

As a result, although he recovered his strength, he could not use it.

However, if one day he forces into Danger Land, he doesn’t mind breaking the seal forcibly!

Although it will pay a great price, these are nothing compared to their own lives.

“Come and tell me about Yin Sector’s situation.”

At this moment, Jiang Chen set his sights on Ji Liuyun again.

The so-called know yourself and know your enemy, emerge victorious in every battle.

It will be sooner or later that the creatures of Yin Sector will come to Yang Sector. Before that, learn more about Yin Sector and prepare for future battles.

However, Ji Liuyun is very stubborn and arrogant. Although he does not want to die, he will not beg for mercy.

So, after Jiang Chen asked several times, he couldn’t ask why.

At this moment, Jiang Chen was a little annoyed.

Your life is in my hands, so I dare not be obedient! ?

“The three of you, come on.” Jiang Chen looked towards the three great virtues, and said: “How comfortable is it, let him be obedient!”

“hehe, this matter I’m still good at waiting.”

“Boss, isn’t it just to torture someone, Dade is good at this thing!”


Long Dade is hearing this, standing tall, patted his chest, and said: “Give it to me! I will let him know what life is better than death!”

“…” Jiang Chen was taken aback, expression Looking at Dragon Dade weirdly, secretly thought this mighty Saint Ancestor is like Sacred Dragon, how is it now?

is it possible that, is the title of your mighty virtue fake?

“You should not be called Dawei Dade in the future, you should change it to Da Keng Da Meng.” Jiang Chen whispered.

Next, Long Dade played freely, Jiang Chen and the others watched quietly.

After half a day, Ji Liuyun couldn’t hold it anymore, so he admitted on the spot!

It’s just because this Long Dade’s method is really not blowing, not only is ruthless, but also has no morals and no bottom line!

Threat and intimidation is the most inferior. In the end, this Dragon Great Virtue used all means.

The worst time was when Long Dade got a dung pond from somewhere and threw Ji Liuyun down for a soak!

This feeling, Jiang Chen and the others look sour!

As a cultivator, Ji Liuyun, Holy Son, is normally aloof and remote, even the dust is not stained.

Now, letting him suffer from such mundane dung stinks is more uncomfortable than killing him!

“Hehe, there is a difference between a cultivator and a mortal after all.” Long Dade jokingly said: “As a cultivator, you can die in battle and your cultivation base can be abolished, but you can’t suffer such humiliation!”

“You are so disgusting!” Jiang Chen pinched his nose, the smell of dung water was still floating in the great hall.

At this moment, Ji Liuyun complexion is gloomy, his eyes are about to breathe fire!

He can’t wait to kill the dragon!

“What are you looking at? What’s wrong? Do you still want to eat shit?” Long Dade raised his eyebrows and said, “Next time, it’s not as simple as eating shit!”

” I…” Ji Liuyun is scared, but he is not afraid of life and death, but also afraid of torture!

even more how, this kind of torture simply hurts his self-esteem!

“Yin Sector has a total of ten territories, and each place has a force, which has never changed.”

Finally, Ji Liuyun compromised and said something about Yin Sector.

The original Yin Sector and Yang Sector are parallel planes, but they are not the same.

In Yin Sector, there are not as many sect forces as Yang Sector, and it is not so complicated.

Yin Sector There is a strongest force in the ten directions, and under each force there will be three to five affiliated forces or families.

Apart from this, there will be no other miscellaneous forces.

It can be said that the order of Yin Sector is very stable, and there is rarely any civil strife. The ten Peak forces control everything!

And those ten forces, as long as they give an order, Yin Sector cultivator will obey.

This is not like Yang Sector, which has complex forces, tangled and complicated, even if it is Tianya orders, there will be several sect forces obediently and honestly obeyed.

“Listen to what you have said…The matter of attacking Yang Sector, after all, are the ten most powerful ideas?” Jiang Chen asked.

“No, it means dungeon.” Ji Liuyun said: “Yin Sector is a ten-square land, and each land has a Peak power. And this dungeon is the head of Ten Great Influences, and it is also the Yin Sector. Holy land.”

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