I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 996

Underworld, a place where Human World is also spread.

Even in the cultivation world, many people have heard of the word “difu”.

And, in Nine Heavens God World, and even in Atheus Continent, some sects are also named after the land.

In the eyes of the world, the underworld is not only a place of darkness, not only a place where ghosts and monsters gather, but also a symbol of Supreme!

The earth is the sky, and the sky is the highest.

The underground is the mansion, the most mansion!

From ancient times to the present, people who dare to use the two characters of “difu” as the name of a force have never been weak!

And now, Jiang Chen is speculating that the underworld in Yin Sector may be the real underworld in this world!

However, what makes Jiang Chen puzzled is, why did the underworld attack Yang Sector?

Listening to Ji Liuyun, the creatures of Yin Sector at first simply didn’t mean to attack Yang Sector.

Not even the other nine forces have this idea!

If it weren’t ordered by the local government, even if it is Yin and Yang, the creatures of Yin Sector will not come to Yang Sector.

“Have you revealed some secrets in the underworld?” Jiang Chen asked: “Why did the underworld attack the Yang Sector?”

“It is said that I came to Yang Sector to find something.” Ji Liuyun Not sure, frowns, after thinking for a while, said: “It may be a thing, it may be a person, or… a corpse.”

“A person? A corpse?” Jiang Chen was stunned.

The government ordered the entire Yin Sector to attack the Yang Sector, just for one person? A corpse?

This…what can’t be justified, right?

“If it’s an artifact, then I really can’t guess what it is. But… if it’s a corpse… I can guess one or two.” Ji Liuyun said: “Not only can I Guess, many creatures in Yin Sector can guess.”

“Oh? Let’s listen.” Jiang Chen lightly said.

“Yin Sector’s underworld was built in a piece of utterly cloudy wasteland. There was an Ancient Battlefield a long time ago, and many powerhouses died, including emperors and even Paragon.” Ji Liuyun explained.

“It is said that the creature that established the underworld in the first place crawled out of the Ancient Battlefield. The body was a psychic corpse.”

“The underworld gradually became stronger. Establishing sect on that wasteland has become the strongest force in Yin Sector.”

Speaking of this, Ji Liuyun’s expression can’t help but become weird.

He frowns, with doubts in his eyes.

“But since the establishment of the underworld, there have been some changes in the wasteland below it.” Ji Liuyun said: “There have been several times when someone saw creatures crawling under the wasteland. Came out, and then disappeared.”

“The most shocking time was when a Paragon crawled out of the wasteland, but… disappeared!”

” Said that it may be a friend of the founder of the underground palace, and has a lot to do with him!”


Speaking of this, Jiang Chen didn’t respond, just as Is listening to the story.

However, Mu Youde’s expression on the side changed slightly, but soon calmed down.

Immediately, without waiting for Ji Liuyun to speak again, Mu Youde’s expression condensed and shouted: “Talk about the point! Who listens to those processes! Do you think we are interested in the history of Yin Sector!?”

As soon as these words came out, Ji Liuyun’s face turned dark, and he was slanderous. It wasn’t you who forced me to say it!

“Taoist thief, what are you so excited about? The creature that will crawl out of the underground palace is you?” Jiang Chen teased.

Mu Youde was originally the lord of the underworld, and in the eyes of most people, the underworld and the underworld are inseparable.

Of course, Jiang Chen’s remark is also a joke that’s all.

However, when Mu Youde heard this, his mood obviously fluctuated.

I saw him stunned for a moment, and then shook the head that seemed a little panicked, saying: “I just don’t want to listen to nonsense that’s all!”

oh?” Jiang Chen lightly said, staring at Mu Youde, feeling that the thief and Taoist priest must have a lot of things to hide from him!

However, Jiang Chen didn’t ask, after all, who doesn’t have a few secrets yet.

“The Great Sage deduced in later generations, the creatures crawling out of the wasteland may have gone to a certain area in the Yang Sector.” Ji Liuyun said.

“Yang Sector six realms, now the other five realms are destroyed, so… Yin Sector concluded that if the original creature really entered the Yang Sector, if it is still alive, it will definitely be in Yang Sector?” Jiang Chen Relieved.

But why does the underworld value that creature so much?

Although Paragon’s fruit position is extraordinary, it’s not worth letting the entire Yin Sector dispatch, right?

Furthermore, it was a matter of ages ago, and the vast crowd, even if the creature is still alive, how can it be easily found.

“If the underworld really wants to find the creature, then…the creature must have some kind of secret hidden in it.” Long Dade speculated on the side, poking at Mu with a light in his eyes. Youde said: “Perhaps, that creature has what you want!”

Since the three great virtues got along with Mu Youde, they knew more or less why Mu Youde kept robbing the tomb.

He is looking for someone too! Find a creature!

Even, at this moment, Long Dade is wondering whether the one that the underworld is looking for is the same one that Mu Youde is looking for! ?

However, Mu Youde hearing this, shook his head directly, and said: “Absolutely not the same!”

“Are you so sure?” Jiang Chen curiously asked and looked at with a faint smile Mu Youde then secretly sounded transmission and said: “The creature that crawled out of the underworld…have you seen it?”

Everyone naturally didn’t hear Jiang Chen’s sound transmission. But after Mu Youde heard this, his body was obviously shaken!

After that, he glanced at Jiang Chen lightly and shook his head slowly without explaining.

“Then the situation is clearer now.” Jiang Chen saw that Mu Youde didn’t respond, so he could not help but look towards Ji Liuyun, and said: “Yin Sector is attacking Yang Sector to find something, or A creature.”

“If Yin Sector finds that thing, will it leave and return to Yin Sector?”

Ji Liuyun heard this, bitterly laughed, and said:” Although I am the Holy Son of Da Liuyun, I don’t know what the specific arrangements are.”

“That means, even if Yin Sector really finds that thing, it might not happen. Retreat?” Jiang Chen eyes flash with a cold light, and said: “It seems that you really intend to capture Yang Sector?”

“I really don’t know if I can’t retreat, but one thing is certain. “Ji Liuyun said: “The Paragon who crawled out of the wasteland of the underworld has mastered the Six Roads of Samsara!”


“Six Roads of Samsara Sutra!?”


At this moment, not to mention the three great virtues, even Jiang Chen exclaimed!

Six Roads of Samsara Sutra, that is one of the strongest cultivation techniques since ancient times!

This cultivation technique is among the strongest cultivation techniques in the world, alongside the ancient scripture of chaos and the ancient scripture of yin and yang!

It’s just that these ancient scriptures have always existed in legends, and the world has never seen them before!

Many people even think that these ancient scriptures do not exist at all, they are just made up by the world.

“I don’t know the other ancient scriptures, but Six Roads of Samsara scriptures do exist. After all, the supreme method gate of the prefecture today is the Six Roads of Samsara scriptures.” Ji Liuyun said with certainty.

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