I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 997

Six Roads of Samsara, I don’t know where it came from or who created it, but from the moment it was born, it was listed as the strongest cultivation technique at the moment it was known to the world One.

There is a legend in the world that Six Roads of Samsara can go beyond reincarnation after cultivation to the Great Perfection, and will not die by a hundred catastrophes, but will not die by the wounds of all ages!

However, this kind of cultivation technique has always been a legend, and the world has never seen it.

But now it seems that Six Roads of Samsara does exist.

It’s just that, not in Yang Sector, but in Yin Sector!

“Six Roads of Samsara has never been passed on. Even the Core Disciple of the underworld cannot cultivation this cultivation technique.” Ji Liuyun said, “So, when a Paragon crawled out of that wasteland, With the Six Roads of Samsara, can the underworld not shake?”

“So, they want to find the creature and retake the Six Roads of Samsara, but don’t want this cultivation technique to spread?” Jiang Chen lightly said.

However, Jiang Chen is very puzzled. If it is only for the Six Roads of Samsara on the creature, the Jifu will not go to war with Yang Sector!

Furthermore, Yang Sector does not want to fight with Yin Sector.

If the Yin and Yang rebellion this time, the creatures of Yin Sector enter the Yang Sector, as long as the intention is explained, Yang Sector will not conflict with the creatures of Yin Sector, or even war.

After all, Yin Sector only needs to find the creature and take back the power of Six Roads of Samsara. There is no need for war.

“There are some clues.” Jiang Chen frowns saying.

While everyone was talking, Jiang Chen’s eyes kept falling on Mu Youde.

Because, since Ji Liuyun mentioned the underworld, Mu Youde’s expression was a bit wrong.

This made Jiang Chen very curious, and even guessing that the creature that crawled out of the underworld was Mu Youde, right? !

But after thinking about it carefully, Jiang Chen denied this idea.

Mu Youde is the lord of the underworld, how could it be possible to crawl out of the Yin Sector underground palace?

But what is going on with Mu Youde’s weird expression?

“I have said what I should say, can you let me go now?”

At this moment, Ji Liuyun cautiously asked, really dare not to be in Jiang Chen and the Too arrogant in front of others.

He was a little scared, this group of people did not play cards according to common sense, and they did not follow the rules!

“Let’s go, no one will keep you.” Jiang Chen said.

As soon as these words came out, Ji Liuyun’s face turned dark, and he slandered: “No one left me!?”

But Ji Liuyun didn’t want to say more. After hearing this, he turned around. go.

However, without waiting for him to take a few steps, Mu Youde hit directly with a palm, suppressing Ji Liuyun again, and detained in front of him.

“What do you… mean?” Ji Liuyun stared wide-eyed, panicked!

“The supreme method gate of the prefecture, are you sure it is the Six Roads of Samsara?” Mu Youde asked in a condensed voice.

“Yes.” Ji Liuyun nodded, said: “This matter is Yin Sector as everyone knows. You can ask any creature from Yin Sector to ask.”

” impossible……” Mu Youde lightly said, browse tightly knit, seemingly puzzled.

“What’s the matter? Do you know the Jifu and Six Roads of Samsara?” Jiang Chen asked.

Mu Youde hearing this, shook the head, then let go of Ji Liuyun again, and Gu himself disappeared.

Obviously, Mu Youde didn’t want to say more.

In the end, Ji Liuyun left, and Mu Youde also disappeared without whereabouts.

Jiang Chen and the others took a rest in the Xuansen Hall, then took out the map, ready to find the next one for revenge.

But at this moment, outside the sky, a round of purple moon suddenly rose!

Look up, the moon is huge, and the rays of light have covered Yaoyang!

Beside Haoyue, the more terrifying Yin Qi was circulating, and the obscure runes flickered like stars.

For a while, the world was moved, staring at that round of purple moon, and felt that the road around him had changed!

“Yin and Yang are about to reverse the chaos!”

“The gate of the junction of Yin Sector is about to open!”


In just half a day, this news swept the entire Nine Heavens God World.

At this moment, the creatures of Yin Sector were extremely excited, all gathered in Pingzhou, waiting for the supreme powerhouse of Yin Sector to come.

On the Yang Sector side, in this half a day, hundreds of sect forces have chosen to seal the mountain!

This chilled many Yang Sector cultivators. At the time of the Yang Sector disaster, before the Yin Sector supreme powerhouse, these Peak sect forces actually chose to close the mountain and chose to escape!

But, after another thought, how can we blame them! ?

You need to know that even the most peak forces have closed the mountains, such as Heavenspan Church, Radiant Palace Hall…

“The world has fallen, at this critical moment , The huge Yang Sector, no one dares to stand up!”

“Yang Yang Sector, do you want to give up to Yin Sector?”


Just as the crowd sighed, a piece of news shocked the entire Yang Sector!

The Nine Heavens Dynasty was born!

Before, Jiu Tian Dynasty also chose to close the mountain. After all, Jiu Shen is not there, and the other Old Ancestor has not yet undo seal. In order to protect itself, the Jiu Tian Dynasty can only close the mountain.

But now, everyone didn’t expect. When other forces closed the mountain and chose to escape, the Nine Heavens Dynasty was born!

On this day, Jiu Tianhe declared the world as the prince. The Jiu Tian Dynasty is willing to shelter one party, and is not afraid of Yin Sector!

“It is indeed the Nine Heavens Dynasty!”

“This is like a dynasty!”


Many creatures are excited , And many Loose Cultivator entered the territory of the Nine Heavens Dynasty, seeking refuge.

And Jiang Chen learned of the news not long after, the expression was frozen, secretly thought that the Nine Heavens Dynasty chose to be born now, is it possible that the seal of the other Old Ancestor has been unlocked?

Calculating the time carefully, it seems that it is true.

However, Jiang Chen knows the situation of the Old Ancestor in the Nine Heavens Dynasty very well. Even if the seal is unlocked, it is very weak and requires a long period of training and breathing.

In Jiang Chen’s eyes, today’s Nine Heavens Dynasty is still not very strong.

Being born at this time is obviously not a wise move.

“What is Jiu Tian Dynasty thinking? Is it Jiu Shen’s return?” Jiang Chen frowned.

“What he dare not do on the horizon, I dare to do in Linlang Academy!”

“He who dare not to kill on the horizon, I dare to kill in Linlang Academy!”


“Yin and Yang are against chaos, I Linlang would like to transform the heavens and protect the creatures in the world!”


On the same day, Linlang Academy made a big announcement World!

This Academy, from the very beginning, has never closed the mountain!

Their background is extremely strong, behind them is a family of ordinary people!

Also, whether it was when the creatures of Yin Sector descended or when the creatures of Great Thousand Worlds from outside the world entered Yang Sector, Linlang Academy never retreated, and never closed the mountain!

And this time, such a fanfare announcement is a comparison with Tianya. It can be seen that the purpose of Linlang Academy is not simple!

Perhaps, Linlang Academy wants to use this opportunity to suppress Tianya, or even replace Tianya!

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