I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 998

The Hepingtian Clan on the End of the World has been deadly opponents since ancient times, but they have never really started a war.

Sometimes even both parties will help each other.

The truth of this relationship is unpredictable.

Besides, the world doesn’t know which one is better than the Hepingtian Clan on the End of the World, only that these two great big shots have extremely deep background.

But now, the world’s views on these two forces have changed.

During the crisis in Yang Sector, Tianya chose to close the mountain, while the Pingtian clan chose to protect the world in the name of Linlang Academy.

“Linlang Academy is far stronger than Shengshi Academy!”

“The power behind them is a tribe of peace, a clan on the end of the world… Oh, I think the end of the world is a coward !”

For a time, there were more and more voices slandering Heaven Destroying, and the praise of the Pingtian clan and even Linlang Academy was getting louder and louder.

Also, the powerhouse of Linlang Academy used Great Divine Ability to expand the whole Academy in one day!

They are still recruiting dísciple and some “weak people” to protect them.

Just as they proclaimed the world, the Pingtian clan, named after Linlang Academy, seems to really want to protect the world, this Yang Sector!

“Stupid people.”

At this moment, before the great hall of Shengshi Academy in Cangzhou…

Although the mountain is closed, the world is facing the outside world. The matter is still well known.

The gray-haired old man stands quietly in front of the great hall, sighing the ignorance of the world.

Beside him, Hun Gang stood side by side, and now he is recovering very well, almost returning to Peak!

“There are always stupid people in the world, why bother arguing with them.” Hun Gang sighed.

“The world does not know what an adult has done.” The gray-haired old man sighed, shook the head, and said: “Sometimes I also wonder if what an adult does is worth it “

Hearing this, he also sighed heavily.

Others don’t know, but Hungang has been in the Shengshi Academy during this time, and he often communicated with gray-haired old man.

After all, the generation of Hungang is there, and now his strength is almost restored, and he is qualified to talk to gray-haired old man.

According to the gray-haired old man, the reason why the mountain was closed on the End of the World was because of a big problem with Zixiao!

At the beginning, Zi Xiao personally shot and killed the emperor who had descended from Yin Sector, he was injured.

But you must know that with the strength of Zixiao, even if it is injured, it is impossible to be seriously injured!

There is no need to seal the entire horizon!

The reason is that Zixiao not only suppressed and killed the emperor of Yin Sector, but also disrupted Yin and Yang!

It uses its own Taoism to forcibly disrupt yin and yang, so that yin and yang are temporarily in balance. As a result, the time when yin and yang go against chaos comes much slower.

He, this is delaying time for the entire Yang Sector!

And he paid too much for this!

Not only was he seriously injured, even Divine Soul and soul almost fell apart!

Especially his foundation and dao fruit, there are cracks!

At that time, the gray-haired old man had been to the mountain on the horizon, and saw the blood all over the ground, and also saw the dying purple sky!

At that time, if it hadn’t been for several other Old Ancestors on the End of the World to learn about this, they would act in time, otherwise Zixiao would have fallen!

“The purple moon has come out, but the blood sun has not been seen.” gray-haired old man lightly said, looking at the purple moon in the sky, his eyes were filled with helplessness and bitterness.

It stands to reason that as soon as the purple moon comes out, the blood and yang will also appear. When the time comes, the sun and the moon will appear at the same time.

However, because Zixiao made a move before and disrupted the yin and yang rules, now only Ziyue appears, not blood and yang!

But what about this?

It won’t take long for the yin and yang rules to be restored, and then the chaos will be reversed, breaking the balance of Yin-Yang two sectors, when the time comes Yin Sector creatures can come to Yang Sector without any scruples!

“I paid that many, and it took less than a month for the world…sir, is it really worth it?” the gray-haired old man sighed.

“If you wait for Yin and Yang to reverse the chaos, what will Tianya plan to do? Are you born?” Hun Gang asked.

“I’m just an old fogey that’s all on the end of the world, I can’t decide whether the end of the world is born or not.” gray-haired old man said with a bitter smile, and then a flash of Lingran flashed in his eyes Meaning!

I saw him turning around, staring at the mixed gang, said resolutely: “The people who pay for this World are more than those of the immortal city.”

“You mean… …” Hun Gang lightly said, “The End of the World has also been protecting this World?”

“It is more than protection.” The gray-haired old man said: “For this World, there have been several times on the End of the World. Almost annihilated!”

Hun Gang was immediately moved by this!

On the dignified Tianya, it was almost destroyed, and it was not one or two times! ?

So, who is the enemy facing Tianya! ?

Life outside the world! ?

Yin Sector still! ?

In other words, there are still unknown enemies in this world! ?

“This is what I prepared for you on the horizon.”

After a few breaths, the gray-haired old man took out a sealed box and handed it to Hun Gang .

Hun Gang frowned and opened the box with a look of confusion.

In an instant, one after another divine light rises into the sky, and more rune sprays out of the box like rain!

At this moment, the expression of Hun Gang is frozen!

Because there is actually a Divine Spark in this box!

A Divine King Divine Spark!

Moreover, it is the Divine King Divine Spark of Tianzi level!

You know, a Divine King Divine Spark of the sky character is rare in ancient and modern times!

This is the Divine Spark that needs a god who has the title of Tianzi, and becomes the Divine King after the Thousand Tribulations.

Since ancient times, there have been many Divine Kings, but those who own Divine King Divine Spark can be counted on one’s fingers!

Even if it is the Divine King of Jiang Chen’s previous life, Tianchen, it is just a Divine King of Divine Grade!

“Why did Tianya give me this thing?” Hun Gang asked.

“The End of the World will not be born for the time being, but you can’t just sit and watch.” The gray-haired old man said: “You are about to return to Peak too. When the time comes and Divine Spark merged, then You can become the Divine King of Tianzi.”

“Let me take the shot for Tianya?” Hun Gang asked.

“You can choose to shoot, or you can choose to sit and watch.” The gray-haired old man said: “It’s all your own ideas.”

“If you pity the world, Evil Yin Sector, if you are outside the world, you can take action.”

Hearing this, bitterly laughed, and said: “You also know that I am a person, if you didn’t have this world in your heart, why should you go indefinitely? City.”

“Then… let’s do it.” The gray-haired old man said: “In this world, someone must stand up after all. Maybe invincible, or invincible, but at least let it The world’s creatures understand that this World has not been cold yet, and it is still sentimental.”

“It has never been cold…it is still sentimental…” Hun Gang lightly said, as if there was a clear comprehension, a hint of Ling Ran flashed in his eyes .

At the same time, at the gate of Xuansen Temple, Jiang Chen entire group was intercepted here…

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