I Have Nine Female Disciples Chapter 999

Jiang Chen and the others just came out of the Xuansen Hall, planning to go to the next one, but never thought that a group of weird creatures stopped at the gate of the Xuansen Hall.

From a glance, these creatures look weird, including several Human Races.

There is a living lion head, with a snake tail, sharp claws, and two eyes that are like copper bells with divine light.

The other one has a human head, but a horse body, Qilin claws, it looks strange.

Moreover, Jiang Chen also saw a True Dragon and a Vermilion Bird!

These two guys are absolutely pure-blooded True Dragon and Vermilion Bird!

These creatures, no matter where they are placed, are the peak existences!

However, in Nine Heavens God World, pure-blooded True Dragon and Vermilion Bird are rare. Only in the territory of Western Monster Race, you may still see a few.

“Are you Jiang Chen?”

At this moment, the humanoid creature spoke.

Its imposing manner is very strong, with oily black hair and eyes closed, it seems that there is a god sitting cross-legged deep in the pupil, singing the scriptures!

“Title God.” Jiang Chen lightly said, then nodded, and said: “What can I do for you?”

“Naturally kill you.” This person raised his eyebrows, cold glow in his eyes Suddenly burst!

Jiang Chen hearing this, couldn’t help but froze for a moment, his expression was rather strange.

These creatures in front of us are all in the realm of titled gods, and Jiang Chen has the Lord God and Peak Divine King sitting here!

Now, these creatures actually want to kill him?

That’s right! ?

“You should understand the rules that everyone keeps silently?” The humanoid creature said: “I will not bully you!”

“I’m from outside the world, by order Come here to suppress and kill you!” The lion-headed creature said, with an aloof face, facing Tianyong Princess, when he was waiting for the Peak Divine King, he didn’t show any fear.

“Don’t worry, you are only Heavenly God cultivation base now, and I can also suppress the cultivation base to Heavenly God, and fight you fairly!” said the horrified creature with a face Proudly, his eyes are filled with a sense of confidence.

At this moment, Jiang Chen’s eyes condensed and he was relieved.

It turns out that these creatures came from the outside world, Great Thousand Worlds.

This is no wonder, dare to challenge him in front of him!

“Are you from outside the sky?”

Rather than waiting for Jiang Chen to speak, Tianyong Princess frowned and asked: “The Tianyong Dynasty was destroyed by you. ?”

“I’m from the outside world, above everything else, what kind of dynasty you are talking about!?”

“hmph! Never heard of it! But even me How about the Great Thousand Worlds destroying the dynasty in your mouth!?”


These creatures are clamoring and have a lot of confidence, because they all know that there is a This is a default rule, not “bully the weak”!

It is precisely because of this rule that they are so confident when they face Tianyong Princess.



However, next moment, these people were dumbfounded, and then they were terrified!

Seeing Tianyong Princess didn’t say a word, the show hand pushed out horizontally, and the ripples spread.

The palm of my hand seems to have wiped the dust of the world, these creatures turned into a cloud of smoke, and were directly shaken away, body dies and Dao disappears, not even a trace of residual ash was left !

“This…aunt…you…” Jiang Chen was in a mess and didn’t know how to explain it for a while.

“My nephew, you told me that my enemy comes from outside the sky.” Tianyong Princess said seriously: “When you meet a creature outside the sky, just kill it.”

“This…” Jiang Chen’s expression was weird. In order to fool Tianyong Princess, he instilled a lot of miscellaneous memories.

It’s fine now, I’m in trouble!

“You are so courageous! I am waiting for the Great Thousand Worlds from the outside world, the gods of the Tianzi level title, each of them is the holy son of the sect forces! Do you dare to do us!?”


“courting death!”

“naughty little girl! You knelt down and apologize now. From now on, when I come to the Great Thousand Worlds powerhouse, I can leave your whole body!”

Suddenly, a group of creatures who had been suppressed and killed appeared again.

Looking carefully, a piece of talisman paper appeared on their bodies, covered with obscure runes, and a wisp of breath that surpassed God King Level!

“Death Substituting Talisman refined by other powerhouses beyond God King Level!?” Jiang Chen stared at him. These things are Supreme Treasure!

A piece of talisman paper is equivalent to one more life!

However, Jiang Chen smiled bitterly. Are the minds of these creatures secretly thought not working well?

“Since she dared to take one shot, she dared to take two shots…” Jiang Chen jokingly said: “You don’t even dare to scream here if you don’t run? It’s a long life.”

“What!? Do you dare to wait for me to do something!?”

“Venerable Red Lotus is watching! If you break this rule, my Great Thousand Worlds powerhouse will come. The burial ground will definitely become a wasteland, and there will be no life left!”

These creatures did not retreat, but became more arrogant and arrogant!

And when they mentioned the word burial ground, disgust and contempt flashed in their eyes!



However, before they could speak again, Tianyong Princess made another move!

This time, the show hand was directly pressed down, like a mountain carved by white jade, destroying these creatures!

And, as if worried that these creatures will come back to life again, Tian Yong Princess struck more than 30 palms this time, shaking down this area of ​​a hundred miles, and even turned it into nothingness!

“I obviously think they are very weak, why can’t I kill them?” Tianyong Princess looked puzzled. Seeing the emptiness, these creatures actually appeared again!

Apparently, they have more than one Death Substituting Talisman!

This also confirms what these creatures said, they are also Peak’s arrogance in Great Thousand Worlds!

If not, how can the sect they are in give them these Death Substituting Talisman!

But, it is a pity that they met Tianyong Princess today.

At this moment, Tianyong Princess seemed a little impatient, and a hint of irritability flashed in her eyes.

Immediately afterwards, I saw her make another move, the subconsciously knotting of her hands turned this place into a melting pot!

After that, flames bounced in the furnace, big runes burned, and strands of regular fragments were rolling like furnace carbon!


“Let me go!”


At this moment, these creatures are terrified, they are now Only then did I understand that this beautiful woman in front of me didn’t play cards according to common sense at all!


“You wait for the ants in the burial site, are you breaking the rules?!”


At the same time, the entire group of Venerable Tianwai Honglian can’t stand it anymore!

How they didn’t expect, the group of gods who had just transferred to the title of Heavenly word level, they were going to be destroyed like this!

These creatures are really at the rank of Tianjiao. Even the most Peak force in Great Thousand Worlds also attaches great importance to these creatures!

After all, every god who can hold the title of Tianzi rank will have unlimited achievements in the future, and is even qualified to inherit the position of the master of power!

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