I Just Won’t Play by the Book Chapter


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First of all, the reason why there was no update yesterday. I have a bad cold and I can’t write it.

The second reason is that I don’t want to send out the leave slip, that is, my glass heart, when I don’t want to get sick, I still get sprayed on the leave slip.

To be honest, I read 4,000 words every day. Although not many, it is considered stable. Most books at the starting point are at this speed. I used to read 2,000 words twice, but some readers hope to post them together. It looks a little cooler, and it’s only combined into one chapter.

But it became a chapter Acquired, and it was sprayed with only one chapter, I can only say that I have satisfied everyone that is impossible.

In addition, I said that single chapters scam tickets. I was a person who didn’t issue single chapters. The last time the single chapter clearly stated that if I finish it, please give me tickets. Then I I didn’t finish it, so I didn’t mention it, and I was sprayed again.

I have to say that the glass heart is really not suitable for writing books. I always read book reviews cautiously now. Every time I see something sprayed, I feel uncomfortable for a long time.

Especially when I was ill today, I saw a lot of scolding and I was really tired, so I sent out a single chapter.

In addition, let me talk about the fact that the readers do not bubbling. It is also the glass heart. As soon as it bubbling, it will be urged to update, so I think about the 4D update, so I bubbling and shouting.

But it turned out…you understand.

Please forgive me for this glass heart. I hope you can be merciful. 4000 words a day have really made me rack my brains, thanks!