I Loaded The Dating Sim Chapter 268


The leaves of the zelkova trees in the atrium are separated from the buds, and the streets and alleys of Shinjuku welcome the feast of early summer, and Watanabe Toru begins to prepare for the anniversary of the association.

“To travel?”

“No time.”

“Nothing can be done without time. This is the first anniversary of the relationship, Miki, can’t you take time off for love?”

Kujo Miki smiled contemptuously at the corner of his mouth, and stared at Watanabe Toru loosely with charming eyes.

Because of the novel submission, she also sat at the beech table, facing Kiyano Rin.

“The evening of the 28th to noon on the 30th,” she said.

“For a day, you can only travel within the country.” Watanabe Toru has a map of the island country in his mind.

The southernmost is Nine Provinces and Okinawa, a little bit north is Shikoku, and further north, you will reach Wakayama, Nara, Osaka, Kyoto…

“Just traveling?” Kujo Miki asked with a smile.

“Of course not, look forward to the follow-up, and never let you down.” Actually, I didn’t think about it.

Kujo Miki sees through, but doesn’t tell.

When the time comes, if it makes her unsatisfied… “I don’t prepare until things come, I think you didn’t take this Young Lady taking seriously, tell me ten thousand sides, I love you. All right.

Watanabe Toru came back to his senses.

He has never been to Shikoku or Wakayama. He doesn’t know which places are worth visiting, so he simply reviews geography there.

“Kiyano classmate, do you know which is fun?” He looked towards the literary girl by the window.

Kiyano Rin stopped the pen, put his hand on his chin, and looked out the window. With the other hand, he picked up a strand of long hair that fell on his chest and played with the ends of the hair.

Sentimental assaults the senses of literary girls.

“What are you?” Watanabe Toru asked curiously.

“Oh.” Kiyano Rin sighed in sorrow and grace, and the roses by the window were eclipsed.

Her every move affects people’s hearts.

Unfortunately, her beauty can only be shown to Hua. The three people in this activity classroom have long been accustomed to each other.

Today last year, when Kiyano Rin got too close, Watanabe Toru’s heartbeat would speed up; as for Kujo Miki, he was so addicted to forget about Ochanomizu.

even heroes have a weakness for the charms of a beauty, to blame him for being a hero.

The two beautiful girls also turned a blind eye to Watanabe Toru, the beautiful young man who sits firmly at the top of the Kamigawa Pyramid.

“Can’t write a novel?” Watanabe Toru asked again.

Kiyano Rin plays with neat and beautiful hair tips: “Watanabe-kun…”

“Wait, what are you doing?” Watanabe Toru’s heart was cold.

“Don’t you feel too cruel?”


“You and Kujo classmates went on a trip, and you came to ask me what’s fun, it’s so unconscionable, it hurts my girl’s heart.” Kiyano Rin seemed to be abandoned by the beginning and the end.

“What’s going on?” Kujo Miki frowned and stared at the literary girl.

Kiyano Rin smiled, swept away his sadness, and restored his previous confidence and pride.

“The means to make Watanabe-classmate love me more.” Her tone is elegant and her voice is cold and sweet. “Even if not, at least let him think of me from time to time when traveling with you.”

“Watanabe Toru has a girlfriend. You will only be annoying if you do this.” Kujo Miki sneered.

“Don’t restrain me from ordinary people’s morals. In this school, I only care about what Watanabe classmates think of me.”

Next, Kiyano Rin smiled and looked towards Watanabe Toru again: “Watanabe-san, I do this, do you hate it?”

“Going further north from Kyoto, I came to Toyama Prefecture. I heard that it often snows, so women’s skin is as white as snow. No, no, no, there is another county between Kyoto and Toyama. What is it called? ?”

“Fukui Prefecture.” Kiyano Rin prompts.

“This is it.” Watanabe Toru nodded, “Kiyano classmate has better geography than me. But there is nothing interesting in Fukui Prefecture, Miki, cross this place directly?”

Kujo Miki squinted her charming and sharp eyes and took a look at him.

Avoid not answering, equivalent to admit that it is not annoying.

If she just avoids answering, she will be angry, but Watanabe Toru doesn’t answer and instead wants to travel between the two of them. Even if he scolds him, he has excuses for sophistry.

Both sides are not guilty, and are slightly biased towards themselves.

Does this man think he doesn’t know what he is thinking?

The chat ended here, and the three continued to think about writing the novel with a prize of 200,000 yen.

The bonus is not in their eyes.

Kiyano Rin’s consumption situation is not clear. When Kujo Miki and Watanabe Toru are shopping, buying millions of yen worth of accessories is like buying ice cream.

The key to this is that the person with the lowest ranking wears a maid outfit for a week and pours tea for the other two.

Even Watanabe Toru, who doesn’t care about face, doesn’t want to fall to that point-it will definitely become a lifelong black history, and will be laughed at by both of them in their later years.

He is like this, even more how two supercilious Eldest Miss.

Supercilious is not an exaggeration. These two are indeed the case. They are not good people.

After school, have dinner at the female teacher’s house.

“Teacher Koizumi, you often travel, do you recommend any good places?” Watanabe Toru asked while eating.

“Why? Are you going out to play with Aina?” Miyazaki Miyuki asked.

“Dating is not possible, what should I do if someone sees it?” Koizumi Aina said.

“Then we two too, let’s cover you.” Akiko thought of a way, “I was found out, and said that Watanabe alone is too pitiful in Tokyo. The teachers will take him to play.”

Without speaking, Koizumi Qingna waited heartily for Watanabe Toru’s answer.

On the dining table, there is an atmosphere of expectation. The three female teachers are like high school students who are going on a school trip tomorrow.

“…” In the end, Watanabe Toru decided to speak frankly, “I am going with Miki. 29 is the anniversary of our relationship.”

The pleasant atmosphere disappeared instantly.

“Eat.” Akiko’s tone did not fluctuate.

After eating, Akiko and Miyuki Miyazaki washed the dishes, and Watanabe Toru and Koizumi Aina sat at the table.


“en.” Koizumi Qingnai who handles the job complied.

Listening to her tone, it seems to be the same as usual, even softer.

“I’m sorry,” Watanabe Toru said.

“On the first anniversary, take my girlfriend out to play, why should I apologize.” She took out a form and compared what was copied.

Watanabe Toru looked at her.

He could actually agree to take advantage of the situation just now and find a chance to hang out with Koizumi Qingnai.

But at that moment, I thought of the Spiritual God girl.

You can go out to play anytime. Is it necessary to lie and say that you plan to go with her?

Lying to someone you like, who likes yourself?

“I don’t want to lie to you.” He said.

Koizumi Qingnai pen stopped for a while, and continued to lower his head to copy.

“Anyway, you made me your girlfriend because you were moved. You didn’t like me at all and didn’t want to date me. Kujo found out, I can understand.”

Speaking of these words, Koizumi Qingnai felt bitter.

The paper was wet, and tears flowed down on its own.

Last night, only Miyazaki Miyuki said a few words. She dreamed of sharing the pressure of adolescence with Watanabe Toru in the future, and did not sleep well all night.

Today, because of another trivial matter, she cried sadly.

Obviously, I haven’t cried for ten years. It’s the second time since May 2nd.

“It’s hard to change people.” Watanabe Toru said softly, “teacher, you obviously forgot that month. In order to meet me, you still worked hard for ten years and came to Kamikawa. I really don’t associate with you because of love. You, most of the reasons are moved and feel that you can’t live up to this decade.”

Koizumi Qingnai’s tears flowed more and more, and he couldn’t see the form clearly.

She wiped it with her hand, and more came out of her eyes.

“But if I say I don’t like you, that’s a real lie. I don’t need many touching reasons to like someone. Teacher, you are gentle, treats me well, and looks beautiful. I just like you, just before Think about it occasionally with restraint.”

Koizumi Qingnai did not speak.

“Miki, Mai Senior Sister, teacher, you, I like Miki best, but please believe me, even if Miki finds out, I will not be separated from you, and you are not allowed to leave me.”

“Miki and Kiyano are selfish, people they like, and the happiness they want, they must fight for it anyway.”

Watanabe Toru looked at the rose on the table. Today is Diana, with pink petals.

“Ten years ago, you said I was very gentle, but in fact, I and them are the same kind, all selfish.”

Watanabe Toru looked away from the rose and looked at the silent Koizumi Aina.

After watching quietly for a while, he stood up, walked behind her, and wrapped his hands around her thin shoulders.

He said softly and firmly in her ear:

“Koizumi Chennai promised to be my girlfriend and was hugged by me, then no matter what she thinks, likes me, hates me, she must belong to me all her life, I am so selfish.”

Koizumi Qingna was hugged by Watanabe Toru. Listening to his words, the emotion that was so sad just now became sweet again.

Although she is in the arms of the students, she still wants to support the majesty of the teacher.

“Anyway, you can go to Dongda University anyway. You are a kind of people, I am not.” The words that came out crying were sour.

She blushed.

“Shangdong University is indeed true. You don’t need to work too hard to get there.”

Koizumi Qingna struggled to leave Watanabe Toru’s arms.

“Watanabe-san, what are you doing! Let go of the teacher!” she whispered.

Watanabe Toru puts her back in his arms with a little force.

“teacher, Chennai,” the two of them looked sideways and looked at the pink roses on the dining table. “Whether you cry or laugh, this life is over. You can only be in my arms. Inside.”

In a short silence, Koizumi Qingna asked in a whisper to herself: “Don’t you date forever?”

“If you think about it, let’s go now. Watch a movie, walk in the park hand in hand, buy a ticket and go to Kamakura for one night, and come back early tomorrow morning.”


“Well, but I can’t be found by Miki, I can’t help her.” Watanabe Toru said with a little helplessness and warmth.

“You really like her better.”

“Of course, didn’t I say, the three of you like her the most.”

Koizumi Chennai began to struggle again, taking Watanabe Toru with both hands and wrapping her arms.

“Because I don’t want to lie to the teacher.”

Watanabe Toru hugged her tighter, and their cheeks were slightly sunken as they squeezed each other.

“Because I am so moved to associate with you, I don’t want to lie to you; I like you, I don’t want to lie to you; I can’t be discovered by Miki, I don’t want to lie to you; Even if I am found, I won’t leave you, I don’t want to lie to you; because of your status as a teacher , I am proud of myself, I don’t want to lie to you; I want to do many things with you that you don’t allow, I don’t want to lie to you.”

Koizumi Qingna stopped moving, leaning against Watanabe Toru’s arms, feeling his powerful heartbeat.

“…Really?” The girlish voice reminded Watanabe Toru of her ten years ago.

The Koizumi Qingna who is crying in the fireflies.

“en. “Watanabe Toru separated from her face and touched her face with his hand.

Face to face, moved towards kissing her dry lips from crying.


Before the lips and the lips touched, Koizumi Chennai held Watanabe Toru’s chin in his palm, putting his face too high.

“Before you graduate, physical contact is forbidden!”

“Teacher Koizumi, you don’t know, for the youngster now, kissing is not considered physical contact, it is a manifestation of intimacy.” Watanabe Toru’s lips moved up again.

Koizumi Qingna covered her mouth with her hands like a mask.

Watanabe Toru kissed the back of her hand.

The two have bangs together.

Koizumi Chennai’s hair tickled Watanabe Toru’s forehead, and Watanabe Toru’s nose was against her nose.

“Uhhhhhh!” Koizumi said while wearing a “mask”.

“What did you say?” Watanabe Toru left.

“Huh!” Released his hand, Koizumi Qingna took a breath, “You said you didn’t lie to me! How could kissing not count…wu!”

Looking at Watanabe Toru’s face quickly approaching, Koizumi Aina hurriedly covered her mouth again.

Then Watanabe Toru didn’t want to kiss her.

He just leaned down so that their eyes were on a horizontal line.

“teacher,” he rubbed Koizumi Aina’s rich and pure black hair, “I like you.”


Across the hair, I can still feel the warmth of the palm.

Koizumi Qingna’s eyes stopped crying. Because of shyness, happiness, and surprise, they are bright and intelligent again.

After two seconds of silence, she jerked Watanabe Toru away and stood up.

“It’s late, go back to take a bath and sleep! You can’t be late in the morning, you know!” She pushed Watanabe Toru all the way to the hallway.

After he left, she covered her face with her hands.

“Ah—” After jumping, jumping, and twisting, she threw herself on the sofa, hugging the pillow tightly.

“Koizumi Chennai promised to be my girlfriend and was hugged by me, then no matter what she thinks, likes me, hates me, she must belong to me in her life.”

“Hmm–” Her face was buried in the pillow, the call in her mouth became dull, and her body rolled to the right.

“teacher, I like you.”

“Hmm–” The body rolled to the left.

The two kiss each other with their palms apart.

“Hmm–” Turned over and lay on the sofa, kicking hard with his legs.

Akiko and Miyazaki Miyuki came out of the kitchen and looked at such Koizumi Aina.

Akiko took out his mobile phone silently and clicked on the camera.

Watanabe Toru went back to Room 502 without taking a shower.

He went to the balcony and looked at the God Palace outer courtyard in the dark. In the dark forest, the God Palace stadium was brightly lit.

Blowing the evening breeze, I took out my phone and called Kiyano Rin.

“What’s the matter?” A cold voice, and the movement of toweling hair.

“Just finished taking a shower?”

“en. ”

“Unfortunately, I should just go in and wash directly. Maybe I ran into you and wiped each other’s backs.”

“Hang up.”

“Wait, wait, I have good news to report to you.”

“Stop going on a trip?”

Watanabe Toru turned around and leaned back on the balcony in a leisurely posture: “Is this good news for you?”

“The bad news about Kujo Miki is my good news.”

“What happened to me?”

“…hung up.”

“I was wrong, really wrong, God Kiyano, please forgive your believers.” Watanabe Toru’s posture was still leisurely, and his voice was smiling.

“One sentence.”

“Can two sentences work?”

“Beep, beep, beep.”

Kiyano Eldest Miss does what it says.

Watanabe Toru laughed and sent her a message on the line.

“Kiyano, I want to try to slowly become an honest person”

The message has been read and there is no reply.

Watanabe Toru dropped the phone on the table, took the clothes and went to take a shower.

If the speed is fast, you might be able to smell the scent of “Kiyano Rin floating from the high-end apartment at Yotsuya Station”.

The phone on the table turned on silently while the bathroom water rang.

A message popped up on the screen of Kujo Miki’s kimono photo.

“It’s good news”

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