I Loaded The Dating Sim Chapter


If you ask for a monthly pass, it’s a rare opportunity. I want to enter the top ten once-referring to the top ten at the end of the month.

If fluke, as a thank you, I will add “…” in the previous article.

Because there are too many specific chapters, the operation team will select a few chapters first, and then the whole group will vote.

After finishing writing, only send to the full subscription group, the date is the 2nd day of the top ten.

Ps: In the future, there will be no vulgar descriptions in the main text, and “…” will be used instead, but the full text will be placed in the full subscription group (there is no requirement for the number of monthly tickets, as long as it is written).

when the time comes, I hope everyone who subscribed to the group will not release the relevant chapters. Everyone knows that the book has been watched and reported. The group has also been blocked once. If it is blocked again and warned, yes A very troublesome thing.

Thank you for your support.



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