I Loaded The Dating Sim Chapter 332


Wooden tables, wooden chairs, and kerosene lamps were placed on the spacious stage of the gymnasium.

“Good morning, girl.” Watanabe Toru stepped onto the stage.

“Good morning, Mr. Devil.” Kujo Miki, whose hair became a bunch of hair and became a girl village girl, responded with a smile.

Kiyano Rin sits down, holding the script in his left hand, holding a pen in his right hand, and watching the game between the two seriously.

“The first act, card!” She yelled, and the movements of the two on the stage stopped.

Kujo Miki put down the luggage in his hand and glanced at Watanabe Toru’s scarlet eyes: “color contact lenses?”

“This is the GEASS I got on the weekend. The ability is to make girls fall in love with me.” Watanabe Toru right hand put on the action of removing the mask on his face, and declared in a handsome voice: “Kujo Miki, I order you now ——Fell in love with me!”

“The play is over.” Kiyano Rin reminded below.

Watanabe Toru put down his right hand and said to Kujo Miki: “This person is so boring.”

“You are the one who is boring.” Kujo Miki doesn’t give face to his boyfriend at all.

The two went off the stage and surrounded Kiyano Rin with the others.

“When the devil comes on the field, the spotlight is removed.” Kiyano Rin thought for a while, then added: “The devil does not need lights all the time, stays in the dark all the time.”

“But there must be a lot of girls who buy tickets to watch dramas to watch Watanabe.” Koizumi Aina glanced at Watanabe Toru’s face.

Such a handsome face, she can touch it whenever she wants, she can keep staring at it, and she can still hold it in her arms from time to time-whenever she thinks of this enviable thing, she will feel cheerful.

Kiyano Rin looked towards Watanabe Toru and asked him: “What do you think?”

“How about giving the spotlight at the end?”

“Where did the devil enter Immortal Realm?” Kiyano Rin confirmed.

“en. “

Kiyano Rin thought for a while, and nodded said, “Yes. Do you have any comments on the first act?”

“No.” Only Ichiki Aoi answered by himself, and the others were either silent or shook their heads.

“Then the second act will begin.” Kiyano Rin gave orders, “Stage: grassland; characters: girl, first secret, demon.”

After discussion, the three unknown passers-by were changed into the Secret Know-the person who knew the secret to Immortal Realm.

Although there is Watanabe Toru in the second act, Kujo Miki completes Koizumi’s mission in Qingnai. When he is not on the field, he picks up the camera and starts the video recording mode.

The two people performing on the stage, and the other people watching the two performers under the stage, are all photographed inside.

At the end of their performance, Watanabe Toru leaned forward for an interview.

“Teacher Koizumi, are you confident in this drama performance?”

“Do your best!” Koizumi squeezed a fist like a girl in Aona.

“It’s so cute~ interview the starring student Kujo, you…” Kujo Miki’s white hands blocked the camera lens, like a big-name female star who hates reporters.

After the end of a round of rehearsal, the time for the gymnasium was up, and everyone returned to the Human Observation Department.

The dusk flows in from the window, like a broken egg liquid.

“Teacher Koizumi and Ichiki Aoi’s acting skills are still unqualified.” Kiyano Rin sat on the beech table.

“Sorry.” Koizumi Qingna said sorry.

Ichiki Aoi lowered his head, pretending to read the script in his hand seriously, and put on a serious look at his acting skills.

“Not only acting, but also overcoming stage fear.” Kiyano Rin continued, “From now on, we will practice on the overhead corridor.”

“Ah!” Ichiki Aoi called out in surprise.

“Do I want it too?” Koizumi Qingnai is a teacher after all. It is a very shameful thing to practice vocalization and lines in the overhead corridor of students coming, people going.

Even if it is not a teacher, any ordinary student who asks her to stand in front of the crowd and read script lines will challenge the limits of shame.

“How about just practicing vocalization?” Watanabe Toru said to Kiyano Rin, “If the lines are practiced outside, they will definitely be spoiled.”

“Yes, yes!” Ichiki Aoi hurriedly responded.

Koizumi Qingnai also agreed to nodded.

Kiyano Rin passed Watanabe Toru’s proposal: “In addition to the most critical acting skills and stage psychology, the production of propaganda posters should also start…”

After the meeting, in the dily-dallying of Ichiki Aoi and Koizumi in Qingnai, they left the club classroom and went to the overhead corridor.

“Are you shy?” Watanabe Toru asked Koizumi Aina who was behind.

“Of course.” Koizumi Aina bitterly with that beautiful oval face.

“You should be in class, so you won’t be afraid.”

“Try it!”

On the overhead corridor on the fifth floor, the wind club is practicing, the calligraphy department is writing giant calligraphy, and the robotics department is experimenting with a self-made robot dog.

Koizumi Aoi, who had just plucked up his courage, suddenly changed back to the same expression as Ichiki Aoi.

Five people stood in a row in the order of’Watanabe, Kujo, Koizumi, Tomorrow, Ichiki’, and Kiyano Rin stood opposite them.

“Voice practice is the foundation, but also very important, let’s start!”

“a, e, i, u, e, o…ko, ka, ko.”

Kujo Miki, Asuka Mai, and Kiyano Rin let go of their voices without being timid.

The voices of Koizumi Ao Na and Ichiki Aoi are hidden in their throats.

“Teacher Koizumi, Ichiki classmate,” Kiyano Rin paused temporarily, “How can I perform a drama if I’m afraid of talking in front of people?”

“Yes!” the two replied.

The voices of the two slowly amplified.

Kiyano Rin went on to say: “If you want to show your full strength on the stage, overcoming shame is a necessary prerequisite.”

The voices of the two followed Watanabe Toru them.

At this time, several girls in the wind club greeted Ichiki Aoi with a smile: “Hey, Ichiki, what are you doing?”

Ichiki Aoi’s face flushed suddenly, his voice became lower again, and he lowered his head shyly.

Koizumi Chennai also followed, but after taking a deep breath, he quickly let go of his voice.

“Classmate Ichiki.” Kiyano Rin reminded.

“Yes!” Ichiki Aoi replied loudly, but his voice couldn’t let go anyway.

“ka, ke, ki…” Watanabe Toru’s voice suddenly rose, and the voice of the chorus in the atrium below was suppressed.

Overhead corridors on the fourth, third, second, and first floors, someone looked up with a probe;

In the classroom on the right side of the teaching building, next to the overhead corridor, students who are preparing for class activities are looking out from the windows;

A large group of people in the atrium smiled and looked at the overhead corridor on the fifth floor.

“You can’t lose to him alone!” A shout came from the atrium, and then the chorus’s voice was so loud that everyone around the atrium could hear it.

Ichiki Aoi gritted his teeth, then closed his eyes, raised his head and chest, and yelled to the dusky sky.

“a! e! i!”

“Ichiki! Come on!” The girl in the music club waved to this side.

Kiyano Rin looked at Watanabe Toru, then looked towards Ichiki Aoi who closed his eyes and shouted: “Pay attention to feeling the abdomen.”


The rehearsal of the play proceeded in an orderly manner.

The tall buildings stand in great numbers in Shinjuku district are shining in the setting sun, and the glass walls reflect the eye-catching light.

After this light disappears, Monday’s practice is over.

“Tomorrow, we will go to the sewing classroom to gather after school. Everyone will try on their own clothes. If there is any wrong size, let the students in the handicraft department revise it immediately.”

“en. “


“Thank you!”

Exchange good shoes in the shoe cabinet, today everyone is going to eat lamb.

The oven is surrounded by vegetables, potatoes, mushrooms, bean sprouts, onions, asparagus, etc.;

In the middle, there are lamb loin, lamb outer loin, lamb neck, lamb chops, lamb tongue and so on.

The thin tenderloin is grilled until the skin is slightly yellow, soaked in the sauce, put it in your mouth.

While biting the first bite, his hand could not wait to pick up the clamp and put the second piece on it.

The outer spine is larger than the tenderloin, with a layer of white fat on the edge. The zi zi sounded under the charcoal fire, and the aroma is overflowing.

Sprinkle salt and cumin on it and eat it even with chopsticks.

“Cheers!” Watanabe Toru raised the iced Coke.

“Cheers!” Ichiki Aoi was the first to meet.

She stared at Mai Asuna, ready to clink glasses with her.

Asuka Mai picked up the juice, and the cup stretched out towards Watanabe Toru.

When she touched the Watanabe Toru cup, Ichiki Aoi hurried over with the quilt in both hands.

“Wait, wait a minute!” Akiko filled himself with drinks, as well as Koizumi Ao Na and Kiyano Rin.

Kujo Miki picked up the cup if necessary, and only touched Watanabe Toru’s cup.

“The heroine, just say something!” Watanabe Toru said to her.

Kujo Miki gave him a blank look and said, “I wish the drama success.”

“Success! Cheers!”

“Uh-” Akiko sighed comfortably, and just put down the cup, then yelled: “Ah! Lamb chops are ready! Eat! Eat!”

“Akiko teacher! I want one!” Ichiki Aoi couldn’t wait to hand over the plate.

“Wait,” Miyazaki Miyuki stopped Akiko, picked up the lemon juice, “sprinkle with lemon juice, it’s alright.”

“Thank you Miyuki teacher!” Ichiki Aoi didn’t care about dirty hands, took the bone directly, and took a bite.

“Hmm!” Her lips were greasy, and her legs in a pleated school skirt kicked at the bottom of the table, “Delicious! Delicious! Senior Sister, teacher, delicious!”

Watanabe Toru wrapped his hand towel around his bones and handed a lamb chop to Kujo Miki.

He watched Kujo Miki take a bite with her attractive rosy lips, swallowed saliva, and couldn’t tell if it was the attractive lamb chops or the attractive lips.

Satisfied to enjoy the “work meal”, Kiyano Rin and Ichiki Aoi went to the captain, and the three of Koizumi and Mai drove back to Shinano Town.

Watanabe Toru followed Kujo Miki to the Jimbocho villa.

In the car, Kujo Miki put up slender Yunrun legs, folded his arms, and sneered at Watanabe Toru.

“What’s wrong?” Watanabe Toru asked.

“You don’t go to me if you don’t do that kind of thing?”

“On the contrary, every time I go to your place, I can’t help but do that kind of thing.”

“Speech, do you think I will believe you?”

“Then I will prove it to you!” Watanabe Toru said loudly, “Do nothing tonight!”

“What if you did it?” Kujo Miki asked with a smile.

“If you do, let…” The car just passed the “Ichi Valley”, “Just let the bridge break.”

“Come less! If you do, morning exercises are not allowed tomorrow morning.”

“Then you will lose.”

Watanabe Toru is very confident in his perseverance. When Kujo Miki kissed him at Ochanomizu, he still disliked her.

When they arrived in Jimbocho, the two were walking in the bookstore row upon row. Watanabe Toru bought a set of “Nagai Lotus Collection” published by Iwanami Bookstore.

“Did you see, I will sleep with them tonight.” Watanabe Toru flaunted.

“Don’t worry.” Kujo Miki is confident.

“Are you going to use Izu’s unique trick?”

“Not to that level yet.”

At nine o’clock, the two returned to the villa.

Watanabe Toru went to take a shower first, and when he came out, he lay down on the big and soft bed and took the “Flower of Hell” in his hand.

“I really don’t do it.” Kujo Miki asked with a smile.

In the past, when Watanabe Toru took a shower, he hugged her, kissed and hugged her, and went to the bathroom with her for the second time.

“A woman who is devoted to reading, no matter how beautiful a woman is, is a wild flower in spring to me.”

“What do you mean?”

“There is not much more than she is, and a lot less than her.”

“See how long you can hold on.” Kujo Miki got up and went into the bathroom.

The bathroom is very spacious, the ceiling is high, and the mist is full. She ran comfortably in the bathtub for a while.

Hearing Kujo Miki’s footsteps, Watanabe Toru looked away from the book and took a look.

Kujo Miki wore a black western-style pajamas. His round and tender chest was slightly exposed, and the belt around his waist was casually tied.

Her hands are winding her hair, and as the arms are raised, her waist becomes more lithe and graceful, with a soft and charming style.

Watanabe Toru’s heart is hot, if he changes his usual time, Kujo Miki will already be an elder sister.

“hmph, it’s just black pajamas.” He lowered his head and continued reading.

“You have the ability to look at me again.”

“I didn’t feel you stripped naked.”

“If you don’t even look at it, you just say you don’t feel it? Or are you afraid?”

“What about looking at you? My self-discipline is harder than a peach core.”

Watanabe Toru raised his eyes, looked towards Kujo Miki, and then his heart began to beat wildly.

Kujo Miki didn’t do anything, his pajamas were still intact, and his hands had not tied his hair.

She just rubbed her knees against each other.

Watanabe Toru put down Nagai’s book and slowly got up.

“Don’t you not do it?” Kujo Miki sneered with a smile.

“Don’t do it, absolutely don’t do it, it’s just that it’s late, it’s bedtime.”

Watanabe Toru turned off the light and lay on the bed with Kujo Miki in his arms.

Kujo Miki leaned in his arms, his nose pressed to his chest.

Watanabe Toru stroked her hair with his left hand, and his right hand lifted the hem of her pajamas and stretched out to the span.

“What are you doing?”


“You really can’t believe a word of your words.”

“Mostly can’t believe it, but I love you, I won’t make a joke.” Watanabe Toru gently stroked the outside.

“‘I’m facing Kamikawa High School, facing Yotsuya Station, and swearing to everyone! Miki, I like you the most!”——Who is saying this?”

“What happened to Watanabe Toru in May last year has anything to do with me in September this year?”

“Don’t mess around.” Kujo Miki slightly frowned.

“I recently read a book. It says that women get excited before going to bed. After calming down, the period of fading, the body and mind are full of happiness, it can relax people, help sleep, and make people sleep deep and stable. , I am doing this for elder sister.”

“What book?”

“Anyway, it is a very serious book.”

With that, Watanabe Toru’s fingers slowly entered her body as if being sucked in.

Kujo Miki clings to Watanabe Toru’s chest, breathing slightly in his mouth.

Closed her eyes and enjoyed it for a while, she opened her eyes and asked: “What do you think love is?”

“Are you thinking about such a profound question now?” Watanabe Toru said with a smile.


“Water the flowers you like.”

“It doesn’t sound romantic at all.”

“Love is a praying mantis.”

“en? “

“Even if you are eaten, you have to mate with a female. This is love.” After that, Watanabe Toru exclaimed, “Poor male, great love.”

Kujo Miki laughed, took Watanabe Toru’s hand away, spread his legs without taking off his pajamas, and rode on Watanabe Toru.

“My poor male gentleman, I will eat you now!” she said with a smile.

She swallowed Watanabe Toru little by little into the soft mud.

Twisting the waist, the long straight hair that fell straight and scratching Watanabe Toru’s neck and shoulders.

A warm, wet and misty night.

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