“What’s that noise?” River God Complexion significantly changed, looking towards the palm dome.


sky has become a white gold piece sometime.

The energy of white golden comes with heat to unbelievable high temperatures, as if it could melt everything in the world into ashes.

And then, a general gold silhouette, arranged for no effort, slowed down from the roof, beneath the fairies that kept running.

Terrifying authoritarian diarrhoea makes it difficult for the fairies to breathe.

The fairies that came from the gods continents, and the faces were becoming lost and fearful.

What are these enemies? How could it be so horrible?

Feel each other’s temperature alone, knowing that terrifying is much stronger than that of the former White Wing Fairy King.

This time, even the gods of the river, the Blaze, the King, the three fairies have flourished their fears in their faces, and they are powerful and thus more able to feel the horrors of each other. It’s like a feeling in the face of the sky, like the whole sky, and the whole world is going to kill them.

The other side is so supreme, the gods are unbelievable.

“How powerful are we?” The voice of the Rivers has been somewhat shaking.

The quest for confrontation with the high hands, the king of the wind, is so much more intense to fight with a shaken sword than ever. He never felt this sense of oppression and terror, and he felt that he was very small with ants on the ground.

“Senior, this is all a misunderstanding, can we talk about it?” The flame guitar’s face is barely squeezing out a smile, using a name of pride. How long has she not been as inferior as it is today since she entered the kingdom of the fairy kingdom, proud of the whole God of Africa?

However, the god of aloof and remote, who watches fairies with indifference, does not give any response at all, just proximity, and the rings of rays of light on the head have become more gloomy.

“Is he a god?” poetry looks pale.

The rest of the fairies were also terrified, and they thought the kingdom was the highest realm, but after seeing the gods, they knew that it was not the same level as the kingdom.

So, this world level is so high?

The worst thing about bad luck is that they didn’t do anything, and they’re going to be surrounded by such a terrible god?

They’re thinking about fighting across the world on behalf of the God continent, and now it seems like this is a joke.

Oh, shit!

The White golden god tore Void, and soon came to the top of the Great Fairy Front, the top divine glow.



boxing bumped on the top of a long time.

Terror goes down to unbelievable power and drills.

It was carried out jointly by hundreds of fairies and the three great fairies, and in the end of the day, countless tornadoes were bombed, and the fairies in the big band were more powerful than the backlash had to spit.

At the same time, an extremely hot high temperature began to gush out of boxing, making the fairies feel so hot as hell.


fairies are desperately desperate, and what kind of horror is it that the other side will break their strongest bottom plates, the last of which will be fought apart?

“Black Bai Xian, turn back Sunday!” The Rivers yell.


long time of black and white colour suddenly has a huge rotation of power, and the great fist strength of the gods turns around in a long period of time, and it turns out that the bombardment is on his own.

The gods have been beaten back by forces that have reversed them.

“Run!” The Rivers yell.

The fairies continue to flee in the distant direction.

They fled fast, but the gods were faster.

The gods rushed to the top of the Great Front, a handshake of white golden high temperatures, burning the Void of several hundred hundred li and relentlessly pushing down the lower side.

“Oh, my God, Divine Technique, high-energy fall.”

White golden’s giant applause fell from the sky, and the fairies created a sense of despair everywhere.

The giant mask carries unimaginable high temperatures, which, with the rule of law, melts the surface of the big wave, wrecks the weight of the pound, and countless fairies fall into the sea like a win-win bird.

Ten of the lucky fairies, just in a position of control, and even more directly melted into cigarettes by unbelievable high temperatures.

The sun has also been shattered by the Great Front, backlash, throwing blood into the sea.

Then the White Jon Sea suddenly turned into a hot sea that burned like oil boilers, and many fairies screamed out again from seabed, resulting in the release of angels at high altitudes, as in the days of the Great Day, of heat and terror.

It’s really terrifying.

The fairies look at that great silhouette like the gods, desperately starting to spread.

Their fairies have been broken. What else can we rely on?

“Senior, we’re coming from the God continent, and if you don’t welcome us, we’re going back.” The God of the river looks at that brilliant day, the goddess of the unimaginable world, loud start talking.

The rest of the fairies heard that, and their hearts were all cold.

They came with the wind, and they didn’t really look at the world, so they were going to run back to the original world? How terrifying is this world?


fairies, though very heartfelt, have not spoken. They know that, now, it’s good to be able to keep your life alive, taking into account the many faces.

And the gods in the sky beneath the fairies of the sky, and suddenly laughed: “God continent? By the way, all the people in there should die. Don’t worry. They’ll be with you soon.”

The gods of the river stared at their eyes, apparently they didn’t expect to say that, and the idea of killing each other was so strong and strong.

At this time, the six-Da Bai Wing Fairy’s habitat, millions of white wings, were surrounded and surrounded by a fence that despaired the fairies.

All fairies are in despair.

All of them turned their eyes to the three fairies, but they found them powerless.

At this point, Sung Lin seems to have thought of something, like a face excused, and he said to that god, “Senior, do you know an Ann Lin? We’re all his subsidiary forces, IX Immortal Palace!”

As a matter of fact, the face of the people has changed. By the way, if Ann Lin had a relationship with this horrific force, they said there was no room for communication.

They all hold the last hope, look to the goddess.

And then, seeing the face of that goddess’ indifference stall, the Supreme’s breath seems to be weak for a few points. The rest is surrounded by their white wings, even more so.

A little bit of a fairy heart.

Is there a play?

“Is that the power of an Ann Lin?” The gloomy face of the goddess is no longer, but reveals a cruelty and insanity, “That’s great. I can kill more!”

Needless to say, the rest of the white wings have gone crazy towards fairies.


“Kill all the people of four nine Immortal Palace!”


Unlike the former aloof of and remote, as well as the freshness, almost all the white wings are vibrating, just more insane than trying to kill these fairies.

The fairies are pushing, what the fuck, this shit screams out an ANLin’s name, it’s working, but it’s fucking counterproductive!

The sun is even more sophisticated, looking at the enemy of hiding the sky and covering the earth, and the last straw of the heart finally fell completely and crushed her hopes.

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