I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 21851

Vermillion Bird broke the ocean siege of the ocean angel, flattering the wings.

And when the Unions saw it, they cried out loudly.

At this moment, the rays of the light of Ver100,000 Bird’s holy fire are wonderful.

For them, that’s a lot more beautiful than the sun. Ver100,000 Bird, from the Vermillion Bird area, is even more astonishing and sinking, even forgotten the age of the Emperor Vermillion Bird, who was just watching in a stand-alone way, with an eye full of obscenity and heat.

Ver100,000 Bird, far away, is the most powerful Vermillion Bird they’ve ever seen.

The holy breath of the strong, unique and unmatched, integrates the darkness Heavenly Dao, integrates perfectly with everything in the world and becomes even more sacred.

Not only did that, but even the black belt, which was surrounded by the Ver100,000 Bird wings, was like a beautiful woman wearing black dress, which was expensive and cold, and the atmosphere and the air were rising.

The ocean angels are driving the body’s power in the face of Ver100,000 Bird, and yet another marine obstruction that lets hundreds of millions of lives desperate.

But Ver100,000 Bird is like a bamboo, and every time he can penetrate it and burn it out of a big hole.

The ocean angels can’t keep an ANLin and Xu Xiaolan, an Ann Lin and Xu Xiaolan, both dogs and women, even fleeing, just like running away.

Tomorrow the angels and the angels of life are also blocked, but they are either directly hit by Ver100,000 Bird or by wings, and they can’t be stopped.

Xu Xiaolan had a cold eye on those two beautiful, fantastic women, who wanted to rob me, too, an Ann Lin, overestimates one’s capabilities!

Not long ago they saw the edge of the White Jones Sea.

Hope it’s in front of me!

“The sky, when are you waiting?” The ocean angel exploded shouted.

“Ready.” The voice of the angels of the sky is coming.

The sky is lying on the brink of the heavens and the earth, and suddenly it starts to turn around, the vast and extreme legs begin to move, the bodies parallel to the earth begin to stand up, the two feet plunder over the sky of Divine City, and even the destructive wind and distorted spatial waves.

I can’t imagine how this is a pair of feet, what kind of speed it is, a big foot that’s bending like that, and then kicks at Ver100,000 Bird, who fled.


‘s an incredible mass that stretches the wings to a thousand miles of Vermillion Bird, but it’s enough to have thousands of feet, and Ver100,000 Bird is just a little smaller than a chicken.

“It can’t hide, it can only be hard!” An Lin started talking.

“en! We must be able to rush through!” Xu Xiaolan nodded.

The two will combine their forces and move forward with greater fear.


sea is growling, the light is shining, life is declaring death, and the sky comes in the shadow of the sky.

All the heavens and the earth are targeting them, and they are dying.

And both of them are like birds who are trying to escape the heavens and the earth, trying to fly higher, to fly further, to nothing, to die!

“Destroying the Angels!” The ocean angels are stabbing in the sky.

red oceans fall from the dome, and numerous dead gods come from the ocean at the same time, and they mourn that there are blood tears and that countless Divine Technique controls Ver100,000 Bird underneath the bottom, and then the ocean falls relentlessly in the back of Ver100,000 Bird.

The endless pressures, while at the same time acting on an ANLin and Xu Xiaolan, continue to fly forward, regardless of their concern.

It looks like an empty sword, a shock to the heavens and the earth, an extremely ambitious light, and any creature that looks directly at the artillery will feel like it’s in vain sight, and it’s completely impossible to see the essence of the high-energy artillery.

An Lin and Xu Xiaolan were aware of the dangers and forced diversion, but the artillery bombed a wing in Ver100,000 Bird and reduced the rate of flight for both.

At this point, the oceans are divided, countless lives are extremely terrifying, and there is no fear that any flame of the azure Fujie will spread out in the sky, wrapped around Ver100,000 Bird, strangled its wings, necks, both of them dead.

Vermillion Bird’s going to stop again.

At this point, the foot of the sky angels has been attacked.

Any presence in the face of a fibre of four to the highest gods would collapse and despair in the face of such many terrorist tactics, but the face of an Ann Lin and Xu Xiaolan remains a strong and committed struggle.

“As long as this shock is broken, we can focus!”

“Together, use all the power!”

Ann Lin and Xu Xiaolan all erupted at the brake, using all the capacities of the body on a one-time basis and sparing no effort!

At this moment, Ver100,000 Bird’s St. Wei expanded to 100,000 Li.

Hundreds of days of human race have escaped far away, and the last second, the Dark Angel and the Sparrow Goddess are killing them to the hands of the Goddess, and the next second, they are suddenly shattered by this force, full of fighting intent and unyielding.

Ver100,000 Bird’s body has grown rapidly from a thousand to a body of more than 2,000 miles, the extinction of the heavens on top of it has been burned boiling, and the spirits on the lower side have been burned by extreme flames.

It’s hopeful to get rid of it!

But the time is too short, and at that time the unintended impact of the angels of the sky has come, colliding with Ver100,000 Bird.

In this moment, the heavens and the earth are darkened.

hong long!

red and blue’s energy, open up in this brake!

Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering!

Energy explodes to the top rules of the original continent, which are chaos and distortions, like endless outward expansion of energy balloons, extinction of space, incineration of the oceans, blast of the heavens and the earth!

This collision was too terrifying, and even the far moon Divine City, was in the midst of energy riots and had been triggered for the protection of the Great Front.

With the nearer human race army, the weaker ones are directly shocked by seven know-how bleeding, strong or unhappy, and feel that they are going to die at any time. Without the presence of angels at the level of protection, human race will have to die for at least half these days.

They found it far from safe, but they still had to flee, and now they’re going to flee to the Great Defense Camp of the Dawn Coalition.

This instant collision can be said to be able to destroy a Strange World instantly.

Fortunately, the continent was too strong to undermine the foundations of the world, but that kind of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth was still almost empty.

The White Jones Sea is still in, and life in it is long overdue.

Energy starts to slow down.

The hearts of powerhouse are also mentioned.

Looking very nervously at the center of the collision.

They all want to know.

Who’s winning?

Ann Lin and Xu Xiaolan, will you be able to escape the siege of the Four Heaven and the High God?

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