I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 2186

The sky angel groaned, slowly cutting his feet back.

Its feet were blown by half, and there was an immense flame and a dark darkness on it, apparently with a lot of injuries.

And Ann Lin and Xu Xiaolan, the sophisticated super Vermillion Bird, have been kicked out.

Both of them suffered from varying degrees of injury, the most serious being Xu Xiaolan, a clothing full of scars and bloodshed cut by space forces. She has spent countless blood essence on the clock of Ver100,000 Bird, and is lying in an Ann Lin’s arms at this moment.

An Lin, with Xu Xiaolan in hand, frees the forces of darkness and power that originate, defending the universe, which is still under pressure on them.

Life Goddess was blown up, but the ocean of the ocean angels is still alive!

An Lin bites his teeth, and the whole body is shaking, obviously, he’s reached the limit!

What’s going on? What’s next?

A serious wound, a hard one, how can we get rid of the congestion of the Gods?

Even if Xu Xiaolan joined the fighting, it was difficult for them to escape from the jacket of the noble angels, not only from the strength of the angels, but also from the constant strength of their sources and from the immortality and resilience of the powerful to the reversal.

The feet of the sky and the sky have been blown apart and recovered at a visible pace.

Tomorrow God and the angel of life attack are ready.

The God of the Sea has an unlimited power and continues to repress an Ann Lin.

An Lin is dying to resist, but how long can he resist it?

If there are no key breakthroughs or any curious way out, both of them will have to be buried here.


Do you really want to sacrifice your last life?

An Lin looked at the woman in her arms, and the woman looked at him.

“No, no, no.” Xu Xiaolan seems to be aware of what, stretching his hand to hold an Ann Lin’s wrist, shaking his head hard, “There must be another way.”

“Yeah, there must be another way…” An Lin laughed.

He has to leave Little Lan forever, and everything will have a chance.

An Lin once again used astronomy.

This time, let him find something that surprises him.


‘s another creature in the vicinity of their battle!

An Lin’s twin like ink, staring at some direction, finally found a shape in a shadow, a black robe, a woman with a posture.

The woman seems to feel an Ann Lin’s eyes.

She lifts her head and reveals that sperm and gentle face, just looking at an ANLin’s eyes, revealing an incredibly complex myth.

An Lin Dongton knew who came and was busy with sound transmission, and said, “Nuwa, you’re right. You’re here to save us?”

Nuwa, far away, hearing this sound transmission, expression’s more complicated, she shakes her head, and said, “I’m here to save Xu Xiaolan, as for you, I’m sorry, I can’t save you.”

An Lin was startled first.

And then, what did he think of, showing up, “Do you know?”

Nuwa’s nodded: “Yes, I know.”

An Lin is the Dark Angel, the moral power it needs to do, and the Dark Angel sacrifices its lives, and now only one fifth of the last strengths will be able to complete the most critical step of the day, as Nuwa knows.

An Lin also understands Nuwa’s approach, which Nuwa would have sacrificed the existence of an individual for the sake of everyone, which is clear to her as Monster Race to the Gods, but it is possible to fight the sky with courage.

She can sacrifice her own Monster Race people, and naturally she can sacrifice an Ann Lin.

To be honest, Nuwa had not taken the initiative to cooperate with the angels of high heaven, and had taken a knife after him, and had been merciful enough.

Neither did Nuwa ever think about it.

In fact, Nuwa came here to figure out how to kill an Ann Lin.

Then she saw an extremely shocking play. It goes without exaggerating to say that the intensity of the fighting and the strength of the fighting have been able to rank in three years of age.

She saw the mighty power of the gods, as well as the spelling of an angel Lin.

She should have been very pleased when she saw an Ann Lin fall in danger and sacrificed her life. Since she didn’t have to do so, her day-to-day plan could proceed smoothly.

But she’s not happy.

Ming an Lin already has such a powerful power, why would an AN Lin risk himself until he faces desperate situations that endanger his life?

What are the reasons for his desperate situation?

Isn’t that the whole continent?

Isn’t it just for the billions of creatures of this day?

How would Nuwa be happy to die for the sake of God? She’s in a very contradictory, very contradictory mood at this moment!

It’s already determined, but seeing the scene, the impulse in the heart has shaken that determination, and for thousands of years it has not felt that way.

“Ran, I’ll take you out of the siege!”

An Lin holds Xu Xiaolan, with a strong eye.

“en! I believe in you!” Xu Xiaolan has exhausted his weight, but the clear and bright light in his eyes has not been extinguished.

An Lin took a deep breath, and there were countless darkness tattoos on it, and two feet spread out of the darkness, just like the dark circle spreading towards all around the extreme speed.

That dark spread is extremely large, even reaching the scope of the deities, one of which is stagnated at the top of an Ann Lin.

Both the horror of ocean energy and the mourning and attacks of each and everyone’s dead gods have stopped at this moment, and replaced by eternal silence and darkness, and only the boundaries, is sufficient to influence the attack of the ocean angels!

An Lin, at this moment, used a high-ranking war God’s secret.

The meditation has changed!

An Lin moved, like a black shadow, with no power to prevent him from moving forward, including the ocean above his head.

When the darkness is complete, the increase in meditation has been small, but it is now critical that any slight increase in power be decisive.

An Lin is going to squeeze all the power of the body and release the imminent invincible!

He’s fast enough to get to life, Goddess, and the light of tomorrow’s God, even the ocean that dumps, to catch his dark shadow!

“Catch him!” The angels of the sky released the whole range of attacks, holding Void alone, putting more than a thousand times the space of an Lin square.

No presence, including the creation of the Holy Spirit, can ignore this whole campaign of repression. The sky is the power of the sky!

However, at a time when the angels of the sky are complacent.

The dark shadow has ignored space in the brakes, and in the instant of the sky’s angels, the shadow, together with Xu Xiaolan, has been dispersed, and then in some dark shadow of beyond a thousand miles, has been reorganized with a shadow of life, and continues to flee!

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