I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 2263

The angels of the heavens and the earth were cut into two and a half of their heads recreated, roaring down on an ANLin, and the blanket blue blade fell like a web crash.

An Lin is a punch on the sky.


Void broke up in the instant.

Thousands of blocks enough to split the two sides were shaken at this moment.

And then the sound of a broken glass, each and everyone’s blade was shaken into blue energy particles and completely dispersed.

“What…” the angels of the sky stared at their eyes, and their future could be replicated, and fist strength bombed its face and smashed its face out of an empty hole of several hundred litres.

“Dear Divine Technique, the sea of extinction!” The ocean angels suddenly appeared on the bottom of an ANLin and raised his golden fork on the sky.


darkness of the ocean suddenly appeared under an ANLin, and then the orchid was brought to the centre. The hiding of the sky and the earth, hundreds of millions of ancient souls jumped out of the dark ocean, then pointing to an ANLin, as if the soul of an ANLin was to be ripped into countless pieces in the instant.

However, whatever the soul is, in the instant that comes to an ANLin, it seems like it’s gone empty, completely into nothing, and it disappears as much as it is, and it’s not even an ANLin’s skin.

“How can it be?” The ocean angels are flattering.


this point, an Ann Lin is on the lower side.

Heavenly Dao!

golden’s feet are becoming bigger in the eyes of the ocean angels, and no matter how powerful a soul is flying ashes under that foot, even if it is contained in the sea of extinction of the power of power, the footprints of the horror have yet to fall completely and the footprints of the horror have been found.



sea of the Desert has been stepped on.

The ocean angels have also been crushed by one foot in the White Jones Sea, and then crushed by golden’s giant foot, crashed on seabed rocks, and stabbed seabed rocks with four cents!

“Divine Technique, Zero Flower.” A dressed woman’s fibre slipped into Void, turned into light clouds, like a gloomy demon’s flower, and the power of life was in the heavens and the earth, and made the space around an Ann Lin filled with purple magic flowers in his brakes, and every flower of flowers was a dead picture with an Ann Lin as its original type.

The endless causes, the insane effect on an ANLin, are to let an ANLin die according to that kind of death, and the picture on the flowers is the inevitable future of an Ann Lin.

“Do you want to decide my future?” An Lin sneered, throwing a black ball in your hand, “You can decide Life and Death, and I can decide your end!”

The angels of life are in a moment of cold chaos.

She immediately went to the distant, despite everything.

But the blackballs explode faster, and immediately swallowed the frozen flowers around them, what the force of Death, strength of Life swallowed!

Then the darkness once again covers the lovable body of the angels of life.

History is always amazing, and the angel of life has been swallowed by the Dark Way of Ann Lin.

When the darkness went down, the woman fell seriously, and this time her white legs were swallowed by the darkness of Ann Lin, and blood was spreading.

An Lin’s hands are victorious, static in Void, looking at the three to the gods who were beaten again, shaking the way: “Is that it?”

Men white clothed, like snow, wins evil like ink, and his silhouette, in the eyes of millions of days of human race, is no longer able to describe it with glory, but rather a tattoo, making human race completely invisible.

What kind of battle is this?

How can you distinguish between the gods, who are the most powerful?

A few songs of shock erupted.


artillery in the Western Sea Ark again opened fire at an ANLin.

An elf appeared, blocked the front of an Ann Lin, and opened the fire with a sword. As long as she’s here, no one can disturb her.

At this point, the great head of the sky looked for seabed.

The ocean angels are in seabed looking for the sky.

The crash of life Goddess is hard to open.

At this point of view, three to the top, countless consciousness and thinking are colliding, exchanging ideas among themselves.

“An Lin’s power is too horror, and even if we join forces, we cannot cause substantial harm to an ANLin…”

“Not only do that, but we’ll be in danger of meteorology at any time.”

“Damn, we’re thinking about sitting on a mountain tiger fight, or trying to kill the gang, so why are you becoming an Ann Lin surrounding us all now?”

“Is it true that the three rounds are back on him?”

“Do we have a second choice?”

Just as the three supreme gods are still interacting, Great Demon from above has moved again towards Goddess, who are crashing into the ocean.

“Damn, why do I hate him?” Life Goddess feel so humiliated, that an angel Lin’s dealing with the ocean is a fist, that she’s always using the dark path. Why do you treat her so differently?

It’s actually an Ann Lin’s intentional.

An Lin felt that the essence of life Goddess had not been pushed out, so naturally the trump card card of each other had to be pushed out first, otherwise an Ann Lin would be disturbed.

“I can’t wait!” The angels of life look at an orange, lovable body trembling, almost screaming, “Right here, using three rounds to go back to great array!”


Suddenly, the sky, the ocean, Void, all became solidified.

At this moment, the heavens and the earth are like a qualified picture, and are meeting some kind of mutation.

Purple Star Monuments.

Black and white lance has stabbed one third into the crack of the dome.

“Three times a day, Heavenly Dao!”

Chen Chen, a boxing to the dome.

The endless fist golstrength den light is filled with the dome at this moment, distorting the sky.

Throughout the sky, because that fist started to shake, and it was not known whether black energy was like ink juice, starting to slow down from Heavenly Dao’s crack, and then falling into the earth.

These black ink have very horrendous energy, and the drop of the ground can easily put the earth hole in each and everyone’s depths.

“Heavenly Dao Nine, is it finally coming?” Chen Chen looked at the countless ink juice flowing on the dome, and the quiet twins finally got a few more colors.

They want to break the day, and the sky will choose to resist, to choose backlash and to remove all harmful threats. When Purple Stars break up, the dark absolute backlash is like this.

What happens at this moment is different from Purple Star, and in this way they will face nine different types of backlash from Heavenly Dao, and if they want to succeed in breaking the day and creating Heavenly Dao, they will have to completely rob these Heavenly Dao!