I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 2264

Heavenly Dao nine hijackings, each of which was terrifying.

It’s the black rain robbery in Heavenly Dao Nine.

Thousands of energy like ink fall out of the sky, and slap in the earth with asphalt, and they will shoot the earth in a thousand holes.

The clouds of the heaven and the palace have a shield to keep the sky out of it.

The black rain keeps hitting black lance in the dome, and Xilier still holds lance, just slight shakes, and it shows that his situation is not simple.

Chen Chen, standing in a high air shower with a black rain. Those raindrops, which were extremely scary in his dark hair, fell on his delicate and pretty cheeks, like ordinary rainwater, slipped down his skin, and behaved like a child.

He extended the hand, picked up that black rain.

“This darkness is born in the sky and falls on the ground.”

“Intermediate processes, like endless channels…”

“The heavens and the earth have no knowledge of the beginning, of the rain, of the end, of the day.”

Chen Chen looked at the water that was almost a line of rain in front of his eyes, sighing in the heart.

If it is not possible to resolve the black rain robbery, it will continue, because every drop of rain is a path in the heavens and the earth, and how will it end that moment?

Chen Chen knew that black and white lance would be affected by the black rain, with a broken great array at the heart of the shrine, and by the black rain. With limited manpower, but unlimited, the rain will rain until it’s old.

Chen Chen, if it is not possible to resolve immediate difficulties in a short period of time, will, in large part, increase the difficulty of breaking day.

So he watched the rain of the sky like a sculpture.


bullshit in the palace of the Heaven, the powerhouse, is all nervous.

“What the hell is Chen Chen doing all day?”

“Why doesn’t he move?”

“It’s gonna be all right.”

These rains are terrifying, and Chen Chen Chen, while not injured, does not mean that he does not need the power to resist the rain. Is that it?

The snow floats out of the heaven’s palace.

She looked at Chen Chen, stretched out the little hand of Crystal Snow, and picked up black rain, and that black matched her white and made a very bright match.

“The rain is born out of the sky, landed in the earth, and there are all kinds of changes, and every drop looks like unique and unmatched.” The snow color white jade hands light up, and the weekly water drops suddenly form a little snow flower and dance in the sky.

Chen Chen suddenly opened the twins.

The snow looks up for Chen Chen, and that pure cold blue double rarely has a few degrees of temperature.

Chen Chen looked towards the snow colour, faintly smiled: “They are unique and unmatched, and I should cherish them once and for all.”


cracks of the sky, the black rain, still infiltrated from the cracks. The heavens and the earth are the miracles of the rain, the darkness of the sky, the heat of the rain.

Chen Chen’s body suddenly spilled white circles and expanded outside.

Both black rainwater and space were absorbed within the circle, as if they fell into another vitality.

“Undust land.” Snow beautiful eyes flourish, whisper.

The dust site is the Absolute Domain of Chen Chen Chen, the projection of the universe in Chen Chen Chen.

A life can be a universe, a cell or a universe, and a dust can also be a universe, with no upper or lower scores, no great little, as great as the size and the macro.

This is Chen Chen once told her.

The dust is an absolute and balanced environment, and the world of all things is absolutely balanced.

At this point, the white circle began to expand, expand, expand, cover all the heavens and the earth around naked eye. Everything covered by the white circle is gone.

They all entered Chen Chen Chen Chen’s strange vitality.

The black rain on the sky was still under the grim, but after it was completely interrupted, it was like a perfect and harmonious cycle had been forcibly interrupted, life had gone to death, rotation had been interrupted and the road had been ended.

A faintly discernable whimper.

The black ink in the crack suddenly disappeared.

“Look! The rain of the sky is gone!”

“Did Chen Chen make it? What’s his white circle? It looks great.”


powerhouse of the gang was amazed.

In their eyes, only Chen Chen put a loop in their eyes, and then he absorbed the black rain on the sky. It all happened too quickly and too calm, and it was not possible to realize how excited Chen Chen was with Heavenly Dao.

But Chen Chen has to relax in the future, and the impact of the sky has strained his nerves again, and he sees a bloody shower, no skin, only the magic brain of blood sticky, and it appears in front of a crack.

It laughs at Chen Chen.


horror of terror spreads into the heavens and the earth at this moment.

All powerhouse in the Temple of the Heaven has been deterred from breathing at this moment and can only be foolish to look at what happens before the eyes.

Chen Chen’s face is slight.

“Heavenly Dao Ninth Robbery, Blood Robbery.”

Blood brains in the sky slowed down, increasing in Chen Chen’s vision. The head is still laughing, the tears of the five judges’ muscles, the blood of red blood is bleeding out of the face like a raw towel, and the earth is filled with a terrible breath.

Chen Chen Chen not at all was affected by this great terror.

He looked closer, and he was increasingly twisted with blood brains, silent and no action on his body.

The snow color can’t stand, and she finds herself clearly cold, but when the blood brain is getting closer, it can’t stop that kind of fear and anxiety.

“Death!” She suddenly waved in her arms, with countless snowfrozen blades melting into giant blue frogs and roaring towards the sky.

The blue frost Dragons Prestige is extremely terrifying, the fiercely collided in that giant brain, but it looks like the foams are blown out directly, and the energy producer white snow is spilled out of the sky.

“How is it possible that my full attack was suddenly dissolved!” The snow color is a brilliant pretty face, flowing a shock that can’t be concealed, and fear is once again on the heart of the tide.

Run, run, or die!

This is the only idea in her heart.

Chen Chen saw this scene, but the eyes came gentle.

white snow, drop blood.

Clearly, it’s a terrible breath.

And he stretched his arms.

“Snow flies into white butterflies, tears bleed into red dudes, and I understand that you should not be a terrifying incarnation, nor can you be a terrifying incarnation, and you represent pain and anger, so any attempt to destroy you near you will be destroyed.”

Chen Chen took the initiative to make huge blood smile.

“If so, let me bear all your pain and anger.”

Chen Chen did not hesitate, and was completely integrated into the inside of that meat under the shocking eyes of the population, and the body disappeared completely.

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