I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 2265

“Chen Chen!” In the instant when Chen Chen Chen did not enter the head of blood, he was afraid of disappeared, flying towards the head of the sky, regardless of all the way.

But she hasn’t done anything to that head yet.

I found that smile in the head turned into a crying face.

And then the brain is getting smaller and smaller, eventually disappearing over the sky.

The atmosphere of stigmatization and terror disappears instantly.

Only a teenager like delicate and pretty remains static.

Xilier looked at that silhouette, which was very thin but extremely reliable, and smiled: “It’s a fortune for you to sit here in town.”

Chen Chen puts his eyes on the snow, shook the head: “Give it to me, go back, don’t… don’t be here, you’ll distract me.”


snow color saw Chen Chen Chen become a little pale, a pain in the heart, and what she wanted to say, but after seeing Chen Chen Chen’s firm and unquestionable vision, she finally swallowed her words back to the inside of the broken glass.

Heavenly Dao nine robberies, Chen Chen Chen broke two loots.


heavens and the earth are caught in a brief calm.

Everything seems to have restored calm.

But Chen Chen doesn’t need this calm, and since he doesn’t come against him, then he’s going to deal with the day, and the bullshit plan can’t fail!

Juveniles in the leprosy are shot to the sky.

It’s huge to the polar golden hand, as if it was gonna blow the whole dome.

Split four, Heavenly Dao!

hong long!

Heavenly Dao started to relax when his hands tore the dome, countless cracks expanded again.

That’s when the dome splits again.

This time, there was a white clothed woman with a very gentle and compassionate expression.

That’s how a woman slows down, looking towards Chen Chen, looking towards Xilier, looking for everyone who breaks the gang, with a bowling pool in her eyes.

All the creatures, at this moment, have raised a unique sense of emotion.

At this point, in the White Jones Sea.

The ocean here, the sky, Void, has changed.

They seem to be tied up by a very horrendous energy.

The sea began to rise to the sky, and the sky began to fall into the sea, not simply by shifting its positions, but by beginning integration between the two sides, which had lost its sense of place and no longer had a real meaning in the sky and the ocean, but by blue-white World.

An Lin breathes lightly and can even breathe at the same time into bastards in the air and the oceans. These environmental changes are not yet the most important, and the body of life Goddess suddenly disappeared when an Ann Lin was prepared to blow a fist into the dead Goddess of the ocean.

Immediately, her body appeared outside a hundred miles away.

A level higher than space jumping is a transfer of consciousness, and in the world where she absolutely dominates, she realizes that it is where she is, and that an Ann Lin has no chance of touching the gods of life if he attacks in an unusual manner.

Of course, an Ann Lin will not naturally think that the other side is just that way.

It is true that the angels of life, the angels of the sky, the station of the ocean angels, have formed a three-dimensional force and have fully released them to the power of power. At the same time, a multi-dimensional well array constructed with green, white, blue, three different color lines began to emerge and immediately packed the area of 100,000 Li.

Even the immortal astronomers and the Western Sea Ark are packed.

The angels of life have thrown out an empty flower on one of the great array people, with no flowers like heart beating, releasing the devil rays of light.

At the same time, it’s hard to imagine a huge amount of energy like an ANLin. Crazy, centred on the powerless! The strengths of that day are more powerful than 10,000 Skyscrapers who are fully mobilized, as if all the talents of the original continent were transferred here, and only the fluctuations caused by energy compression would allow vitality to collapse.

An Lin is waiting for the angels of life and the others to be prepared slowly, and he runs through the dark path of the body, playing Victorious Evil Sword, and it’s a darkness to the sky!

Darkness suddenly rises, madness swallows everything around. The power of heaven? Eat! The Sky Sea Void bastards? Eat! Space? Eat! And even three to high-altitude gods, they swallowed with no exception!

There’s nothing to swallow in front of the darkness of an ANLin!

“Great array, all the wheels back!” The angels of life suddenly yelled.

The sound just fell, and her body was swallowed again.

The ocean angels and the angels of the sky can’t escape. They are completely devoured by the darkness of the expansion, and the three to the highest levels of body have disappeared after the darkness has gone away.

But next second.

The ancient, eternal round of return is devoid of the heavens and the earth.


power of God is blown again!

Victor great array opened again.

The three to the high angels have re-emerged in their previous positions, with no injuries on their body, and have watched an Ann Lin with great pride, and the climate of terror begins to release.

“Can’t my darkness swallow the power of return?” An Lin slightly frowned.

At this point, the powerful sound goes back to the roof again.

“Why do you turn back? That’s never gonna die.”

“Why are you three? That’s the difference between the life of the sky and the ocean.”

“Why is it true? That’s the God of God, who’s really completely liberated!”

The angels of life have a pair of fingerprints, powerless flowers for heart, three rounds of authentic great array as bones, the most pure force of the sky is blood, the rapid contraction, and finally the creation of a human race god of up to 100 zhang, with 10 holy white wings behind them!

This day, the human race gods are gender-free, blue cave, green hair, perfectly perfectly delicate, and white muscle fluctuates to the dense white power of the extreme.

“What a wonderful masterpiece.” “Life Goddess’s tall body fell in the heart of the goddess of human race, and his body slowly melted into it, revealing only a beautiful face, an affair and a shame, as if it was found to be a normal place of residence.

“It’s called ‘Emperor One’, the perfect Heavenly Dao fighter representative. It is a pity that he will not be able to be better. Dark angels, now your end is coming, and you will pay the worst price for everything you’ve done before!”

The angels of life are finished.

The angels of the heavens and the earth were integrated into the shoulders of God, showing a pale face.

The ocean angels are integrated into another shoulder of God, and the blue face is likewise shown.

The three gods are in position, the infinite heart jumps, a powerful horror that starts to explode, one of the heart stagnation of an Ann Lin!

Emperor One stretches ten wings, slows down to an ANLin, floats on his face, tears, warmth, compassion, popularity, and holy deity.

An Lin holds Victorious Evil Sword tightly.

The emperor and the immortal man, too, are the outer shape of human race.


body of the immortal man is countless times bigger than God, but the threat that God brings to an ANLin is many times larger than the immortal ones!

Not at all a level!

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