I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 2266

“Divine Technique, cover the daylight fairy!” Ti Na’s hands, a sword that covers the darkness of the day, fell from high altitudes, and only one sword ripped the immortals of ten thousand zhang into two and a half!

A few hundred and a thousand days ago, the human race spirit is all over this sword.

She would also like a knife, and at that time, the heavy artillery in the Western Sea Ark had gone away, and that artillery had a high level of energy and could not even ignore Ti Na.

She can only continue to resist the attack on the Western Sea Ark.

The attack on the Western Sea Ark is crazy, completely disregarding energy reserves, regardless of the user’s body Inner Strength, in strikes without any cost.

In this way, even if Ti Na does not voluntarily blow it, it will become irresistible after some time.

“Want to delay my time?” Ti Na’s got a little rush.

She looked far away from the confrontation between an Lin and Emperor I, and her heart was bleeding.

No, she’s going to deal with that day’s human race with an angel Lin. It’s too much unknown that the emperor brought to her. It’s clearly a spirit of paralysis, but it gives people a hard feeling, even Ti Na, that this presence is absolutely dangerous.

Not to mention that God is still a whole life in her eyes.

Life creates countless possibilities and miracles, which also place a great risk of hidden risk to the battle of an ANLin.

“The battle over this area has to be resolved quickly.” Ti Na swept out a super energy artillery, claiming the mouth and said in the shadow of his face.


wounds of immortal people have been fully restored and again directed towards Ti Na.

The immortality is essentially immortal, so its resilience can be described in a reversal, no matter how deadly the wounds are, recovered in the shortest possible time, and this alone is much better than the brighter war God, which is also the size of the Great Human race Army.

“Pull her down, you have to drag her down!”

“Dismayed for the Lord of Heaven!”

It is clear that human race powerhouse is also aware of Ti Na’s intentions, and that when immortal people move, their bodies suddenly explode countless of the sky’s rune, which contains the forces of extreme blockade, immediately surrounded by all around Ti Na, releasing the forces of terror that can hold time and space.

Ti Na’s skin slightly paused, and at this time the artillery fire in the Western Sea Ark has arrived!

She would also be able to resist in the future, and suddenly there was an incomparable gigantic body in front of her, and countless artillery fire fell in front of that body, and bombardment continued, and men could only yell down and seem painful, but not move halfway.

“You’re” Ti Na’s face changed a little bit.

“haha, I’m a member of the Jedi, Lin Ancient Demon Venerable!” That giant body was bleeding, but still haha said with a big smile.

As soon as the sound falls, on the top of the Western Sea Ark, there is a monkey wrapped up with gold flames falling from the high altitude of fiercely, with two feet shaking up.

“Fight against Buddha!”

At the end of the day, the monkey was blown up in the West Sea Ark, giving his own monkey fist bag, each of which hit formidable power with the largest amount of hydrogen bomb explosions.

The strongest Santa Angel Miguel struck the body of Lincoln Ancient Demon Venerable, releasing the lights of healing and rapidly healing the wrecked body.


Western Sea Ark still did not abandon the artillery and wanted to kill Ancient Demon Venerable.

At this point, a shadow of ambush suddenly appeared, and black blade was like a nightscreen with no opportunity, cutting down a few shells in the blink.

A red alcoholic wreck fell in the middle of the Western Sea Ark, with billions of power in the asphalt, directly smashed the defences of the Western Sea Ark, and then crushed the bodies of the Western Sea Ark.

The Devil also did it, and it was thunderbolt once he did it.


immortal man gathered the sword of the sky in his hands, trying to crush Ancient Demon Venerable and suddenly there was a bold golden giant sword in a far more terrifying way to tear the universe apart.

It lasted ten thousand zhang, all-knowing, everywhere, and was completely cut off.

Look carefully, we can see that the golden giant sword, inside of it, has a lot of broken gang creatures, plus 50 million pieces of gang troops!

The eighth song, Heavenly Sword!

It’s the only movable great array that the human race creatures can use, and if it’s not special, it can’t be pushed, it’s the power of Heaven Destroying’s extinction!

Oh, shit!

The giant sword of Heavenly Sword from the back of the immortal angels has crossed the entire body of the immortal human being, and the immortal movement of the angels has thus given birth to the stopped.

“For the original continent!”

“Kill! Kill human race!”

“An Lin Sect Master, we will fight with you!”

The IRU forces have been screaming with fanatics.

Ti Na didn’t think it was time for the many reinforcements to feel surprised that there was also a warm flow from the bottom of the heart.

It is at this point that blue water flows from the world, purifys everything and integrates all the rune of the day around Ti Na into pure water.

A beautiful and some heavier mermaid appeared next to Ti Na, and seriously opened the mouth and said, “Ti Na elder sister, give it to me here, and you go help Lord An Lin.”

Ti Na, looking at the fish’s resolute landscape, has finally grown up in a family of youngest daughter.

She couldn’t stop laughing at nodded: “Well, here you go, I’ll help an angel.”

Said she didn’t return to the direction of Ann Lin.

This is a trust in partners, and the Western Sea Ark and the immortal angels represent the supreme force that the sky human race and the angels can play, but she believes that the blue and the fight can be met by the Buddhists.

She was willing to fight with the people of the sky, and there were also countless creatures willing to fight with human race, and she was not alone, and she had countless associates.

It’s all warming Ti Na’s heart, and maybe that’s why an Lin would be willing to put himself in Danger Land for too early for the continent.

Heavenly Sword tears the breasts of immortal people, cuts off half the body of each other, but the broken body is healing quickly, and two arms appear behind the immortal body, holding the sword and trying to pull the body’s sword out.

“Brothers, hold it! This immortal man restored his strength, and we cannot fight it for a long time, and we must not let it pull out of the sword!” Martial Venerable, the warrior, knocked out the drum of war.

The gods of the heaven follow the yelling.

Heavenly Sword sent a strong rays of light, from within the immortal human being to the body of the human race, and human race was born like a thousand arrows, and the body appeared in densely packed caves and screamed down.

The spirit of human race is not to be trifled with it, and it’s a madness to react.

The presence of a number of angel horrors in the interior, in particular the release of Divine Technique, who bombed the sword in the immortal universe, shocked a large number of spontaneous creatures, destroy both body and soul.

The worst battle against the soldiers of the Great Human race has finally erupted at this moment!

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