I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 2267

The blast lights released by Heavenly Sword can strike with the natural power of the immortal astronaut.

each and everyone broke out the helpline powerhouse from the light released by Heavenly Sword, flew to the internal human race, who were on the line, and released a path of powerful magic.

Sky human race handcuffs hit powerhouse in the middle of the day.

All of us, on the one hand, have been given strength, killing each other on the other.

Blood and death have risen dramatically in a moment, creating a bloody meat grinder inside.

The angels have also come together, and their destructive power is extremely terrifying. The mirror angels replicated the substandard version of each and everyone’s super power line, and challenged the superpowers.

The angels created a river of death, drowned a large number of broken helpers powerhouse, struck on the sword of Heavenly Sword in light, and struck the sword.

Blue tooth Deity Hand, with ice and blue swords, travels fast in powerhouse, where blood flew, mutilated, extremely bloody.

The fluid angels have broken the fluids of criss-crossed, and every creature who tries to cross the boundary of the fluid, the body will melt into a beach liquid without distinction.

Because of the angels’ joining, the first weather is like the rainbow’s broken consortium, starting to fall into disadvantage, even if the light is not pulled out of Heavenly Sword, the end of which must be the disbanded army! But the gang’s coalition, which continues to go forward and follow, goes to the immortal human race army within the sky, without any retreat!

“This is a bunch of crazy people.” The mirror angels are looking forward to, and the followers of the consortium, and there’s room to manipulate sharp mirrors to intercept.

“No fear of dying reckless couples, that’s all we have to do, and the end of this is to kill us.” The dehydrated angels pull alone, and a river of death suddenly bend and swallowed two elusive Bai Yu.

In such a hierarchy of battlefield, returns can only be ashes in the eyes of the sky.

“Blanche, Mia!” Gabriel saw her two disciples swallowed by the river of death, beautiful eyes staring, sorrow and anger swallowed her mind.

The divine fire broke, and the blood was as red as the column, and it ripped the corpse of the angels of the river in an instant manner.

Angel, a legal system that calls for souls and loses as the followers of God, has taken the hot sword over hundreds of miles to meet the mighty meditation angel!

He’s strong!


dehydrated angels opened the eight heavier rings in the instant, as did the extend of the hand, pushing a hundred times, and the pound of the meditation rivers came out of the booth of the heart, colliding with that hot sword.

hong long!

the world-shaking collision broke out.

It grows, and the river sends down the sound of low moaning.


looks like the power of the syndrome is very terrifying, and it’s hidden. But the river is so harsh and prolonged that it cannot be burned, regardless of how it moves forward.

Eventually, after a groan in 100, the body was hit by a medic river, and the blood fell back.

“haha… master and disciple are in deep shape? You want to avenge disciple? Then let you go to hell with your disciple, dead!” The dehydrated angels show up, laugh at the back of the hundreds of Void, and spill the river like Black Dragon’s mouth, bite to the body of a hundred.

Are you going to die?

What is reflected in the pure blue of Gabriel is the hiding of the sky and the covering of the earth’s black river.

But at the next moment, the shadow of a great shore stretching black wings suddenly appeared before her eyes.

“Thousands of town souls!” Men’s hands are printed, a huge silver circle shows up, swing fast, blocking all the drain of the river and laying out two horrors of despicable medication.

Gabrielle pupils slightly shrink, with a glimmer of heart: “You, you are…”

“haha, Bai Yu’s waste Angels, I’m your hegemony, the Black Bad Emperor!” Haha said with a big smile.

Gabriel: “…”

Just aroused a good feeling, and suddenly there was no existence.

Black feathers and Bai Yu were supposed to be dead opponents, and the two forces were tied to the same battalion because of the relationship between An Lin. The Black Bad Emperor, who saved the army, also scolded the friendship army, is still understandable in the real Gahundred.

“The Black Bad Emperor?” The Neal angel saw the rest of powerhouse interrupting its killing, was extremely upset in his heart, said with a sneer, “Isn’t this the race that was beaten by human race a few decades ago? What makes you have the courage to face us?”

“What makes me brave?” “The Black Bad Emperor keeps a thousand town souls in his hand, and the Horn of the mouth slightly raised up,“ This is it! “

Suddenly, his heart appeared in a dark, deep darkness.

All the medications that came to him were absorbed into the pure darkness at this moment.

“What?” ”The medic angel, complexion greatly changed, has not yet done anything to see the darkness moving forward, all of which are exposed to it by darkness swallowed thoroughly, and even the smallest energy does not exist.

“This is the power of darkness, how can you have the power of darkness?” The meditation angel turn pale with fright, and run away.

But the darkness is faster, blinking will wipe out the river, and then pour the body of the Neal angel out of a blood hole in incomparable gigantic!

“See? This is the gap between the black feathers and the Bai Yu.” The black Emperor looked towards the crowd, and said with a smile.


beautiful face of Gabrielle is somewhat embedded, not going to the Black Emperor, which is a funny and proud smile, with the hands of the gods of the Bible of Heaven.

“Don’t rob my head, this honor belongs only to the Lord of God!” The Black Bad Emperor saw Gabriel ignore him, tried to replenish the knife, scared a jump, hastened to follow the past, freed his hands from the dark power that an Lin had given him and swallowed to the Gods of the Rivers.

“Shit, the river he’s in danger!” Mirror angel complexion change, he’s going to help the medieval angels.

As you know, every angel in such a battlefield is a pillar, an extremely precious force, and there must be no loss.

But just as it wanted to act, there were thousands of jewellery in the mirror.

It’s a faint first, and then the bad idea suddenly rises.

“Dear Divine Technique, Crystal…”

hong long!

It’s not over yet. The mirror is blown out.

It crashed with a broken ambiguous body, looking alarmingly at the lithe and graceful salmon silhouette of a hidden treaty above it.

“Be careful.”

“The blue is coming.”

And that’s when the blue tip is fast pointing towards the mirror angels.

The Molecular angels released a deadly fluid and wanted to holes in the fish.

But the speed of human fish is extremely horrendous and flexibly escaped a second influenza attack.

“Blue! You use the power of the Lord of the Ocean, and you use it against us!”

“You are an act of rebellion, and you will finally be condemned by the most cruel God!”

The blue shaped, hidden from a deadly attack, turned around, the long blue tail plundered the perfect arc at high altitudes, and then fiercely fell on the mirror angels.



The mirror angels stare at their eyes, and their bodies fell deep down by the billions of horrors at the end of the fish, and continued to spit with fragments and continue to fall.