I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 2268

“Mirror angels!” The fluid angels saw mirror angels being severely hit by the blue, and the face changed again, without a second thought, continued a path of influenza attacks and the use of unavoidable full-fledged air influenza attacks.

The god of the water on the blue little head, rays of light, lifted up a giant wave of fish and blasted all the attacks of the Flood angels.

In the light of the astonishment of the fluid angels, the shape suddenly disappeared, then suddenly flew out of one of the drinks behind the fluid angels, and the fish tails were dumped again.


Void broke up.

Flexible angels were shot behind their backs, and their bodies were taken out of a distorted arch.

This tail attack feels more exaggerated than Heavenly Dao, and it seems that all the powers that shock it as a whole are going to break up.

At this point, the Blue tooth angels have been drinkin ‘and the cold blue sword in their hands has set out a path of the amazing sword of extinction.

“Dear Divine Technique, The Water Dance.” The blue shrink, the sky around that brake, turned into a blue water space.

She walked like a fish in the water space, twisted lithe and graceful without lovable body, flexibly avoiding a path of sword.

When the blue tooth angel showed a slice of weakness spot, it suddenly disappeared in the water, and when the blue tooth angel felt blue, it was already a ruthless fish tail.


The blue tooth angel’s beautiful face was flawed by the tail of the fish.

pu! ”A mouthful of blood sprays out, the Blue tooth angel was shot flying several dozen dozen li, almost out of great array of immortal astronauts.

Blue is still swimming towards a mirror that just stabilizes its shape.

The angels finally remembered the fear of being dominated by the blue.

This time, its death expectation is the strongest, stronger than when the last blue seal was sealed, and it knows that this blue little shit is getting stronger again!

Blue is like the king of all the angels at this moment, and there is room for a blade in three angels’ attacks, and every time it strikes, it can strike the angels most deadly!

God, human race’s top battlefield has been reversed by a blue little man!

The other side of the battle.

Flying in a high-altitude Western Ark, hong long long fell.

The Emperor sat on his own calf, fell under the West Sea Ark, drank a big mouth, laughed, and realm had been drinking at the founding level.

Suddenly, he swallowed the surface of the Ark, and there was a black hole.

Swizard Emperor Complexion changed, and the shape moves fast towards the side.

But the attack on the Western Sea Ark is faster, completely beyond the speed of the light attack, instantaneously packing the goose and body of the Side Emperor and forming a deep blue balloon that is invisible.

Super Video!

The clandestine weapons of the Western Sea Ark, once killed, will be dragged into a high latitude of land of Death. Multiple energies there will tear up the body of the enemy instantly, and even if the enemy fleshy body is extremely terrifying, it sustains the tear of backlash with vitality, and its body will be forever imprisoned in that strange vitality.

The attack was dedicated to the top powerhouse of their Ark, the trump card of the near attack, and there were only three shooting opportunities, and it was clear that the Emperor deserved them to open the artillery!

“Swizard!” The victory saw one of the strongest ones killed in a second, and the expression changed, when a bat broke into the face of the planet.

Strong collisions erupt.

Deep blue balls completely motionless, while golden rods showed a crack.

“Hard, hard, what is this?” Fight against Buddha complexion slightly changed, and then under his feet there was a dark black hole.

Not good!

He escaped immediately.

But the end, like the Emperor, was wrapped up by a deep blue ball, and the shape and breath disappeared completely in the world.

“Back off!” The clouds are shutting off and pulling the distance fast.

The Holy Light Act of Mikal, which lasted out of the order of several hundred li, had not forgotten how many swords had fallen into that deep blue ball, but without exception, one of the skins of the planet could not be broken.

“Shit, what’s this attack?” Mikal anxious said.

“At a higher level than space cells, I can feel them, but I can’t help them at all. It should be extremely powerful to attack.” The clouds’ shadow is cloudy.

“What do we do?” drenched with blood’s Lincoln Ancient Demon Venerable tension.

The day human race, which controls the Western Sea Ark, fired again.

bang bang bang bang!

a The path of extremely terrifying attacks began to fall on three top powerhouse, and there was no chance for them to fight back.

There is no way that the top artillery attack in the Western Sea Ark, which in fact is striking at the God’s level of beauty and supremacy, is very powerful, even if the power of a broken great array is to deal with the presence of the clouds Mikal and Lin Ancient Demon Venerable, even though they are the powerhouse of Peak-Stage.

“hehehe, even if the Creator is here, will be oppressed by us, and you’re a couple of onions, and you dare be here when I’m on the West Sea Ark!” Lord human race smiles and looks down at three powerhouses that continue to be bombarded.

Lin Ancient Demon Venerable’s head was blown halfway.

Mikhail is even worse, and one can’t hide and the whole body is blown up into blood foam.

“Deal with another one.” Lord human race was so funny.

The next second, however, the shape of Mikal appears again from the circle of Holy Light.

All the artillery tubes in the West Sea are light stopped.

bang bang bang bang!


Western Sea Ark fired again.

This time, the artillery fire in Mikal was twice as much as it was before.


was only resurrected, and in the face of the horrendous artillery fire, he only wanted to yell, “Shake the grass!”

In just a few seconds, he was swallowed again by artillery fire.

Luckily he had Holy Light Inextinguishable Body, and after a second, he was resurrected!

The human race, who controls the Western Sea Ark, is surprised. Is this Mikal, not dead?

They continue to dump diarrhoea artillery fire at Mikal, blew up Mikal and screamed for connections.


shadow of clouds and the cream of Ancient Demon Venerable are the result of the dispersion of artillery fire, which has made it possible to slow down.

“This Mikal battle force is not very good, but it’s still possible to attract artillery fire.”

“I can’t see, this Senior is more meat than I am.” Ancient Demon Venerable touched half his head, blood worms, and recovered his body.

At the same time as speaking, Mikal was shelled again by a Western Sea artillery.

The shadow of clouds is rapidly analysing the situation on the ground, and her beautiful eyes turned to those two blue balls, and suddenly there was an idea in her heart.

Mikhail is resurrected.

He broke the tank, he took his own initiative to the West Sea Ark, and the Hummer sound was ringing the world at this moment: “Come on! Shoot me!”

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