I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 2269

bang bang bang bang!

The West Sea Ark really fired at Mikal!

Hundreds of energy artillery are like blue flame stars, falling towards Mikal, and every energy artillery carries the weight of the ocean, and it is extremely difficult to resist it. Mikal tried to do everything in its power to break up several energy guns with a sword and then swallowed with the remaining energy artillery.

Void melted into energy oceans and went back to Mikal’s miserable scream.

Dreams of clouds rushed towards the Western Sea at a very rapid rate, pulling a small shadow in Void, and a large number of artillery fire struck her, but she was able to avoid it in a wise way.

Mikal has already shared a great deal of artillery fire for her, and she has avoided the high rate of success.


She saw the deep blue balls in front of her eyes, suddenly the darkness of the fibre, the emergence of a shadow into a giant hand, and the deep blue balloon was lifted.

zi zi

Deep blue balloon surface looks like there’s something extremely terrifying of energy, and in rapidly eroding her dark hands, that power is even eroding along the shadow of her hands, and eroding her body.

The clouds of “aaaaaah…” were painful, and at that time the artillery of the Western Sea Ark again struck her, and this time she was unable to escape.

“Lin Ancient Demon Venerable!” She suddenly shouted.

A huge silhouette, suddenly blocked in front of the clouds’ dreams.

bang bang bang bang!

The fire was all blocked by that silhouette.

Blood explodes, Lincoln Ancient Demon Venerable, and that’s a painful roar.

It hurts, but it resisted!


shadow of clouds finally used a secret way of lifting one of its deep blue balls and throwing them out in one direction.

“Heavenly Dao! Go on!”

golden light, the deep blue balls were thrown thousands of miles like meteors.


marshal of the West Sea Ark sees this scene, and it’s just a cold smile.

“Super vitality is tough, even if the creation of the gods is hard to break, and you throw it away, not only can you avoid his death, but even prolong his time of death.” One of the martyrs who manipulate the Western Sea Ark shakes his head.

“hehe, a bunch of other fish who don’t know the immensity of Heaven and Earth, knows nothing about the strength of the supervitality cage. Don’t say that, just get rid of them.” A handsome woman opens the mouth and said.

But the voice fell.

Far from blue, there’s mutation that shocks human race in the Western Sea.

The king of the Black Emperor laughed at a deep blue balloon that flew to fly, spreading out the darkness of the fist once and for all, that darkness distorted and then swallowed the surface of the planet, and eventually completely broke the limits of that supervitality!

“roar! My grandson came back again!” The monkey, surrounded by gold flames, drenched with blood, tears the ball apart from the inside, and finally resurrects the day.

The sky human race in the West Sea Ark was blown up and said, “How could it be?”

“haha! Sadly, you know nothing about the power of the Dark angel.” Ancient Demon Venerable looks like a disgrace and laughs.

At this point, the clouds have begun to move the second ball.

She suddenly showed up another deep blue circle under her feet.

“Still want to move? Go to hell,” Lord human race, say with a smile.

The last ultraviolet is going on!

Even if the darkness can break the supervitality, the darkness of the Dark angel can’t whip if the transmitter dies!

Deep blue jails rise and want to cover the clouds completely.

Just in the light of the fire, suddenly golden long sword ripped the deep blue cage, sweeping the world cloud, as if Heavenly Dao was to split it into two paragraphs!

“The ninth day, Heavenly Dao, the sword!”

The anger of the Emperor, Heavenly Dao’s sword, is as powerful as golden light column all-knowing, and nothing flies, and even a deep golden crack has emerged under the foot of the Western Ark without hostility.

The human race in the interior screamed, sword qi entered the interior with a crack tattoo, and a large number of human race creatures were cut down by sword qi into a number of paragraphs, and the meteor collapsed.

Even when it was prepared to swallow the dark blue circle of the clouds, when there was no authority, Heavenly Dao broke into two and a half!

Swizard came out of his power.

It’s a nightmare for the sky and human race in the West Sea! After all, that was the strongest extermination in the Western Sea Ark, which had been broken up by hostile violence, which was definitely extremely devastating. And what else can you stop the Devil?

The Devil’s got a drunken fist, hit the West Sea Ark down the bottom, smashed it up before he smashed the old human race marshal, blew up in bad face, some heavy bleeding, and some haste.

But where’s Spirit’s gonna be a good man, and he’s carrying a lot of artillery strikes, and he’s still mad at the West Sea Ark, as if he was going to smash the West Sea Ark.

At the same time.

On the other side of the fall tree.


Ten Wings of Emperor One have been fully extended, and a very impressive breath is spreading, and the perfect body of the sky gives people a very dreadful, very unrealistic feeling.

“Are you my enemies, the Dark God?” “God’s soft laughed, and he can’t hear any feelings in his tongue, as if he was in the pavilion.

An Lin is not bullshit, and the Dark Way is spreading all around at this moment like ink.

Dark gods spread into front of God, and suddenly opened their teeth and turned into a black beast, and bite towards God!


It’s like ink spilled on men.

Men are covered by darkness, but those darkness, like liquids, fall down his skin, cannot swallow the men before them.

“I am the perfect astronaut, and Dao of Darkness is Heavenly Dao, how can I hurt such a perfect soul?”

An Lin’s face has changed slightly, and he really wants to swallow the man in front of his eyes with darkness, but why does his darkness really work for God?

No, it’s definitely not. If that’s the case, why is it so high, it’s too early for the continent to leave, there must be any weak spot!

An Lin’s twin, the antiquity starts with silence at this moment.

Almost instantly, the Emperor has torn up all the dark attacks and defences before his eyes, hitting an ANLin and pushing them out lightly.

At this moment, an Ann Lin felt his own dark path and was tremendously shaking, as if it had been shocked by extreme horror.


Intangible wave tattoos are spreading shocks.

An Lin’s body was shaking under the control of God One, and retreated a few steps, and clearly there was no loud attack, but his mouth had infiltrated blood…

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