I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 2270

“Oh? How can you hold me up?” God has seen an angel Lin with some disagreement and some appreciation, “You know, every attack I’ve ever done is Heavenly Dao, and it’s easy to attack you on your path.”

An Lin heard that and finally knew how he felt so weird.

God is not blowing the bull, and his mask really hit his own dark path. What kind of realm would that be?

“Don’t pretend to force me to kill him!” The ocean angel on his left shoulder can’t hold his mouth and drive God one.

Emperor frowned hair: “If you were there, I would be perfect.”

“You don’t even have the opportunity to pretend to be forced without our power and energy support.” The sky angel said ill-humoredly.


the middle of the heart, the beautiful face of Goddess showed an apology: “I’m sorry, he wouldn’t be like this if it wasn’t a lot of flowers.”

One after another listened, the face fell down: “What did you say? Disability?”

“No, you’re perfect, you’re just an empty flower, nothing to do with your God.” The God of Life hearthis immediately starts to rectify Righteous Path.

God heard that much more comfortable.

At this point, the darkness suddenly builds into a tidal cone, stabbing his chest, the horror of terror, even ripping the chaos around it into chaos!


The darkness of the tidal collides on the chest of God, and suddenly the ink explodes and goes down.

“Do you really think I’ll get hurt when the darkness gets sharp? Too naive, for me, as long as you’re Dao of Darkness, you can’t hurt me with a pipe.”

God smiles at shook the head, and there’s nothing to stifle about, but looking at everything, and putting everything up as it should be by rights.

He stepped on one step, and once again he came to the front of an Ann Lin, and was handed out again.

An Lin didn’t want to take it hard, use it immediately to avoid it, move it faster than thunderbolt, moving it for hundreds of miles almost instantly.


of God’s hands is fast, but an ANLin is faster and finally hiding from one of his masks.

This day, the man of human race was somewhat wrong, and he kept his masterpiece and looked at an Ann Lin, far away.

At this time, several ultraviolet mines ripped Void, bombed the chest of God, shoulders, and heart positions.

An Lin was able to clearly see thunderbolt blew up his body in Emperor’s first place, and the power of the crack was so weird that the water was generally spreading around and there was no way to cause damage to its parts.

An Lin heart startled, he changed a tactical attack, and then was it not effective? Is it possible to liquidize all the ballistics and invalidate them?

“hehe, God, think our faces are weak?” The angels of life seem to look at an Ann Lin’s idea and laugh more ironically.

“Don’t try hard, God is invincible.”

Emperor pats Snow is full of flexible bodies, as if the power of an ANLin was to be blown up like dust, and then stretched out a finger, Void.

Suddenly, the forces of terror come out of their fingers and cannot describe the magnitude of that power, while White glow immediately conceals the rays of the light of the heavens and the earth, and the white light runs through that tiny silhouette.

An Lin wanted to hide, but his body was blocked by forces from the heavens and the earth with no opportunity. Throughout the heavens and the earth, follow the command of God I and follow the will of God.

At this point, the Sky Lightning Pillar, released by the Emperor, was already in front of an Ann Lin.

An Lin immediately used darkness to resist it.

hong long!


power of heaven explodes on the face of an Ann Lin.

It is not so obvious that an Ann Lin’s hair has the natural power of each other, but the darkness has made an uncontrolled black liquid on the ground at a visible rate of naked eye.

Soon, the power of the sky melts the entire darkness of an Ann Lin’s body.

An Lin’s chest starts to spread the pain.

His whole body was torn apart by the power of the sky, even more than a thousand miles away, if he was hit by a giant hammer, and the energy of the endless sky was crawling.

“The sky.” God screamed, and his right shoulder head suddenly shined up.

He stepped on one step, the spatial wave was raging, his body was several hundred li, and he carried out an extremely exaggerated air turbulence, blinking into the front of an Ann Lin.

“Dark God, you can go to death.” “God’s fingers suddenly turned into chimpanzee color, grabbing an angel’s head.

An Lin, at this moment, felt not that his head was to be caught, but that his dark path was about to be caught, and that a very strong sense of death crisis aroused.

At the same time, the feeling that the heavens and the earth were listening to the Order of the Emperor I was able to release the most horrendous taboo has emerged again.

At this moment, an Lin suddenly put all power revenues in the body, a golden circle, behind which power from five Element, which had reached its very origin, was a brand new force.


A long struggle to break the crack up.

Emperor pupils slightly shrink, and his hands continue to be caught in the front, but an ant Lin’s head has been diverted from his original position, and his attack has been empty.

The opposite is a fist flowing from the horror power of five Element.

Extreme energy energy, radical energy, perfect integration at this moment, then falling on the chest of God, putting the hammer of God’s chest deep.


Energy shocks distorted the heavens and the earth.

From surprise to shock, from shock to distortion. Finally, an old blood blew out, as if the shells were hammered for hundreds of miles.

An Lin faintly smiled, stepping the wind, chasing it at a very fast pace, and fists fall again!

bang bang bang bang!

Each boxing has a very strong force, enough to smash a continent into powder.

The emperor has weak physical strength, at least at the top of the sky, and he has reacted from the horror, and has collided with an ant Lin’s fist, although it is hard to eat, and it is not fast to fail.

The power of the explosion is like a solar eruption, and the hybrid space of Void in the sea water sky will be torn apart in a moment.

The heavens and the earth are reborn.

An Lin boxing and spreading a quick smile: “hahaha… is it just a way to melt the streets and capture the streets?”

“You don’t have to fight you, you can’t beat me? What makes you feel like?”

As soon as God eats his energies to follow the storm of an Ann Lin, he doesn’t even think that the other side will be so unreasonably reckless, he’s been beaten up a little bit by this each and everyone.

“Eat me, eight times Qilin Arm Superstar Five Elements Fist!”

Suddenly, as a dragon strikes, one boxing at the heart of Emperor One, smashed his heart off skeleton, and fist strength has not stopped, and roaring on the sea of White Jones with a crumbling on the body of Emperor One.


The White Jon Sea was boiling and smashed out a giant steam mushroom cloud!

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