I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 2271

God never thought he’d get so poisoned.

that fist let him know what’s called pain, what’s called power.

The mushrooms clouds rise, and seabed continents are also shattered.

The emperor stood up and flew towards the air from the stuck continent.

But it was an incredible fist to welcome him.

“Oceans!” The Lord yelled at the head of the ocean angel on his shoulder, and the entire White Jones Sea used for him, and released the power of terrifying more than the ocean angels.

He was flexible in controlling the ocean for hundreds of thousands of miles, and he kept torturing the power of an Ann Lin fist.

An Lin can feel every time he fights, and the White Jones Sea will gather a boxing of the ocean against him, and that deep power of the ocean is more powerful than that of the ocean angels.

This is also, I am afraid, one of the features of perfect human race, which can better use power.

An Lin suddenly remembered that tomorrow’s God is transformed into life, and blue is a combination of life and power, and that he is also a combination of life and power, and that the perfect day of human race at hand is also a combination of life and power, and that the use of power is stolen by thieves.

It is at this point that the Emperor succeeded in carrying an ANLin’s fist again out of the White Jones Sea.

“Thousands of seawaves!” He shouted, boxing into countless waves, covering the whole body of an ANLin, and the boxing of a pound of fuzzy boxing surrounded the whole body of an ANLin, each with the authority of the most powerful ocean to the highest authority.

An Lin can’t use power, but he can, that’s the gap!

“Good to see you!”

An Lin laughed heartily, followed by a sample, boxing into countless remnants.

“A thousand nuclear warheads!”

bang bang bang bang!

Each boxing is like a bomb explosion, and hundreds of millions of high temperatures can evaporate any sea water.

Once again, the heavens and the earth shined up the glory of the world.

When the Emperor suddenly discovered that his thousands of seawaves had been crushed by the thousands of nuclear warheads of Ann Lin, that countless marine power had been torn apart, and that, finally, the fist of Ann Lin had been relentlessly blown again.

bang bang bang bang!


The first and the three to the highest angels are screaming so badly.

Ten fingers, the real harm to God, will also feed back to three to the angels.

They can no longer be surprised to look at the words of an Ann Lin, and now turn into a relentless fist so that they can once again feel the horror of an Lin.

“How can he be so strong and clear that he can’t even use it?” God is crazy, and there’s a sense of powerlessness in the face of the horror boxing that is unfolding in front of his eyes.

An Lin heard some sentiments in the throne of the Emperor. That’s all thanks to his foundation! How could he have been so aggressive if it was not cultivation base that entered the equation Middle-Stage, which greatly enhanced the attribute of Divine Physique in all its aspects?

Of course, an international Lin’s round of heavy punches, while Dili scared witless, is extremely exhausted and unable to use the strengths of fleshy body, spiritual strength, power of the five Element, and the basic forces of the meteorology.

Such high-intensity fighting is naturally extremely horrendous.

Luckily he’s got the money to fight for drugs, or he can’t.

It’s another explosion.


face of Emperor One was hammered, and his body was once again hammered.

He suddenly stretched his fan to an Ann Lin’s head: “I’m going to crush your path!”

An Lin’s cold smile is just a boxing past.


Once again, the Emperor has more speed and has been hammer again.

An Lin, after a fierce battle, has already touched the capacity of Emperor One.

Emperor I does have the ability to enable himself to attack the source of Dao, but it requires direct physical contact. An Lin only needs to be on his fist, plus a fraction of the extreme power of five Element, so the other side can’t catch him!

When Dili was unable to carry out a direct attack on the path of an Lin, his threat to an ANLin was significantly reduced, which created a situation in which he had been held hostage by an ANLin.

“Sky!” The Emperor has a pair of wrapped Ann Lin Void.

All of a sudden Void around is a thousand times thick.

An Lin’s move has stagnated.

“The Holy Sea of the Great Van!”

the golden ocean seems to have hundreds of millions of Buddha present, who, in a unique way, try to knock on the five Elements of an Ann Lin’s battlefield defense, but blink in the eye begins to distort the curtain.

An Lin’s body has once again been torn up, and the darkness of his body has been threatened!

He threw over cold light, and golden circles behind him suddenly doubled in this instant, and the vast amount of five Elements’ ability to combine was filled with every blood in his body, and each cell had erupted an unprecedented force of terror.

Oh, shit!

Stick Void was ripped off.

An Lin’s speed suddenly rises to a creepy place for the Emperor.

His fist fell down at this moment!

Not boxing, but boxing against chest, chest punch!

hong long!

the world-shaking explosion sounds.

The entire central continent region is able to see rays of light torn up by golden Vatican and five Elements energy, like two giant days of collision, unprecedented waves of energy and rays of light flash.

The White Jones Sea has all fought a hundred ten thousand zhang waves in this brake.

The fire on both sides came, and the Emperor used trump card as soon as he was trying to break the five Elements defense of an Ann Lin.

The energy fluctuations caused by this bombing, known as the History poetry level, have gone far beyond the Baptian Sea.

The two energy breaks were ripped apart, and the West Sea Ark battlefield and the immortal Skywalker battlefield were severely affected and had to suspend the immediate fighting and resist the remaining waves of the collision.

Not long ago, energy quickly shrinked.

Replace it with the great vacuum of the oceans and the fragmented space that goes into the eyes.

Emperor I and an Ann Lin are standing above the high altitude and breathing with a rough breath.

The perfect body of the Emperor, half of the chest was beaten, and only some blood was connected next to him, revealing internal crack crystal skeleton and crumbling the internal dirt, and the bleeding of nipple white continues to flow from the empty hole.

Life Goddess is hurting, and ocean angels and angels are hurting their mouths and biting their teeth.

“hehe… looks at you, and I always have the feeling of a arrow of four sculptures.”

An Lin looked at all four faces in front of God, and said with a smile.

The Gods of the High: “…”

An Lin was similarly injured, and his chest was hammered without a slum. It doesn’t look serious, but bad thing is that his dark path has also been injured. Yes, he was injured, thought about it, and it felt a little lost.

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