I Might Be A Fake Cultivator Chapter 2346

Life Goddess created on the ground of creativity.

Battle Strength’s reintroducation of an ANLin fist in Peak fell in front of life Goddess, and the new five Elements’ strenuous diarrhoeal, ripping everything in front of the eye with a tornado explosion.

Life Goddess released the Marine Sky Force of Heaven 3rd-layer shield, which was enough to give it to the boxing that collapsed the dome.

An Lin’s power is stronger than before!

“Goddess wolf back, the cologne on the side of his body set a deadly trajectory and stabbed the heart of an Ann Lin.

AN Lin, at this point, can’t hide, keep boxing!

golden light flashes, Ti Na runs the World sword to the side of an Ann Lin, and the sword cuts out of the deadly cologne.

Life Goddess saw two people in partnership with the merit of silence, and the heart was angry, and the fist of an Ann Lin had fallen.

Life Goddess only used the ocean sky power of Heaven’s top three forces once again, another Heaven-shaking, Earth-shattering collision, and a woman with a skirt was once again bombed by fist strength that spilled over.

She’s trying to fight, suddenly, one of the six Sky Wings behind her was burned up, and the pain caused her lovable body to tremble.

An Lin looked at the opportunity, single-handedly empty: “Come on!”

A black rainbow fell out of heaven!

It fell in the hands of an Ann Lin, and at the same time the extreme sword corridor truly spread the heavens and the earth.

“War God Six swords… Divine Sword!”

Victory Evil Sword’s black sword suddenly turned into pure gold corn, and Peak sword Plans of the swordsman of the sword were released without reservation at this moment!

golden source sword energy runs across the dome and the earth.

An Lin was too early for continent’s first war God, and at this moment he made the first sword fairy of the original continent, handled with no double Divine Sword, and killed Goddess without delay!

There are no twins of sword intent.

In the middle of the continent, you can see golden sword glow, purely strong, very positive, sharp deterrent!

next moment, that powerful sword glow has fallen towards Goddess.

Life Goddess is insane in building defense, but in front of that horrible sword, it is so pale and powerless that she will be severed once and for all, and then left on her perfectly perfect body, slipped from her white shoulder to the fibre’s limb, slipped her into two and a half.

When golden light disappeared.

Blood spilled over the sky.

The angel of life broke into two interceptions, and began to fall on the ground.

gasping for an ANLin of breath, throw an eye at Ti Na.

Ti Na will immediately accept that with a mirror World sword, the sword of life Goddess will be torn into billions of sword shadow, and the body of life Goddess will be cut into billions of particles.

At this point, close to 100 Great Desolate Giant Beast was once again pointing towards an Ann Lin and Ti Na.

An Lin turned around to one of the nine Heavenly Peng was a few extreme sword light, killing Heavenly Peng 9 heads, who was the first hit.

Nine Heavenly Peng was cut off and the body fell into the earth, but in the middle of the air, blood worms moved, and nine new brains grew.

“These Great Desolate Giant Beast still owns Undying Body, and it seems that the angels of life are dead.” An Lin shakes sword light and flies towards other speeds immediately.

Neither Lin nor Ti Na had any idea of shaping the world circle, with a large Great Desolate Giant Beast.

Suddenly, not long ago, life Goddess was resurrected.

She didn’t look much different from that before, but she just lost one wings, from six to five, and there was some pale face, like what it was, and what it hurt.

“An Lin…” Life Goddess, a very good pair of twins, staring at an Ann Lin with great resentment, just like an Ann Lin dumped her 800 times.

An Lin also looked for life Goddess, scared by that eye.

Why don’t you just stare at him, Ti Na?

He looked carefully at the state of life Goddess, knowing that the resurrection of life Goddess was a source of raw materials, and that when she increased to a certain level of death, she would actually go to death.

Of course, an Ann Lin is not entirely hopeful about this.

He’s actually waiting for one thing.

That’s the end of the path of life Goddess!

Yes, an ant Lin knows that there is a time frame for one of the prime gods, and that this can be inferred from the long time when the ocean angels and the angels explode.

As long as an Ann Lin lasted this time.

Life Goddess isn’t allowed to squeeze?

Of course, the best way to delay time, not a taste of defense, but an attack! Because if the attack is to kill Goddess, it can also successfully consume her origins and let her paths end faster!

Far away, the life of Goddess, with the gorgeous skirt, saw the idea of an Ann Lin, which swept out of the irony with hate.

“Oh, an Lin, I know what you’re thinking.”

“Don’t you just want to delay your time, waiting for the same time as I did?”

Divine General an Lin’s idea came out.

“But you know, how long can she last with me in three rounds of real great array?”

“How long can it last?” An Lin asked.

“hehe, for a long time more than you think, can definitely hold you first…” Life Goddess will not be said by an ANLin Lin, but rather be able to speak with confidence and smile.

“Really? I’m a persistent man. Oh, you’ll soon see.” An Lin slightly smiled.

Life Goddess has a slight twitched face. How strange is this Lin talking?

Great Desolate Giant Beast again approached an Ann Lin and Ti Na.

The war is about to erupt again.

Suddenly, there was a vacuum next to Goddess!

Life Goddess scared a jump, lovable body was rushing back.

At this point, a black clothed man suddenly jumped out of the empty.

“cough cough cough cough cough cough… good luck, almost thought it wasn’t coming back.”

A gentle man’s voice came out of smoke dust.

“en? Where is this?” Men look at all around.

Then he saw hiding the sky and covering the earth’s breath strong enough to get him all over the cold Great Desolate Giant Beast group, and the power that was so uncertain that he had no poor risk, but some fantastic woman.

“Hey! Tin Xiaoqiu Fellow Daoist!” An Lin is passionate to say hello.

This is Paramount God, the Candle Old Ancestor!

Tin Xiaoqiao: “…”

So, the exit he found from his origins is next to Goddess?

Men desperately cast their eyes into the sky.

The heart is extremely complex.

How dare you…

He fell into the wolf’s nest.