I Really Am Not The Child of Destiny Chapter 489


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Shen Tian discovered that this Ancient Battlefield was bigger than he thought.

He drove several tens of thousands of li, wherever he passed were broken ruins and devastated.

Fortunately, after passing through the Ancient Battlefield, he finally reached the central lake.

The golden light of the lake is brilliant, flowing like a divine liquid, exuding a vigorous atmosphere.

The reincarnation lotus stands in the middle of the lake, shining brightly and dazzlingly.

Under the nourishment of the golden lake, the reincarnation lotus is shining brightly, and the aura is exuding.

Seeing this lotus, Shen Tian within the body Yin-Yang Two Qi boiled and aroused great desire for it.

Shen Tian steps forward and walks towards the golden lake.

In an instant, Heaven and Earth mutation.

one after another The strange Dao Mark hangs down from the sky, covering this place, vast and unpredictable.

Domain rune criss-crossed, the law is lingering, making Heaven and Earth eclipse Sun and Moon lost radiance.

Shen Tian pupil light is slightly condensed, is this the real formidable power of Divine Formation?

In the past, those Yin-Yang Qi in the early days were just First Layer hindrances?


The endless laws come together, lingering for nine days, and it’s extremely exciting!

Heavenspan Great Hand Seal appeared in the sky, and suddenly slapped Shen Tian.

It was formed by the gathering of Yin-Yang Qi from the beginning, combined with the power of Domain, it was extremely terrifying.

Heavenspan Great Hand Seal fell in shock, powerful and powerful, instantly smashing the void into powder.

Shen Tian pupil light is slightly condensed, his hand pinches the fist mark, and suddenly blasts forward.

The endless stars rays of light linger out, making Shen Tian fist over the world, like a Great Desolate Star, splitting the heavens and earth!

Heavenly God Fist and Heavenspan Great Hand Seal strikes, exploding endless divine ability.


The sky sinks and the earth sinks, the law is annihilated.

The void shattered and collapsed into ruins.

Heavenspan Great Hand Seal was directly smashed by Shen Tian with a punch.

But he also received a countershock, his body trembled slightly, and the solemnity in his eyes became stronger.

This force is too terrifying, which has surpassed the high-level quasi-celestial.

It’s worthy of being buried in Divine Realm, it’s really scary.

If Shen Tian were not immune to Yin-Yang Qi at the beginning, the formidable power of the Great Array would be weakened.

This power, combined with Yin-Yang Qi’s aggressiveness, might really kill the gods!


At this time, the energy of Heaven and Earth was mobilized again, causing countless laws to droop!

If the law of rain falls, baptism Heaven and Earth!

Power of Heaven and Earth swept over, and the power was extremely horrified, and this space was to be completely destroyed.

Seeing this scene, Shen Tian instantly mobilized power within the body,

He blooms with endless divine glow all over his body, and takes the Foreign Domain Power of Stars down.

In an instant, the starlight was brilliant, and it fell straight for nine days.

The Chaos Energy around Taichu was also drawn over, and its power was unpredictable.

Shen Tian is based in the void, just like a peerless War God, conquering the world.

The Chaos Stars Sword suddenly started, bursting out with boundless power.

Shen Tian looks indifferent, urges flying immortal sword qi, and directly slashes away to the sky.


Heaven and Earth shattered huge cracks, the black void and turbulence were extremely deep, and the scene was horrible to see.

This sword is like cutting the sky into two halves.

However, a complicated Dao Mark appeared in Heaven and Earth, gathering Power of Heaven and Earth, forcibly resisting this sword.

Seeing this scene, Shen Tian pupil light is extremely fierce.

This formation can mobilize Power of Heaven and Earth, and fighting against it is like fighting against Heaven and Earth!

Unless Formation is directly destroyed with absolute power, everything will be restored and the flow will continue.


that aura too terrifying, it makes the liver and gallbladder split!

At this time, a trace of chaotic energy spilled out and swept away to the two Aristocratic Family dísciple.

“Be careful!”

Zhuge Yuan opened his eyes full of anger and directly urged the gossip compass to rush up.


The next second, blood sprayed.

Zhuge Yuan was directly hit hard and flew out.

Even the ancient Array Dao weapon was shattered in half.

“Old Ancestor!”

The two Aristocratic Family dísciples look terrified, what kind of terrifying power is this?

The spilled energy can severely damage Old Ancestor!

It’s too terrifying!


At this time, the front of Shen Tian has become a ruin

The Law of Endlessness collapsed, Domain collapsed.

He was directly divided into two here, completely broken.

The lotus front array of reincarnation fortune was finally broken, completely revealed.

It emits a divine glow, and its vitality spews out, vast and boundless.

Shen Tian reached out and took this immortal medicine directly into his hands.

Suddenly, an extremely surging power swept over, causing Shen Tian’s body to shake.

The reincarnation lotus seems to be attracted by his power within the body, and it turns into Yin-Yang Qi and rushes directly into the dantian.

It stands and sways in the dantian, bursting out endless Chaos Energy.

These forces merged and intertwined in Shen Tian dantian, and finally formed a two-color wheel.

One Yin One Yang, there is no end to the rotation!

The power of the yin and yang roulette spews, exuding mysterious and mysterious power.

This is like reincarnation, full of endless Life Aura, and its power is boundless.

Shen Tian feels that the fleshy body is becoming stronger and stronger following the baptism.

More than that, under the blessing of this force.

The Great Divine Ability, which Shen Tian controls, has also been improved as never before.

This force is related to the true meaning of life and has the Power of Yin-Yang to reverse life and death.

After mastering this power, even without the help of Resurrection Lily and Three Illuminations Divine Water, he can still achieve life and death.

Because at the beginning, Yin-Yang Qi was the purest life force between Heaven and Earth.

Seeing this scene, Shen Tian couldn’t help but raise the corner of his mouth slightly.

This trip is a great harvest!


Shen Tian stood up and left this realm.

After seeing Shen Tian coming out, everyone around was shocked.

Shen Tian really cracked this Supreme Domain formation and successfully came out!

“What happened here?”

Shen Tian brows slightly wrinkle, after only a while, Zhuge Yuan was beaten to death?

Zhuge Sima hearing this, explain the matter again.

“Old Ancestor was injured by the origin this time, I am afraid it will not be so easy to recover.”

Zhuge Yuan smiled bitterly, and he also didn’t expect that he would suffer unjustly disaster.

Shen Tian suddenly understood: “It’s okay, I have a way.”

He walked to Zhuge Yuan and waved his hand.

The Yin-Yang Qi surging in the beginning, but not threatening at all.

On the contrary, there is an incomparably pure vitality that covers Zhuge Yuan’s body.

I saw his injury and recovered with naked eye visible speed.

This scene stunned everyone.

Zhuge Sima’s body was shocked, and she was thoroughly shocked by Shen Tian’s superb skills.

Zhuge Yuan was even more shocked. He could feel that his original injury went deep into his origin, but he recovered completely within a few breaths.

This method is shocking!

“many thanks Shen Tian little friend!”

Zhuge Yuan quickly thanked him.

If it weren’t for Shen Tian, ​​he would probably have to cultivate for many years because of this original injury.

“no need to be so polite!”

Shen Tian waved his hand and reminded: “Let’s go! Don’t detour now!”

The reincarnation lotus disappears, and here the Domain does not break itself, and is completely hidden in the void.


Everyone continued on their way, and finally reached a valley after traveling ten thousand li.

In front of them, stands a huge stone wall.

The stone wall towers high into the clouds, obscuring the sky, exuding powerful pressure.

There are also various Dao Marks engraved on it, very strange.

From a distance, it looks like a Holy Land, full of mystery.

Seeing this scene, Zhuge Primordial Spirit said happily: “Here, it must be the Inheritance Land that Old Ancestor said!”

“Hurry in! The old man is waiting for you here!”

Only the younger generation under five hundred years old can enter here.

Zhuge Yuan and the others can only wait in the outer circle area.

Everyone was nodded and walked into the valley together.

Not long after they entered, an old voice sounded.

His voice is solemn and solemn, and said: “You are the second batch of people who entered the Heavenly God Island.”

“As long as you feel this stone wall, you can get Supreme Formation inheritance.

In front of everyone, there appeared an old man wearing a gray robe and his face covered.

“However, you only have 5 minutes of time.”

“Only those who comprehend some Profound Truth can pass the test and enter the Dragon Armor Heavenly Palace.”

After speaking, the gray robe silhouette disappeared directly.

When the two Aristocratic Family dísciples saw this, they were first taken aback, and then they looked happy.

Here is exactly the same as what their ancestors said, you can directly feel Formation inheritance.

If you have enough power to perceive, you might still get the Supreme inheritance left by the powerhouse here.

Without hesitation, everyone sat cross-legged and began to feel the mystery in the stone wall.

Zhuge Sima also chose a location and began to feel.

Shen Tian was not in a hurry, and began to look around.

It is ancient and long-standing here, as if it existed for hundreds of thousands of years.

When he looked at the stone wall, he found that it was covered with strange formations.

Each Dao Mark corresponds to a special ability.

There are endless patterns, corresponding to Tai Chi, Liang Yi, San Cai, Si Xiang, Five Elements, Liuhe, Seven Stars, Bagua, Jiugong and many other Formation Sects.

That many Formation strengths are all included, profound mystery is unpredictable.

The Gossip Domain and Five Elements Domain learned by the two Aristocratic families are part of them.

Although Shen Tian not at all is too cultivation Formation, but I can still feel the mystery here.

If you can fully understand these powers, you will not only enhance your Formation attainments, but also greatly increase your battle strength.

This place is also of great use to Shen Tian.

Thinking of this, Shen Tian didn’t hesitate at all, and started cultivation directly.

Soon, his body surface emits a faint rays of light, and the Innate Way Body is energized to the extreme.

His eyes glowed, deep.

Innate Dao pupil looked at all the information was imprinted.

Shen Tian has many thoughts, and the endless Formation mysterious in his mind is deducing.

They are intertwined and twisted, bursting out endless divine ability.

Shen Tian fell into silence for a while, constantly changing.


After half a plant of fragrance time, Shen Tian opened his eyes suddenly, and an incomparably deep light shined through his eyes.

During this period, he has successfully comprehended all the arrays in the stone wall.

This Formation is too mysterious, like a vast ocean, boundless.

But under the blessing of Innate Way Body, everything became clear and he mastered everything.

Shen Tian can feel that he understands Formation, which has improved several levels.

Even thinking of one thought forming an array is not impossible!

His current array attainments are not weaker than those of the Array Great Expert who has been cultivation for tens of thousands of years!

I have to say, this preacher jade bi is really amazing.

This trip is worthwhile!


Sense of Formation profound mystery, Shen Tian from Zhou Tian Stars Great Array, has also improved.

With the reincarnation lotus within the body and the endless Yin-Yang Qi, and with the new insight of the array mysterious Profound Truth.

He is even sure to deduce the Supreme Reincarnation Array, and can directly send the soul of people to reincarnation.

What is this concept?

This has touched on Heaven and Earth Strength of Source, profound mystery.

Normally, it is beyond human control.

With the blessing of immortal medicine and stunning Formation, everything impossible is possible!


At this time, 5 minutes of time have passed.

Everyone awakened, their faces filled with emotion and regret.

Obviously, most people have not succeeded in comprehending the mystery, but they have also benefited a lot.

They cultivation 5 minutes of time here, which has far surpassed the outside world for a century or a thousand years.

Therefore, although many people have some regrets, they are also satisfied.

At this time, Zhuge Sima’s breath burst out, surging extremely.

There are countless Dao Marks around his body, causing Heaven and Earth to droop.

Behind him, two rounds of huge natural phenomenon appeared, and Weihe was incomparable.

Countless Dao Marks linger in it, transforming into two huge compass phantoms.

These two natural phenomena are the Four Elephants and Nine Palaces in the murals.

Adding Zhuge Sima’s original cultivation gossip and Five Elements, it can be said that he has mastered most of the formation here.

At this moment, gray robe silhouette reappears.

“You are very good. Then you can enter the Dragon Armor Heavenly Palace and accept the second round inheritance!”

After finishing speaking, gray robe silhouette waved his big hand and sent Shen Tian and Zhuge Sima away.

Seeing this scene, everyone’s faces are full of envy.


Big Brother Shen is really an Array Great Expert, and Zhuge’s big brother innate talent is equally powerful!

I don’t know how much inheritance they can get?

Just thinking about it makes me envious!

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