I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1061

Ranch         “You have shown Charisma to the half-step Spirit Emperor. Huizian successfully triggers 30% of six defensive attacks. Charisma succeeds. Huizian greatly increases your favorability. Mental Power +6, Spirit willpower +6, Skilled. Degree +10. “

” You have shown the charm skill of Half Step Spirit Emperor, and the charm is successful … “

” You have shown the charm skill of Half Step Spirit Emperor, The charm is successful, Hui Zi’an’s affection for you is greatly enhanced, the closeness of one’s feelings in one’s speech, the heart of love is deeply rooted, the sense of loyalty is deeply embedded in Divine Soul Sea of ​​Consciousness, and the relationship between the two parties is extremely friendly. Mental Power +6, spirit willpower +6, skill proficiency +10. “

” You have shown charm skills to Half Emperor Zhang Hongxin, 30% Six ignore the defense chance to successfully trigger, charm successful … “> p>


Huang Tian can live up to his heart.

Under Yang Fan’s unremitting efforts and charm, whether it is Hui Zi’an or Zhang Hongxin, they have all been successfully turned into his own, and his favorability has reached the limit that can be achieved by charm skills.

Now, these two big brothers looked at Yang Fan’s eyes very kindly, before they were dissatisfied with the little emotions accumulated in the hearts of the eight and a half Demon Emperor Realm’s tragic death, but also in This brief moment is completely disappeared.

At this moment, I saw Yang Fan nodded agreeing to return to the Federal Center with them. The two were pleased with nodded at the same time. They both laughed with a flower on their faces, rejoicing, and changed their attitude towards Yang Fan. Become closer and more loving.

“Relax, you will be covered by the old man when you reach the Federal Center!”

Hui Zi’an also raised his hands to pats Yang Fan’s shoulder, and assured Yang Fan socially: ” Whoever dares to trouble you, despite reporting the old name, works! “Zhang Hongxin is not far behind, carrying his hands, Xiao Aojiao said:” old man also has somewhat fame in the federal city It ’s good to report the old man ’s name! ”

Thank you Yang Fan one after another.

After two more Half Emperor people have been added, the sense of security has been improved once again.

In this case, he will not be isolated when he arrives in the federal center. With Wu Dao and Yao Puxin, there are three Half Emperor and one Lord City Lord to support him. What else? Worried?

After all, this time he did not deliberately find faults in the federal center this time, and under normal circumstances, he will not encounter the dangers and troubles of that many.

Things are decided so happily.

However, Yang Fan not at all followed Wu Dao and the four left. Instead, he pleaded guilty and took the lead in returning to the school dormitory.

After all, he is no longer alone, he still has a large group of disciplines that he needs to arrange, and the parents and younger sisters will have to bid farewell outside the school. It is impossible to brush and leave.

“Master, didn’t you say you want to go to the Eastern Sea to hunt the demon? The federal center city is in the extreme south direction, so it’s not going well!”

The deer calmly feels a little low-key Ask Yang Fan sound transmission softly.

After a good break, I went to the Eastern Sea shore to hunt down the demon core of the rules. How did it change in a blink of an eye?

Can you talk a little bit about credit as a person?

The old deer is still looking forward to a little bit of Rule Strength to improve his strength.

“Follow it.” Yang Fan lightly said: “There are priorities, things in the Federal City are relatively more important, and naturally they should be ranked first. As for the Eastern Sea trip, when do you go? Anyway, those turtles ca n’t run far anyway, unhurried at this time. ”

The sika deer’s head was stunned and weak:“ Well, you are Master, you have the final say … ”

Turtles who have lived in the Eastern Sea for generations will definitely not run far. It is difficult for ordinary people and monsters to find them, but they are afraid of everything.

What if someone is already following them?

Deer is calm and anxious. In terms of improving its own strength, it has never slacked off. But what can it do now, such a host, it is very helpless.

Ten minutes later.

Yang Fan cleaned up and gave An Sheng the task of teaching the discipline, and left him a large amount of corresponding training resources in order to be perfect.

Then I went to my new home outside the school, said goodbye to my parents and younger sister, and then took Ling Tian and Tian Feiyao two disciples together with Wu Dao and they left Jinghua City.

Why did you bring only Ling Tian and Tian Feiyao?

It is very simple. A cultivation base is high and local tyrant. You can run a leg as a guide.

A man who is sweet and sweet looks at his seductive eyes and massages. He can take it out as a sign to show off and take care of his life.

Exquisite and perfect.

After a few minutes.

Among the Yunling 7 airships, Yang Fan sat quietly.

Ling Tian and Tian Feiyao are standing behind Yang Fan, like two door gods.

Opposite them, there are Wu Dao, Hui Zi’an, Zhang Hongxin and Yao Puxin.

Among them, Wu Dao, Hui Zi’an, and Zhang Hongxin are all three eyes closed with their eyes closed, and they are always thinking about the dangers that may occur in the space channel at any time.

Only Yao Puxin, the Lord City Lord, is laughing at Yang Fan with a smile on his face.

“The airship we are riding on is the Yunling 7 airship, which is a new type of airship newly developed by the Federal Research Institute.”

“The length of the boat is 50 meters and the width is 20 meters. , High fifteen meters, the materials of the hull are all made of special secret alloys, which can perfectly withstand the huge tearing force in the space channel, and is most suitable for performing such ultra-long-distance space channel transmission tasks. “

“Speaking of which, this Yunling 7 airship is able to travel, but also has some connection with the Yang Fan brother and Nan Jiangtian.”

See Yang Fan master and disciple III People’s faces are full of inquiry and confusion, Yao Puxin smiled and explained to Yang Fan:

“You also know that ordinary electronic products are rarely exposed to the wild for a long time. , Not only because the radiation outside the city will interfere with the normal operation of electronic capacitors, but also because the monster wave and spirit willpower of Monster Race will also cause great damage and impact on various types of electronic machinery, and even make them directly paralyzed Scrap. “

” So, in addition to those ultra-large inter-provincial or intercontinental airships can perform ultra-long-distance transport tasks, ordinary small airships can only have short distances near each city at most. Flying. “

” The provincial airships and intercontinental airships are equipped with large psionic guards for their hulls. They can complete ultra-long distance transportation, but their goals are too large and their speed is extremely limited. It ’s easy to be a target for the Monster Race in the wild. “

” Especially now, the Sovereign agreement is not there, the King Rank battle or even the Emperor Rank battle can be seen everywhere, interprovincial and intercontinental airships. It is even more difficult, many transportation companies have completely stopped operations. “

Yang Fan several people were nodded at the same time.

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