I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1166

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The situation is like a dragon, stirring the spirit strength within a radius of 1000 miles.

The residents of the center city under the protection of the psionic shields did not feel much, but Martial Dao, such as Li Liangcai, Guru Tianci, Wu Dao, Hui Zi’an, etc., but each and everyone were all protected by this moat. The power shown at the start was startled.

Shua! shua! shua!

Someone began to fly around the city nonstop and stopped to watch.

People such as Wu Dao, Hui Zi’an, and Zhang Hongxin who have been to Jinghua City before and have seen the power of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array with their own eyes, are even more shocked and surprised.

Because the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array in Jinghua City was fully stimulated, although it was also powerful, rays of light ten thousand zhang, but the range of spirit strength fluctuations it can cause is at most about 100 kilometers.

But the pro-built moat formation in front of them was more than ten times more powerful than the Jinghua city moat formation!

Soon, after the moat was fully activated, the rays of light were restrained and full of power. Everything outside the center city was restored as usual. It looked unremarkable, and I could not feel any Formation fluctuations or spiritual energy fluctuations.

This change is very different from Jinghua’s moat formation.

Because in front of me this City Protecting Great Formation completely concealed all the breath of its own, even though the Half Emperor like them could not detect any trace of anomalies.

It’s just incredible.

Before they went to Jinghua City for a trial, the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array outside the city was not breathable, but as long as they were careful, they could still see some clues.

And here in the Federal Center City, their eyes and spiritual perceptions all seem to be blind. They clearly know that there is a large moat outside the city to protect them. When they built the array, they also saw the whole process of excavation. .

But they couldn’t sense even a trace of formation!

“Really, it’s amazing!”

“This scene is similar to the layout of Yang Fan’s study room in the back house of City Lord’s mansion! You clearly know that they are in the study, but you can’t sense their existence at all!”

Wu Dao and Hui Zian sighed softly, and at the same time, they also expressed a little more confidence in this newly built moat.

The other side.

Li Liangcai, Tianchanzi and Zhuge Xincheng also gathered in the void, and looked down at the large array below.

Like Wu Dao and Hui Zi’an and their Half Emperor, these three half emperors are also confused, just like they are blind, they can’t see any clues.

“This should be what Six Fans of Samsara’s virtual imaginary formation array said in Yang Fan’s mouth. It really is amazing.”

Li Liangcai raised his hand to caress and sighed softly, no wonder they can no longer spy on the slightest fluctuation of the breath in Yang Fan’s study room during this time. The Six Roads of Samsara Formation that Yang Fan added in Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array is indeed Powerless.

They are half emperors, especially the monks of the Tian Cicada, and they are Spirit Emperor lineage. The best thing is to spy on the spiritual perception Divine Soul. Now even he can’t break everything in the Formation, which is enough to prove that the new set by Yang Fan The moat formation is also effective for the half emperor like them.

Zhuge Xincheng’s mouth was slightly tickled, softly instigating Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi: “Formation was first completed, how come there are so few people who try it out, you two don’t want to experience it for yourself, see if this set of moat can stop it Half Sovereign level big monster intrusion?”

Although Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi felt the harboring malicious intentions in Zhuge Xincheng’s words, they were still inevitable.

They are also anxious to know what the specific power of this large moat is, can it really block the attack of the next half emperor.

If it can really work together, then for the current Federal Center City and their two upcoming players, it will undoubtedly be a huge encouragement for the old fart of the wood.

Even if it really hangs in the future, they will be able to walk more comfortably.

“Ami… that Buddha!”

“This poor monk try it first!”

Li Liangcai hasn’t done anything yet. Instead, he has always been cautious. He likes to hide in the rear and assists the monk Tianci. He jumped into the empty space outside the city without any exception.


Just like mud and stone entering the sea, the body of Tian Cicada suddenly disappeared within a range of about ten kilometers outside the federal city.

At the node where his figure disappeared, there was only a slight undetectable spirit strength that was gently rippling, like ripples on the water surface. After the light wind blew, it quickly disappeared.

“Knowing that there will be no danger, this old monk has become more active!”

Zhuge Xincheng laughed out loud, then turned his head to look at Li Liangcai: “Li old man, how about you, do you want to go down and give it a try?”

“Tian Cicada monk left Spirit Emperor lineage, spiritual strength naturally has nothing to say, but breaking the formation, sometimes still need to pay attention to a strength breaking myriad laws, Monster Race is known for its brute force.”

“Would you like to try the military force to crack it forcibly? If you don’t go, the old man will end in person!”

Even if it is a trial, the three half emperors of Human Race are also impossible to enter the game at the same time, and they must leave a raid garrison in case of 3 one.

Li Liangcai glanced at Zhuge Xincheng suspiciously, always feeling that this girl was deliberately instigating and was not attentive.

However, Li Liangcai has to admit that Zhuge Xincheng’s words really have several points of truth, Monster Race breaking the formation, most of them are rampages, whatever your Formation, as long as its strength is strong enough, it can all give you a slash. .

Therefore, it is indeed necessary to send a Martial Dao half emperor to go for a trial.

It’s just that the attitude of Old Guy Zhuge Xincheng is a bit ambiguous, saying that he wants to go down in person, but there is no movement at all, it is more like waiting to see the joke between him and the old monk.

“Zhuge Laoer, have you already experienced the formidable power of Six Roads of Samsara imaginary formation in Yang Fan’s study? Seeing your attitude of taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune like this, wouldn’t you have suffered a big loss in it Right?”

Li Liangcai hesitated to test.

He remembered that when Zhuge Xincheng came back from Jinghua City a few days ago, he seemed to have been to Yang Fan’s study alone. Since then, this girl has been closed like her autism. She has been shrinking to the federal Martial University and has not come out again. .

Zhuge Xincheng’s indifferent expression, the folding fan in the right hand shook lightly and said with a smile: “takes part or not it is not understood if you try it yourself? Or is that sentence, if you dare not, old man can just Don’t let me go!”

“Who said the old man didn’t dare?”

Although he knew that Zhuge Xincheng was in the act, Li Liangcai was still unable to bear and wanted to go out and give it a try.

Anyway, it is just a trial, and there is no real danger.

Moreover, Li Liangcai also wants to know what magical thing can make Zhuge Xincheng lose the array.


Li Liangcai also flew down, and like Tian Cicada, silently submerged into the imaginary formation outside the city.

At the same time, some of the Half Emperor in the Federal Center City were also very uneasy. Several people had already asked City Lord Yao Puxin to take the initiative to enter the moat from various directions.

at this time.

Yang Fan, who is constantly adjusting the power of Formation in the moat formation, feels at the moment these people enter the formation method.

Seeing that the martial artist of Human Race is all involved, Yang Fan not at all directly intervened.

Because the not at all method of the moat directly distinguishes the specific cultivation base of the entrants, according to the setting of Yang Fan, any enemy who initially enters the garrison will enter the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array first.

First, because of the main killing of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, as long as it is not a half emperor who enters the battlefield, the enemies who enter the battlefield can be trapped and killed in a very short time.

2 It is because compared to the Six Roads of Samsara virtual combination imaginary formation, the consumption of running the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array is relatively less and economical.

Therefore, only the enemies that Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array can’t help can passively trigger the Six Roads of Samsara virtual combination.

“It’s time for these people to come, just use them to check whether the two Forms fit perfectly!”

The corner of Yang Fan’s mouth is slightly hooked.

In fact, even if these people did not take the initiative to come down for a trial, Yang Fan will also make corresponding requests later.

It’s saving him to go out and run again.

“Guru Cicada and Old Li actually ended up in person?”

Yang Fan’s attention soon focused on the two half emperors Li Liangcai and Master Tianchan, paying close attention.

The power of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array has been fully verified as early as Jinghua City.

So for those Half Emperor who came down for the trial, simply without Yang Fan’s oversight, as soon as they entered, they were properly arranged by the split imaginary formation in the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array.

In fact, unless Yang Fan restricted Killing Formation’s attack, temporarily reduced the offensive of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array. Without Yang Fan’s shot, more than half of these Half Emperor would have to be seriously injured, or even stay in the formation forever. Become a nourishment that enhances the power of Formation.

Yang Fan’s current focus has always been on the ability of the new moat to kill half of the Sovereign level powerhouse.

This is why he purposely added the Six Roads of Samsara to the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, otherwise he would not have to wait so long in the Federal Center City.

Now that the Formation is complete, it is time to use these half-kings to test the final results.

At the beginning, Yang Fan not at all deliberately interfered.

Regardless of whether the Supreme Master Cicada entered the battlefield, or when Li Liangcai entered the battlefield, it was all the moat movement that circulated on its own.

After Master Tianchan and Li Liangcai broke into the lineup, they were initially drawn into the most commonly used standalone array by Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array.

However, in the face of the power of half Sovereign level, the formidable power in the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array is obviously insufficient. Simply cannot stop the footsteps of the two people, and it takes less than 2 seconds to relax. breakthrough.

The sleepy formation can’t work together, the same is true of Killing Formation behind, simply hurt them.

After the two of them passed through two traps of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array in succession, the first reincarnation of the first reincarnation of Six Roads of Samsara Arrayary Formation in Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array was instantaneously passively activated. Immediately included Tianchanzi and Li Liangcai.


Yang Fan smiled.

Facts have proved that even if there is no guardian who actively manipulates and intervenes, only by virtue of the most basic interaction between Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array and Six Roads of Samsara. Voluntary revolving can also limit or even kill half. The effect of the emperor realm powerhouse.

At this point, the moat formation of the Federal Central City is truly built and completed, and Yang Fan can almost retire!

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