I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1168

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after an hour.

There are 2 stream of light flashing outside the Federal Center City.

It was Li Liangcai and Divine Soul Clone who were thrown out of the moat.

When they came out, the two people were unclear and confused, and there was a sense of confusion that they did not know where they were or where they were tonight.

However, after all, they are the big brothers of the semi-real emperor. This kind of negative emotions of confusion and confusion, after Yang Fan threw them out of the moat and absorbed a few bites of fresh spirit strength outside of the Formation, they recovered instantly. As always.

The divine sense moves slightly, and her figure disappears into the void.

But even so, the picture of the two big guys being thrown out of the line was clearly captured by the Half Emperor and Emperor who have been paying attention to the situation of the Formation.

“I go!”

“Old man is not wrong, how did the two figures who just came out of the Form look like Old Li and Master Tianchan?”

“Isn’t it clear that Old Li, but the bald head is so bright, and my eyes are spent so much, it must be the Master Tianci no doubt!”

“Are you mistaken, even Old Li and Master Tianchan can’t break through this set of moat?”

“Please forgive me, I smiled unconscientiously. Although I saw the failure of Old Li and Master Tianchan also broke through, my undefeated myth finally broke down, but I was not sad at all, but I was very happy. ,I am ashamed……”

“Please forgive me, and I smiled unconscientiously. Zhuangzai, my federal center city, is protected by this large array, and I can sit back and relax in the future!”

“Please forgive me and smiled conscientiously, I decided, from now on, Yang Fan Master is the new idol in my heart…”

There was a stir above the city head, and everyone looked excited and very excited.

What did they see?

He saw the new moat outside the central city, and even their Guardian God, Old Li and Master Tianchan, the two and a half Sovereign level great gods, could be trapped in it.

This array power is really too powerful, completely exceeding their psychological expectations!

Is there a sense of security? !

With this extremely powerful fortification, it means that as long as there are enough psionic units in the federal center city, no one can threaten the safety of the city residents and their families!

Although before this, psionic shields were able to do the same.

However, the psionic shield is not a killing formation after all, its main function is only passive defense, not like this new type of moat, it has both offensive and defensive capabilities and more deterrent power!

Many martial artists above Emperor Rank have a certain understanding of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array.

They clearly know another ten attractive and bloody blood-eating characteristics of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array.

It can nourish the war, engulf and absorb the flesh and blood of the demonic beast and Divine Soul that died in the formation, so that the dead demonic beast can also become the source of Soul Power to maintain the normal operation of the formation.

In other words, compared to the psionic shield, in the face of large-scale Demonic beast siege battle, Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array saves psionic units more than the psionic shield, and the persistence time will be more. Long time.

In the void.

Li Liangcai and Master Tianchan who returned to Zhuge Xincheng were undecided, and their pale face was still not fully recovered.

“How do you feel?” Zhuge Xincheng looked at them with a smile, and asked softly: “This City Protecting Great Formation arranged by Yang Fan’s friends, how is the power, may you be satisfied?”

Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi glanced at each other, and the shock and surprise in their eyes were hard to conceal.


“It’s awesome!”

“Prior to this, this poor monk never thought about it, there is such a wonderful array in this world. This time, this poor monk has benefited a lot!”

“The same is true for old man. Samsara reincarnation, a different kind of life. Under the 6th rotation, the old man was completely addicted to it and could not extricate himself…”

At the same time, Li Liangcai and Master Tianchan sighed and praised and endlessly afraid the Six Roads of Samsara arranged by Yang Fan.

Even half emperors like them can be completely obsessed with selflessness in the unconsciously, not to mention the people or demon under the half emperor.

At least until Sovereign can’t be released, this newly built large moat has become the most recent reliance of the Human Race Federation.

“Sixth cycle?”

Zhuge Xincheng said nothing. He had only experienced 3 reincarnations in the Yang Fan study room before, which made him feel palpitations afterwards. Didn’t expect Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi, these 2 actually went up and down in the imaginary formation for 6 lifetimes. !

No wonder that after these two items came out, they were all in a trance.

Obviously, their experience in these 6th reincarnations must not be so pleasant.

In silence for two seconds in silence for two people, Zhuge Xincheng said: “The two are right, this array is indeed formidable power, which can make people completely addicted to it unconsciously.”

“Of course, this is not the most important thing. The most important thing is that it will consume the minds of the players in the continuous reincarnation and consume the Divine Soul origin.”

“If the players can’t awaken themselves in the illusion and continue to indulge in rotation, it won’t take long. Even the powerhouse of the Realm of the Half Emperor will be completely killed by Divine Soul’s loss.”

Li Liangcai and the cicada were nodded at the same time. For this, the two of them felt deeply.

Because they have experienced 6 generations directly in the imaginary formation, they have reached the critical point of complete loss, and they are naturally aware of the loss status of their Spirit, Soul and Qi and Divine Soul.

In fact, if it was not at the last minute, they were forcibly awakened by Yang Fan and thrown out of the imaginary formation. At this moment, the two of them are afraid that Divine Soul has suffered a big loss and is on the verge of desperate situation again.

So 2 people will feel so palpitated and so lost after sobering.

It is too terrifying. They are even suspecting that this set of Six Roads of Samsara virtual imaginary formation, even the real Sovereign environment, may not be trapped.

Now recalling what Yang Fan said before introducing them to the newly added Six Roads of Samsara imaginary formation in the moat formation, it may not be that they are really blowing the Great Cow.

Maybe, when Hu Yan Jingde was designing this set of Six Roads of Samsara false imaginary formation, he really aimed at the Sovereign environment.

And now, after their two half emperors’ personal experiments, it has been confirmed from the side that Huyan Jingde may have succeeded.

“Also, haven’t the two found it?” Zhuge Xincheng continued to say: “If you can remove the influence of the consumption of Divine Soul in the Formulation, this set of Six Roads of Samsara is actually very suitable for training or To temper the mind of the young martial artist?”

“Old man has already found some clues in the discipline around Yang Fan’s friend. His eleven disciple has transformed all his mind overnight. The tenacious degree of spirit willpower is no better than those of the 100-year-old veterans who have experienced Killing Formation. !”

“This shows what?”

“This shows that Yang Fan has begun to use the reincarnation experience of Six Roads of Samsara to train and temper his discipline in a targeted manner. It also shows that this way of refining the mind can be fully applied and allows more federal martial Artists benefit from it!”

Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi hearing this change color at the same time.

They have just experienced a full 6th reincarnation in the Six Roads of Samsara formation. They are naturally the most profound about the experience and perception in reincarnation.

“Mister Zhuge is right. The Six Roads of Samsara trial is silently killing Spiritual Power and Divine Soul. It is indeed an excellent trial place comparable to Secret Realm. For all martial artist spirit willpower The promotion of tremendously promotes.”

Spirit willpower is not so intuitive and obvious to enhance the personal strength of martial artist compared to strength of qi and blood and Spiritual Power.

However, Li Liangcai, Tianchanzi and Zhuge Xincheng, these half-sovereign level gangsters, are the most clear. The strength and weakness of a martial artist spirit willpower has any effect on their role in the future Martial Dao or spirit. How huge.

“Then what are we waiting for here?”

Li Liangcai glanced at Zhuge Xincheng and Tian Chanzi and said:

“Let’s go to Yang Fan for verification now and see if we can use the Six Roads of Samsara as a Secret Realm and open it to common martial artists in the city?”


It is used to kill the enemy during the war and to train after the war.

If it is possible, the Federal Central City can set this City Protecting Great Formation outside the city as a kind of paid reincarnation Secret Realm.

Normal operation in normal, no need to provide any psionic units in the City Lord House, just by entering the common martial artist who is experienced daily, it can ensure that it can continue to operate continuously, thereby greatly reducing the financial pressure of the City Lord House .

At this time, it happened that Yang Fan had finished adjusting in the large formation and happened to fly out of the formation.

Li Liangcai reached out and shook at the direction of Yang Fan, the instantaneous space was split, and the rules were full.

The next second, Yang Fan who hadn’t came back to his senses was moved by Li Liang before them.

“You were attacked by Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Li Liangcai’s Space Rule, and experienced a short-distance Space Transmission personally, and your heart was touched. The understanding of Space Rule was further deepened, storage space +50, teleport distance +3000, Space Rule Strength +2.”

Hearing the system hint, Yang Fan’s mouth was slightly hooked, and it was all a little disabled to bear. I wanted Li Liang to catch him so many times.

Worthy of being a half emperor, the degree of understanding and application of Space Rule is as many as several floors, even if you just rubbed a little experience next to it, Yang Fan benefited greatly.

“no problem!”

Hearing the thoughts and demands of the three gangsters, Yang Fan did not consider it at all, and directly nodded and replied:

“The Six Roads of Samsara outside the city was built around the city and stretched nearly 2 kilometers before and after. As a trial of Secret Realm, it was enough for 100 martial artists to enter it at the same time.”

“After I leave, I will leave Clone for the time being and assist the City Lord government in training the Array Master designated by the Professor in the Central City. When the time comes, what are the specific requirements or changes regarding the trial of Secret Realm? 3 people Senior can talk to him slowly.”

“What?” Li Liangcai’s face changed: “Yang Fan Xiaoyou is leaving now?!”

Is it so sudden?

They have always been plotting against Yang Fan to stay in their federal center!

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