I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1169

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According to Li Liangcai’s ideas.

Super-class talents like Yang Fan who are bullshit to the sky, naturally have to stay by their side in order to spread peace of mind.

Someone can be healed at any time when he is injured, someone can be refined at any time if he lacks the soul refining pill, and someone can repair it in time if the moat is damaged.

The problem is, he doesn’t do anything like Yang Fan.

He only wanted to leave a Clone to stay in the Federal Center City, and he was determined to return to Jinghua City.

Even if Li Liangcai, Tianchanzi and Zhuge Xincheng reassured themselves, they can go to Jinghua City in person to receive all Yang Fan’s family members in the Federal Center City. The security guarantee, 3 insurances and one gold, they can also enjoy special talent allowances. The way to impress Yang Fan.

“Little Brat, don’t you really think about it anymore?”

Li Liangcai looked at Yang Fan very seriously again.

“Jinghua City is not bad, but overall it is worse than the Federal Center City. No matter the number of powerhouses or safety considerations, the Federal Central City is your best choice!”

Li Liangcai is still making his final efforts, trying to persuade Yang Fan to change his mind.

Yang Fan shook his head slightly: “Old Li doesn’t have to persuade anymore, no matter how strong the federal center city is, it’s another country.”

“It might seem a little stingy to say that, and it doesn’t quite fit the leading idea of ​​unity and unity of the federal central government, but I am a Chinese after all, and the most important thing is to return to the roots.”

“To say a little bit of frustration, if there is a battle between the human and demon 2 clan in the future, even if it is to die, I hope that I will die in the battle to protect the ancient capital of China.”


As soon as Yang Fan’s words fell, all the three half-kings on the scene were silent, and their hearts were shaken.

Yang Fan’s remarks are indeed too niche, contrary to the concept of “The Federation is my home, love and care by everyone” and “Human Race has only one Federation”, which has been promoted by the Federal Center City for more than 100 years.

However, Li Liangcai, Master Tianchan and Zhuge Xincheng understood this particularly.

Because their three people are also Chinese, when the disaster first came, they also fought to shed blood for the protection of China and the city of Jinghua.

Especially Li Liangcai, who was Bureau Chief of the Special Affairs Bureau in China, was also one of the very best great characters in Jinghua City. When it comes to his feelings for Jinghua City, he is actually more than the few people present. deep.

In fact, the idea of ​​falling leaves returning to the roots has been circling in their minds in recent years, and with the increasing age, the declining life essence of qi and blood has become stronger and stronger.

However, the Federation has been established for more than 100 years. These Old Guys are the advocates and leaders who proposed the establishment of the Human Race Federation. Their lives have long been inseparable from the Federation and the Federal Center City.

It makes no sense that they are persuading others to leave their homes and care for everyone, forgetting the original nationality and border concept, and sharing the Protector National Federation, but still thinking about their country and capital in their hearts.

Therefore, no matter what the reason, even if it is death, they will eventually die on the road guarding the federal center city.

For them, the fallen leaves have already turned into an undesirable luxury.

“Rare!” Zhuge Xincheng took a deep look at Yang Fan and sighed softly: “It’s rare that the youngster at the age of Sect Master Yang still has such a strong family feeling.”

“I always thought that only those of us who lived 200-300 years old, Old Antique, would be difficult to leave the homeland, and only thinking about falling leaves to the roots.”

The Federation has been established for nearly 150 years. With the passage of time and the deliberate propaganda of the Federal Government, the orthodox name of the Federal Central Government has long been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. The 36 regions of the Federation have long lost their geographical nationality.

Except for those Old Antiques that survived from the peaceful years, like Yang Fan and their New Generation, overwhelming majority people, there is only one federal government.

Like Yang Fan, I have been thinking that I am a Chinese, and I have to die. The youngster who died in Jinghua City is really rare.

If it wasn’t for Yang Fan’s emotions and expressions when speaking, Zhuge Xincheng thought Yang Fan was talking and laughing.

“It’s okay!” Li Liangcai finally no longer persuaded, and raised his hand to lightly pats Yang Fan’s shoulder, saying: “Since Xiaoyou’s intention has been decided, we will not persuade more. Fortunately, communication is now convenient, you can always do anything. contacting via phone.”

“Remember, our three old bastards still owe you a big relationship. If you encounter any difficulties in the future, don’t feel sorry for 3 million. If you come by a call, the three of us will not postpone it!”

Perhaps it is because Yang Fan’s home country theory evoked Li Liangcai’s homesickness. Li Liangcai now looks towards Yang Fan’s eyes to appreciate and love more and more, and he doesn’t want to force Yang Fan anymore because of the things to stay.

Although the Federal Center City and Jinghua City are far from each other, but with the strength of their three people’s cultivation base, if you want to go, isn’t it just a matter of minutes?

In the past, Li Liangcai and Tian Cicada were reluctant to dare to stay away from the Federal Center City because of their physical health and the fear that the Federal Center City would not be guarded.

But now, there is a large moat outside the federal center city that cannot be broken by the half emperor. These old bones can finally relax, they can leave for a period of time, and go to some things they usually want to go but can’t go. Somewhere.

It can be said that Yang Fan helped them unlock the shackles, so that they finally have time to do something they want to do.

“Many thanks 3 Seniors forgive me!”

Yang Fan Zheng Se bowed to a group of three guys to save a salute, be considered as the final farewell.

“Say hello to the old man when you leave.” Zhuge Xincheng said: “The old man will personally escort you back to Jinghua City!”

Yang Fan is now in the eyes of Monster Race Five Great Holy Lands. The half emperor and the half Demon Emperor Realm who want to take his life are unknown. Zhuge Xincheng has been relieved of those regular escorts.

Yang Fan was glad to be nodded. Half of the emperor was willing to escort all the way.

“Okay, we will not disturb the children, and hope that the children will not forget our half-year contract. Our three Old Guys are still waiting for the children to break through to the realm of the Emperor, come to save their lives!”

Li Liangcai chuckled and waved his hand, running Space Rule again, and transferred Yang Fan back to the center city.

“You were attacked by Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Li Liangcai’s Space Rule, and experienced a short-distance Space Transmission personally, and your heart was touched. The understanding of Space Rule was further deepened, storage space +50, teleport distance +3000, Space Rule Strength +2.”


Make another wave!

Yang Fan’s mouth twitched, and Li Liangcai rubbed a large wave of Space Rule experience, elated.

“Ami… that Buddha!”

Yang Fan’s figure had just settled in the city’s head, and the sound transmission of Master Tianchan’s spirit came from his ear.

“Yang Fan Little Benefactor, if nothing goes wrong, the online game “Salvation” will soon start a federal test. If you have time, you might as well go in and take a look, maybe there will be surprises…”

Yang Fan is startled.

What does it mean?

Why did Guru Tianchan specifically mention the online game “Salvation” with him, what did he mean by surprise?

No wonder Yang Fan thinks so much.

Tianchanzi is a spiritual half emperor. If it is not an important thing, he will easily mention Yang Fan for an online game for no reason.

Perhaps, this Guru Cicada has already noticed something. Perhaps the development of this “Salvation” online game was inseparable from the senior federal officials.

Yang Fan hesitated, and next to him, Yao Puxin, Wu Dao and the others had come around and stepped forward to say joy to Yang Fan.

The power of the moat is obvious to everyone. Naturally, there is no doubt about the ability of Yang Fan, the master of the battle line. Each and everyone looks at Yang Fan with bright eyes and admiration.

After being polite and touted with everyone, Yang Fan was invited by Yao Puxin to return to City Lord’s House.

“What, Master Yang is leaving now?”

After hearing Yang Fan’s appeal to leave, the expressions and reactions of Yao Puxin, Wu Dao and Hui Zi’an and the others are exactly similar to those of the former Li Liangcai, three and a half emperors.

In order not to waste any more money, Yang Fan directly moved out Li Liangcai, Tianchanzi and Zhuge Xincheng, saying: “I have greeted Old Li, Master Tianchan and Zhuge Dean on this matter, and the three Seniors have agreed. “

“After I say goodbye to the disciples under the door later, Zhuge Dean will be asked to personally escort me back to Jinghua City.”

As soon as this statement came out, Yao Puxin and the others were dumb for a moment.

Even Old Li and Master Tianchan have nodded their heads, and it doesn’t matter how much they say now.

It’s just a pity!

Such a super genius that is so bullish, how could it not be the people of their federal central city?

I want to dig a corner!

A few minutes later.

Yang Fan returned to the backyard study of the City Lord’s house, stood in front of the study door, waved his right hand, and immediately placed him outside the study room in the simple formation of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array and Six Roads of Samsara. And the Formulation materials have recovered the storage space.

At this time, Sang Duoduo, Ling Tian, ​​Tian Feiyao, Gu Qifeng and other disciplines have all returned, standing side by side in front of Yang Fan.

“You are the most important disciplines for teachers…”

Yang Fan glanced at several people and said habitually.

“However, there is no banquet in the world. If something happens here, the teacher will have to return to Jinghua City again.”

“Master! The disciple does not want you!”

“Master, let us go back to Jinghua with you!”

“Master ……”

As soon as Yang Fan’s words fell, all of the eleven disciplines except Ling Tian and Tian Feiyao showed their reluctance, opening their mouths and wanting to leave with Yang Fan.

Yang Fan couldn’t help but feel relieved, very pleased in one’s mind.

Look, this is the relationship!

He hasn’t even spoken yet, and these disciplines have already put on a frame that they follow swear to death.

But it was obviously impossible to want to take them all away, even if he wanted, Zhuge Xincheng would not agree.

Gu Qifeng and Gu Nanshan are a few of the seed players in the first and second grades of the Federal Martial University. Especially now, with the strength of each and everyone, how could Zhuge Xincheng let them leave easily?

“Fine!” Yang Fan’s complexion sullenly said, “It’s not a parting from life to death, so much noise?”

“Your respective studies are unsuccessful, it is still important to stay in the center city to concentrate on your studies. It is not too late to follow and become a teacher when your studies are successful in the future.”

“However, you must always remember that my Demon Extinguishing Sect’s discipline, no matter where it is, cannot fall behind. If you let the teacher know that you have slacked cultivation and abandoned your studies, don’t blame the teacher for ruthlessness!”

After finishing talking, Yang Fan flipped his hands and took out 1 recipe tokens made from the refining of the soul stone fragments from the storage space, and waved them to the front of these disciplines in front of him.

“This is our unique recipe order for the Demon Extinguishing Sect. The special mark engraved by the teacher in it will only be owned by the Demon Extinguishing Sect’s recipe or Elder. You are now refining your income into the sea!”

“Going out in the future, if you encounter a martial artist with this token, it must be my heir to the Demon Extinguishing Sect, and you can believe it unconditionally. Wanger and others can unite and love, watch and help each other, and carry forward my Demon Extinguishing Sect!”

The disciples stood up at the same time, reached out their hands and took the disciplinary order in their hands, and responded with congratulations: “disciple follow the order of the teacher!”

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