I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1170

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Everyone accepted the disciplinary order given by Yang Fan after using Spiritual Power refining and received it into the sea, only to find that the disciplinary order seemed unusual.

disciple As soon as they entered the sea, they felt their Sea of ​​Consciousness Space suddenly shocked, and the edge barriers were instantly tenacious and much more stable.

This level of stability is naturally not a big deal for Sang Duoduo and Ling Tian 2 who are already half-step Spirit Emperor.

But for Tian Feiyao, Gu Qifeng, Gu Nanshan and the others, especially Ji Lebang and Wu Kongan, who had previously majored in Qi and Martial Dao, it was particularly obvious.

The stability of the sea barriers directly affects the strength of their own Spirit Power defense. For Ji Lebang, their weaker spiritual power cultivation bases, a disciplinary order has strengthened themselves by at least 30%. Spiritual Power defense.

Moreover, after the disciplinary entered the sea of ​​knowledge, they also found out that their Spiritual Fluctuation was a lot more alive than before. They tried to run the Spiritual Power cultivation technique and were even more pleasantly surprised. Spiritual Power’s cultivation speed also improved. A lot!

This disciple order is absolutely a baby!

Master is worthy of Master, in terms of local tyrants and krypton gold, never lost to anyone!

“Master, if the discipline does not admit its mistake, the material of the discipline order seems to be the soul stone?”

Sang Duoduo asked Yang Fan for sound.

Yunshen Stone is a special product of 10000 Yaoshan. For their Psionic majoring in Spiritual Power, it is a rare supplementary Supreme Treasure.

Sang Duduo had only heard of the name of this soul stone before, but he never missed it.

didn’t expect Today, Yang Fan even so easily produced so many recipe orders made from the soul stone.

She really wants to ask: Master, have you stole the treasure house of the Fire Phoenix family?

This is too luxurious!

I heard that even if it is in 10000 Yaoshan, even the Fire Phoenix family is not a demon, there is a chance to use the soul stone to stabilize the Sea of ​​Consciousness Space.

Yang Fan is good here. So easy to take out the disciplinary order made with Yun Yun Stone.

And listening to the meaning in his words, it seems that all the Elder of Demon Extinguishing Sect will have one in the future.


Sang Duduo could have heard Ling Tian introduce to her before. In Jinghua City alone, their Master had over 900 sect members and disciple.

In this way, shouldn’t the Master prepare more than 900 recipe orders made from this soul stone?

It’s too sulking!

Sang Duduo really doubts whether Yang Fan really stolen the treasure house of the Fire Phoenix family, or robbed the 10000 Monster Race’s soul stone vein, otherwise, how to explain why there is such a thing in his hands How many soul stones?

Ling Tian’s insight next to it is not much worse than that of Sang Duduo, and naturally recognized the real material of the disciplinary order as the soul stone.

But he not at all was as surprised as Sang Duoduo showed, but a calm expression.

Having been with Yang Fan for so long, he has experienced many similar scenes, and the surprised brain nerve has already been numb.

Now don’t say that it’s Yang Fan who brought out a bunch of recipes made from Soul Stone, even if Yang Fan can come up with a Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure, Ling Tian is confident that he will not blink more.

Mount Tai collapsed and remained unchanged.

Ling Tian feels that his state of mind has been completely detached by Yang Fan’s repeated destruction.

“Yes, it’s the Soulstone.” Yang Fan did not deny it and said with a chuckle: “I got a batch of Soulstone for the teacher by chance.”

“Later I feel that this thing is pretty good, not only can it stabilize Divine Soul, but also promote Spiritual Power cultivation, so I specifically used them to refine a batch of discipline orders and Elder orders, as our Demon Extinguishing Sect sect members and disciple and Elder’s identity.”

“The teacher created a special identification formation in the token. As long as the people holding this token are within 1 kilometers of each other, the identification formation in the token will be sensed, which will help you distinguish the enemy from the future. .”

In the last sentence, Yang Fan was informed by the secret sound transmission, which was regarded as the secret between their Demon Extinguishing Sect disciple and Elder, and it was inconvenient for outsiders to know.

“many thanks Master !”

I made a recipe and bowed to Yang Fan to express my gratitude.

Only Sang Duoduo and Ling Tian 2 have been struggling with a question in their hearts. What is the “batch” of what the Master just said? Wouldn’t it really rob the soul-bearing veins of 10000 Yaoshan? Is that right?

“Okay, I will leave as a teacher, and all are gone. Remember to try hard to cultivate and kill Demonic beast in the future, don’t forget my purpose of Demon Extinguishing Sect!”

Yang Fan finally confessed, rushed to Qifeng and other 8 people waved.

The 8-bit smurf id looks sad, and says goodbye.

Every time I meet Yang Fan, it is a great opportunity for their cultivation base, a great outbreak, and a great breakthrough. If possible, they really don’t want to be separated from Yang Fan. I wish they could hold Yang Fan’s thigh cultivation every day.

However, in that sentence, the world is full of banquets. They are after all students of the Federal Martial University. Before that, the Federal Martial University invested so many resources in cultivating them. They were impossible and left without a word.

Soon, the silhouette of 8 people disappeared in the City Lord’s Mansion, and only 4 people were left in front of the study, Yang Fan, Sang Duoduo, Ling Tian and Tian Feiyao.

Yang Fan’s eyes swept, and finally landed on Sang Duoduo.

“Duodu, do you have any plans to stay in the center city or return to Jinghua with the teacher?”

Yang Fan asked softly, with some words of invitation to abduct.

Sang Duduo is different from the eight federal Martial University students just now. She is now free to keep her heart free. Yang Fan naturally wants to keep her by her side.

“This…” Sang Duoduo hesitated and said: “The disciple naturally wants to follow the Master all the time, but my mother’s side…”

“Don’t think about me!”

At this moment, a familiar voice suddenly came from Sang Duoduo, but it was Shao Hanyun who silently broke into the air and looked at Sang Duduo with a loving face.

“Girl, follow your own heart, just do whatever you want!”

“Mom, you don’t have to worry about it. I’m Lai Hao, also a Half Emperor, so I can take care of myself!”

With that, Shao Hanyun raised his hand and lightly touched the hair on Sang Duo Duo’s forehead, and said warmly: “You just need to take care of yourself. When you get there, remember to listen to Master’s words. Don’t trouble your Master.”

Now I don’t know how many people are secretly thinking of sending their juniors to Yang Fan’s side. Their daughter can a waterside pavilion gets the moonlight first, and Shao Hanyun is naturally awesome.

After all, Yang Fan is the first Emperor Rank physician and soul refiner of the Federation, and now he has proved his strength in imaginary formation with a large moat outside the central city.

With Yang Fan, multiple injuries can be treated in time.

With Yang Fan present, you will not always lack cultivation resources such as Soul Refining Pills.

With Yang Fan, even the half-over Sovereign level monsters don’t want to easily break through Jinghua’s city protection array.

Sang Duoduo was able to follow the cultivation experience of a person with a sense of security like Yang Fan, and Shao Hanyun was naturally 100 assured.

As for whether the departure of a talented half-step Spirit Emperor, such as Sang Duoduo, would cause dissatisfaction with the City Lord House or the Federal Head, Shao Hanyun didn’t care at all.

The daughter had been in a coma for 51 years in order to defend the Federal Center City. This time she came back to life, and she should have a good life for herself!

Feeling the love and expectation in the mother’s words, Sang Duoduo was tearfully nodded.

“Silly girl, crying, crying, and not a parting of life and death, look at you to be sad.” Shao Hanyun lightly said with a smile: “You are now a half-step Spirit Emperor, if you miss your mother, you can always come back and see Look.”

“Jinghua City is good. The old lady came out of Jinghua Martial University. When you arrive in Jinghua City, remember to visit your teacher on behalf of the mother. He should like you very much.”


Sang Duoduo was strongly nodded.

The old lady said it well. She is no longer the little girl who had only Peak Emperor Rank.

She is a half-step Spirit Emperor. Even if the city of Jinghua is far away from the Federal Center City, with her current cultivation base strength, it is only a few minutes to want to come back.

“So what…” Yang Fan said aloud next to him: “Actually Shao Senior can move to Jinghua if he wants to live together. Our Blue City Lord has always been seeking for virtue and thirst, Shao Senior if he is If he is willing to go, he will definitely raise his hands to welcome…”

“cough cough !”

Yang Fan’s words were not finished yet. There was once again space fluctuations in the courtyard door. A cough interrupted Yang Fan’s words.

“Yang Fan brother is a little too kind. Chief Shao is the mainstay of our central city defense department. If you dig a corner in front of the City Lord, I’m afraid it’s a bit inappropriate!”

Yang Fan turned his head and saw Yao Puxin flashing with a smile on his face as he appeared behind him.

There is a feeling of being caught in bed.

Yang Fan smiled awkwardly: “Yao City Lord misunderstood, I just don’t want to separate Shao Senior from the blossoming mother and daughter that’s all, there is no point in digging the corner.”

Yao Puxin pouted gently.

With your eyes open for nonsense, I believe your evil.

If you don’t want to separate their mother and daughter, why would you take Sang Duoduo away?

kidnapped A half-step Spirit Emperor’s daughter, don’t say, even you don’t let go of the other half Emperor’s Mother, it’s completely crazy and ridiculous, it’s really unbearable!

Rao is Yao Puxin, no matter how much he appreciates Yang Fan, he can’t tolerate Yang Fan digging the corner of their central city in front of him.

“It’s not too early, and this City Lord will not leave Master Yang too much.”

Yao Puxin started the Expulsion Order, and he was worried that if Yang Fan would continue this way, the genius and the Half Emperor who were abducted in their central city would be more than one.

With that said, Yao Puxin took out a space ring and handed it in front of Yang Fan, saying:

“This is a piece of thought in my City Lord’s house. It is considered to invite Master Yang to arrange part of the rewards for the moat. I hope Master Yang will quit!”

Yang Fan raised his eyebrows, divine sense swept gently on the space ring in Yao Puxin’s hands, the corners of his mouth could not be lifted slightly.

He said that, he always felt that he just left like something was missing. Now that he saw the space ring from Yao Puxin, he suddenly felt suddenly.

It turned out that the work that should be done was done, and the owner hasn’t checked out yet!

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