I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1171

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Saying goodbye to Yao Puxin and the others, Yang Fan master and disciple got up and flew to the side of Zhuge Xincheng who had been waiting for a long time before leaving the city.

“There will be Elder Zhuge next!”

Yang Fan didn’t have many accidents, and expression gently cupped the hands to Zhuge Xincheng, politely 2 sentences.

And Sang Duoduo, Ling Tian and Tian Feiyao 3 were very sad to find that they even felt the breath of the Demo Extinguishing Sect Elder token on Zhuge Xincheng.

Lying a slot!

Have you made a mistake?

When did the Master confuse the half emperor like Zhuge Xincheng to their Demon Extinguishing Sect? !

This is the half emperor, the old Dean of the great and famous federal city, the founder of the federal Martial University!

In terms of fame, Zhuge Xincheng is no worse than Li Liangcai and Master Tianchan.

Such a gangster is already in the double Peak of strength and career. How can he easily join himself in a sect without a mountain gate?

“What are you three still stunned, Elder Zhuge is the Guest Elder of our Demon Extinguishing Sect, don’t you come over to see you soon?”

Yang Fan whispered a reminder of the three already dumbfounded recipes.

Sang Duoduo, Ling Tian and Tian Feiyao came back to his senses, and at the same time they paid their respects to Zhuge Xincheng.

“Have seen Elder Zhuge!”

“Have seen Elder Zhuge!”

3 People looked excited, didn’t expect them to have a relationship with a big and half Sovereign level boss so quickly and easily.

Guest Elder is also Elder. If you say that the thieves have face and wood, even if you want to pull the tiger skin, you can pull it straightforwardly!

“Ding! Your disciple Ling Tian is in a state of turmoil, worships your heart, and greatly enhances your sense of belonging to Sect. Sect’s loyalty is greatly improved. Worship value is +2, and Inner Disciple’s advanced point is +2.”

“Ding! Your disciple, Sang Duoduo, is in a state of turmoil and adore your heart…”

“Ding! Your disciple Tian Feiyao is in a great mood and adore your heart…”

Excited, all three disciplines cast a small glance of worship at Yang Fan and offered their knees.

They all know that this is the first time that Yang Fan has come to the Federal Center City. There should be no intersection with Zhuge Xincheng before.

But in this short period of 3 days, he was able to give a half-real emperor’s super gangster to Guyou as the Guest Elder of their Demon Extinguishing Sect. Such a skill is really unacceptable.

There is only a single thought left in the hearts of the 3 people.

Now that even Zhuge Xincheng has been won by the Master, then Old Li and Master Tianchan, their two half emperors, have also become Guest Elders of their Demon Extinguishing Sect?

Yang Fan shook his head and smiled.

I have never seen the world.

Only one and a half Sovereign Level Guest Elder excites you like this. If you later sneer at another Sovereign level Elder as a teacher and come back, don’t you have to be excited and fainted?

Zhuge Xincheng smiled at the nodded return of three people with a smile, with a bit of appreciation in his eyes.

In fact, he also admired Yang Fan’s disciplinary vision.

Not to mention the few best students in the entire second year of their federal Martial University, just these three young men, which one is not Heaven’s Chosen Child Dragons Among Humans?

Especially Sang Duduo, who was recognized as the successor of Spirit Emperor as early as 50 years ago, unless he had been in an accident during the war and had been unconscious, this girl may have already touched the Sovereign situation. Threshold.

There is Ling Tian.

At that time, Ling Brothers, who had the title of Heavens Pride, these Old Guys looked very jealous, aptitude was enlightened, they attracted Heaven and Earth mutation from birth, and they became a proper physique!

As for Tian Feiyao, it seems that the strength is the weakest among the 3 people, but it can’t stand people’s young age, and even 30 years old, it has reached the King Rank Peak without reaching the cultivation base, and the potential of aptitude is no better than Sang Duduo. Is it inferior to Ling Tian?

To be honest, seeing so many Human Race Heavens Pride with the potential to become emperors were all worshipped by Yang Fan, Zhuge Xincheng was not only jealous, but also sad.

I think he Zhuge Xincheng dignified a half emperor big brother did not receive so many Great Cow’s discipline, Yang Fan this kid has what skills and abilities, even put them all packaged under the door?

“Oh? Not right!”

Zhuge Xincheng’s eyes turned back, and he fell back to Ling Tian again. He was surprised and asked him very unexpectedly: “Ling Tian kid, you have broken through to half-step Spirit Emperor realm?”

I didn’t pay much attention to it just now.

Came back to his senses, I came to Zhuge Xincheng when I came to think of it. Little half a month ago, when Ling Tian first came to the Federal Center City with Yang Fan, his cultivation base seemed to be only Level 8 Spirit Emperor level. ?

How could this child have broken through to the half-step Spirit Emperor realm?

At this speed, what about cracking a joke?

Half a month, from the 8th-level Spirit Emperor to the half-step Spirit Emperor, even if it is a knockout, it is not so fast!

If the previous breakthrough of mulberry blossoms can be explained by have accumulated knowledge and deliver it slowly, where water flows, a canal is formed, after all, people are already Peak Spirit Emperor 51 years ago, and distance to breakthrough is only one step away. Away.

After being rescued by Yang Fan, I suddenly realized that once I broke into a half-step Spirit Emperor realm, I was justified.

But Ling Tian now what is the hell?

breakthrough is too sudden, with sudden enlightenment and where water flows, a canal is formed and so on.

Facing Zhuge Xincheng’s inquiries and doubts, Ling Tian was speechless for a while.

Is Ling Tian’s sense of existence so low?

It is pitiful to see that he has broken through for several days!

During this time, he did not hide and tuck, and he had been swaying outside the city to build a large array of moats. The exposure is very high, okay!

Why is this uncle until now, he has reached in front of one’s eyes, and they realize that suddenly he has reached a half step Spirit Emperor realm?


Even if he habitually exerts some means of convergence, he can conceal the spiritual perception of some cultivation bases that are not as good as his martial artist.

But Zhuge Xincheng is a half emperor. Even if Ling Tian’s Breath Restraining Technique is a great cow, it should not be concealed from this big brother.

“Sure enough, standing in front of the Master and Senior Sister, I have been a little transparent from beginning to end!”

“Even if the cultivation base breakthrough reaches a half-step Spirit Emperor realm, it can’t attract the attention and attention of others…”

Ling Tian suddenly felt very low self-esteem. With Yang Fan and Sang Duoduo, the two beaded jade in front, he couldn’t even lift his tail even if he wanted to.

Taking a step back 10000, even if he turned up, there is no audience, no one sees and there is a use?

So, in the face of Zhuge Xincheng’s inquiry, Ling Tian humbly replied in a very modest manner: “It’s a coincidence, I have some understanding, not worth mentioning!”

Zhuge Xincheng corner of mouth twitching.

Occasionally, not worth mentioning?

This sounds familiar, Yang Fan seems to have said it before.

However, the words from Yang Fan’s mouth seemed a bit pretending, but from Ling Tian’s mouth Zhuge Xincheng heard a bit of depression and loneliness.

This child is too humble, right? How do I feel a little inferior?

Half a month consecutive breakthrough Two Great Realms, from Level 8 Spirit Emperor jump to half step Spirit Emperor, how many people in the world can do it?

This is a genius!

But why Zhuge Xincheng didn’t see even a slight swelling of arrogance in Ling Tian’s body, a group of honest and sincere expressions.

This is not normal!

Does this kid really think that his amazing breakthrough simply is nothing?

How can this state of mind, this state of calm, be like the old bald head of Tian Chanzi, and be calm?

Zhuge Xincheng shook his head silently.

Youngster is still a little more energetic. The Great Cow is the Great Cow. When it is time to show it, it is necessary to show it. Ling Tian is not as good as his Master.

Yang Fan used to blow up the Great Cow in front of these half emperors, but it was high-spirited and vigorous. I couldn’t stop it. I heard a few of them. Old Guy even knowing that he might be blowing the Great Cow. , And each and everyone, the earth is boiling blood and wood.

“Little Brat, it’s a good thing to be modest modestly, but if it’s too modest, then it’s a go.”

Zhuge Xincheng said attentively to Ling Tian, ​​and said: “You should wake up and fight when you are young… Oh wrong, it should be youngster or arrogant. It is better to be confident when you are confident, when you are showing off one’s ability Don’t shrink at all!”

“My Heavens Pride in Human Race, don’t need to grow up! Be proud!”

Ling Tian’s face straddled.

He also wanted to be proud, and he also wanted to lift up his little tail to show off at four places, and harvest a batch of worshipping little eyes.

But the question is, the eyes of others are all on his Master and Senior Sister. He just wants to be proud, can he be proud?

It’s like this time.

He broke through overnight to Spirit Emperor realm, but after so many days, besides the senior and junior brothers around him, who really paid attention to him?

Even his former Master Wu Dao has never noticed that he has broken through to the half-step Spirit Emperor, let alone others.

“Elder Zhuge was right, Junior wrote it down!”

Ling Tian complied respectfully, no more words.

“Well, Ruzi is teachable!”

Zhuge Xincheng slightly nodded, and then turned his attention to Yang Fan’s body, and said:

“Sect Master Yang is really a good method. If the old man guesses well, the reason why Ling Tian can step into the half-step Spirit Emperor realm so quickly should be the Sovereign level.”

Yang Fan smiled nodded: “There is indeed a reason for this, but the main thing is that Ling Tian’s innate talent itself is extremely outstanding, otherwise even with the assistance of Sovereign level, it may not be able to successfully break through.”

Sovereign level Soul refining thing is not a secret here in Zhuge Xincheng, so there is no need to hide it.

However, in order to prevent Zhuge Xincheng from continuing to ask deeply, Yang Fan still said in advance: “Elder Zhuge, it’s not too early, we should start!”

Zhuge Xincheng is gently nodded and no longer talks much.

The idea moved slightly, the power of Space Rule spewed out instantly, and directly wrapped Yang Fan, Sang Duoduo, Ling Tian and Tian Feiyao in it.

Then, the Space Gate opened and 5 people flashed into it at the same time.

“You were attacked by Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Zhuge Xincheng’s Space Rule and experienced a short-distance Space Transmission. You felt touched and your understanding of Space Rule was further deepened, storage space +50, teleport distance +3000, The Power of Space Rule +2.”

Hearing this system hint, Yang Fan’s eyebrows could not help wrinkling, why was it sent over a short distance, which came out of the space channel in less than 2 seconds?

Beside, Sang Duoduo and Ling Tian, ​​who have been awake and see the layout of the surrounding environment, are lightly exclaimed at the same time.

“Isn’t this Holy Forest Island?!”

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