I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1172

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Shenglin Island is located on the coast of the South China Sea.

It is not too far from the Federal Center City, only a few thousand kilometers away.

This is an isolated island, surrounded by endless seawater. With infinite horizon, standing above Shenglin Island, Yang Fan can clearly smell the salty air of seawater.

In addition, there seems to be a Heavenly Paradise where spirit strength gathers, even at an altitude of 1000 meters, you can feel the rich Spirit Qi constantly flowing around.

Yang Fan looked down and looked down. The area of ​​the island is not small. It almost resembles the area occupied by the Federal Center City. There is a psionic shield outside the island for protection.

The island is undulating with rocks, tall and dense trees stand in great numbers, and buildings such as high-rise bricks and tiles are scarce. Buildings like wood houses and tree houses are everywhere.

Looking at it in detail, more than half of the green vegetation covering most of the land area is actually enchanted plants with a certain spiritual wisdom. The so-called tree house wood house is actually made by these enchanted plants.

Human Race martial artists often stay in and out of the tree house, and the demon plants are all turned aside, allowing the Human Race martial artist to enter and exit freely in front of them.

Yang Fan looked extremely new. This was the first time he saw people get along so well with demon plants. I really don’t know how the predecessor martial artists of Shenglin Island did this.

For such pictures and scenes, Sang Duduo and Ling Tian should not be too familiar.

Sang Duduo studied here when she was young. The overwhelming majority of mysterious techniques she masters are basically learned on Shenglin Island, and needless to say about her feelings.

Ling Tian is not to mention, he grew up on Shenglin Island from an early age.

For foreigners, Shenglin Island may be just a cultivation Holy Land, similar to the federal Martial University, but for Ling Tian, ​​this is his hometown!

Having lived on Shenglin Island for 88 years, he should not be too familiar with the grass and forest on Shenglin Island!

So, when their eyes opened and found that they were on the most holy island they were most familiar with, there was a trace of surprise and emotion in the hearts of the two people.

didn’t expect Before leaving the Federal Center City, they still have a chance to revise an old haunt once, Master and Senior are really considerate!

Obviously, the two of them directly mistakenly thought that this was Yang Fan. In order to take care of the mood of the two of them, they deliberately changed their itinerary on the way.


“Ding! Your disciple Ling Tian is in a state of turmoil, grateful for your heart, and a great sense of belonging to Sect. Sect’s loyalty is greatly improved. Inner Disciple’s advanced point is +1.”

“Ding! Your disciple, San Duo Duo, is in a state of turmoil, grateful for your heart, and a great sense of belonging to Sect. Sect’s loyalty is greatly improved. Inner Disciple’s advanced point is +1.”

Hearing these 2 system hints, Yang Fan couldn’t help but be forced.

What’s the situation? He didn’t do anything. So these 2 smurf id consciously offered a little Sect experience so consciously?

However, as clever as he is, Yang Fan quickly thought of the possible reasons, and decided to quietly watch the next developments.

Therefore, Yang Fan not at all asked Zhuge Xincheng why he had to change course and brought them to this Shenglin Island.

Yang Fan only needs to know that Zhuge Xincheng is his own, and the ultimate friendliness is still there. It is enough for Zhuge Xincheng to do things that are not good for him.

However, even so, Yang Fan was still unable to bear and quietly touched the Monster Sovereign Spirit Treasure tucked in his waist.

With this thing in mind, even if someone really wants to be against him, he has nothing to lose, that is how confident.

“Yes, this is Holy Forest Island! The first cultivation Holy Land in the federal realm!”

Zhuge Xincheng nodded affirmed the judgment of Sang Duoduo and Ling Tian, ​​but his eyes have been quietly observing Yang Fan’s complexion changed.

Seeing this, Little Brat was indifferent from beginning to end, without any slight expression of surprise and surprise due to the change of itinerary, Zhuge Xincheng couldn’t help slightly nodded.

Although Yang Fan is a young boy, he has already developed a kind of everyone’s style. Only this calm and calm attitude of Mount Tai is enough to crush the peers of contemporary overwhelming majority.

Suddenly came to a completely strange place, the normal people will inevitably produce a bit of dread and uneasy emotions.

But in Yang Fan’s body, what Zhuge Xincheng saw was only indifference and self-confidence, a kind of self-confidence that did not put any danger to taking seriously.

“This Little Brat, maybe not at all, we were so timid and afraid of death…”

Zhuge Xincheng’s impression of Yang Fan was greatly improved.

Previously, because Yang Fan was always hiding in the center city and dared not to leave the city, the timid act of sending Clone to do everything for him in this brief moment also became a model of being cautious and careful.

“If the city of Jinghua is the birthplace of the federal Martial Dao, then this Holy Forest Island is undoubtedly the Inheritance Land that will promote the federal Martial University.”

Zhuge Xincheng looked at Yang Fan and explained softly: “So, the old man felt that Sect Master Yang would come to the Federal Center City, and if he didn’t make a trip to St. Lin’s Island, he would have some regrets.”

“Of course, more importantly, Ye Wentian’s old shameless temporary invitation, even very shameless shot interfered with the Old Man’s Space Transmission, so that the old man has no chance to refuse.”

Zhuge Xincheng shrugged helplessly. It was really not that he deliberately wanted to change the course. Someone was secretly playing rogues and cutting off the middle of the way, changing their spatial door to Shenglin Island.

Yang Fan glanced at Zhuge Xincheng lightly, unable to vomit in his heart.

This bad old fogey is bad.

Are we really 3 years old baby?

You are half emperor, in addition to the real Sovereign realm, who else can easily interfere with your space avenue, even if there is, it is no doubt that you are deliberately releasing water!

However, Yang Fan of Shenglin Island has also heard of it for a long time, and there is no hindrance to take the opportunity to come and see it, and all this in front of him really makes him refreshed.

Beside, Sang Duoduo and Ling Tian heard Zhuge Xincheng mentioning the name Ye Wentian, and they couldn’t help admiring the solemn appearance at the same time.

I don’t think there is anything ridiculous about Zhuge Xincheng’s words. It seems that in their mind, Ye Wentian no matter what heaven-shaking, earth-shattering things are done, it is as it should be by rights.

Not only Sang Duoduo and Ling Tian, ​​but even Tian Feiyao this girl, after hearing the name of Ye Wentian, did not consciously bow down a lot.

Aware of the changes in the attitudes of the three disciplines, Yang Fan’s brows couldn’t help but pick out.

“What is the origin of this Ye Wentian? Just hearing his name will make these 3 Little Brats so respectful and convincing. It seems amazing.”

Yang Fan’s understanding of Shenglin Island is mostly from Ling Tian.

When Ling Tian introduced Sheng Lindao to Yang Fan, he paid no respect to Ye Wentian, the Old Ancestor, and never mentioned Ye Wentian’s name.

And Ye Wentian has not been born for a long time, his life is low-key and indifferent, and his reputation is far less than the old bag of Zhuge Xincheng.

In addition to some interested people who have a very good understanding of the history of Shenglin Island, the overwhelming majority martial artist from the outside mentions Shenglin Island. The first thing that comes to mind is Spirit Emperor, which is Wu Dao. As for the name Ye Wentian, it is not so conspicuous.

Therefore, Yang Fan’s little impression of Ye Wentian not at all, Zhuge Xincheng mentioned the name, and there was not much emotional fluctuation.

“Hahaha, Yang Fan Xiaoyou and Mister Zhuge are here, it’s excuse me for not going out to meet you! Forgive sins!”

At this time, some people in the Holy Forest Island flew up, and instantly moved to the people of Yang Fan and the others, approaching Yang Fan to Zhuge Xincheng paid respect.

The comer Yang Fan is very familiar, it is Ling Tian’s former Master Wu Dao, the old man didn’t expect even rushed back from the Federal Center City.

After a few courtesies, Wu Dao didn’t have any ink, and directly asked everyone: “Ancestor Master and his Senior have been waiting for a long time, Yang Fan, Mister Zhuge, let’s just invite you!”

That being said, Wu Dao led the way for several people in the front, directly passing through the psionic shroud that enveloped the Holy Forest Island, and flew to the giant canopy of several thousand meters wide at the very center of the Holy Forest Island.

“Actually an Emperor Rank demon plant?!”

Feeling the enchanting breath from the laurel crown of the giant tree, Yang Fan’s heart couldn’t help but tremble. This is not only a high-level monster value of an Emperor Rank Peak, but also a mutant walnut spirit tree that can bear Spirit Fruit.

That’s right, the walnut tree.

Across the distance, Yang Fan already smelled the aroma of oil wood unique to walnuts, and his mental thoughts could not help being clear and transparent.

Before the catastrophe, ordinary walnuts had the effect of replenishing the brain and benefiting the mind.

After the recovery of spirit strength, the walnut fruit produced by the mutated walnut tree is even more effective. It can not only supplement Spirit Power and increase Divine Soul’s origin. Taking it often can also expand Divine Soul’s knowledge of the sea and enhance Divine Soul’s defense.

This Spirit Fruit is definitely the favorite Spirit Fruit of Psionic lineage.

“Master Yang has a good eye.” Wu Dao introduced to Yang Fan with some pride: “This is a psychic demon plant of Emperor Rank Peak, which was transplanted here by the Ancestor Master of our family in the catastrophic Early-Stage, and has been carefully cultivated for more than 150 years. That’s how big it is!”

Yang Fan slightly nodded, his eyes swept over the trunk of this Emperor Rank demon plant, and found that this trunk, which is 500 meters long, was partially hollow, and was transformed into a building with about 100 floors. Built-in wooden building.

Brightly lit in the building, the people are gathered together, and it is very lively, and it has been fuse together with this Emperor Rank demon plant, and there is a lot of harmony.

It has to be said that this is definitely the Emperor Rank demon plant that Yang Fan has seen to live the most sturdy and friendly to Human Race.

Not only can it not move freely like other wild high-level demon plants, and it will arbitrarily shuttle between the jungles, but it has also been hollowed out and transformed into a giant tree house, leaving countless Human Race in its within the body

Thinking of the senior undercover Ye Chengbi posing as the Great Elder of the Fire Phoenix family and meeting his identity as a trainer at the Half Emperor level in Jinghua City, Yang Fan unable to bear asked Wu Dao:

“Senior Wu, your Ancestor Master, won’t you also be an animal trainer?”

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