I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1173

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No wonder Yang Fan asks that.

Because Yang Fan’s personal experience tells him that even a demon plant can be successfully tamed by beast Taming.

In the resource trial held in Daixing City, Yang Fan once conquered a cultivation base that has reached level 7 monster monster in Monster King Realm.

It’s just that the overwhelming majority’s animal trainer can’t look down on the low-level monster plants, and can’t catch the high-level monster plants that are proficient in the Wood Substitution technique, so most of them are the common Demonic beasts that better capture and tame.

Normally, Yang Fan rarely sees the trainer in the city of Human Race passing the city with beasts and monsters.

But today.

Seeing that there are so many high-level demon plants in captivity on Shenglin Island, and it can also allow so many high-level demon plants to cling to one place so obediently and obediently provide various life conveniences for the Human Race martial artist. No dissatisfaction or riots.

Yang Fan couldn’t help thinking of the beast tamer.

In the absence of any Formation or spiritual prohibition, the method of making so many high-level demon plants, especially the walnut tree of the Emperor Rank Peak in front of them so obedient, seems to be only the practice of beast tame.

Reminiscent of Ye Chengbi is a senior animal trainer who can control more than ten and a half Demon Emperor Realm. It is not difficult to guess that Shenglin Island must have a profound research and understanding of animal training.

Just now Wu Dao said that this fairy emperor rank’s demon plant is his Ancestor Master Ye Wentian who personally transplanted and raised that year.

Obviously, most of this Ye Wentian is also an animal trainer who is proficient in animal training, and his direction of animal training seems to be overwhelming majority.

“Master Yang has good eyes!”

Wu Dao was a little stunned, and said this sentence to Yang Fan again, but this time the tone was much more sincere than just before.

“Very few people can see that this Emperor Rank monster plant is a Beast Pet domesticated by my Ancestor Master when he first came to St. Lin Island.”

“Overwhelming majority of visitors, and even many of our resident teachers and students on Holy Forest Island, think that I have control of some kind of mystery that can control demon planting lineage.”

“For so many years, only Grandmaster Tamer like Master Yang can see the clue at a glance.”

At this time, Zhuge Xincheng next to him was unable to bear lightly coughed.

Yes, he is also among the overwhelming majority that Wu Dao said.

Until now, he also thought that controlling the demon plant was a kind of Innate Divine Ability that Ye Wentian’s Old Guy himself awakened.

So many high-level demon plants on Shenglin Island are all under the control of Ye Wentian, a special Innate Divine Ability, so they can be so obedient.

It now seems that this is not the case at all.

“Could it be that the old fellow is still an animal trainer, and hides really deep enough?”

“Specially, wouldn’t this high-level monster plant on this Holy Forest Island be his beast?”

Zhuge Xincheng was a bit suspicious and suspicious.

He was not an animal trainer, and he had never heard of any animal trainer who would catch the demon as a beast.

In his impression, this kind of demon plant, except for hurrying up when running away, the fruit produced on his body is delicious, basically it is useless.

Who would be so stupid as to subdue a group of demon plants to fight against others? Are you afraid that others will catch you on fire?

next to.

Sang Duduo, Ling Tian and Tian Feiyao were also stunned, obviously they also heard this kind of anecdote for the first time.

Especially Sang Duoduo and Ling Tian, ​​one of them was a former student of Shenglin Island, and the other was a native who grew up here.

Even they didn’t know that this Emperor Rank demon plant that once got along with them day and night, and seemed very kind and obedient, would actually be a demon plant beast of the old Ancestor!

It’s too surprising!

If it wasn’t Yang Fan who said this, and Wu Dao who didn’t agree with it, they would definitely think this was a joke.

Not to mention that the beast tame technique can tame the monster beasts.

Even if it can really be tamed, who would go idle and be free to catch and domesticate a demon plant that does not have much battle strength as its own beast?

Everyone knows that low-level monster plants can’t be moved by themselves, that is a decoration, and there is no value to be domesticated as a beast.

Most of the high-level monster plants are hidden in the jungle. They will basically not not come out of the mountains. They are monster plants. They don’t need to eat blood like Demonic beast. As long as there is sunshine and spirit strength, they will If you can go until until the end of time, the Buddha can get a batch.

Therefore, this group of demon plants does not have much life and death hatred with Human Race itself.

They will never take the initiative to attack Human Race and Demonic beast, but Human Race and Monster Race, often because of some kind of heavenly materials earthly treasures, Spirit Fruit spiritual medicine, take the initiative to provoke or even violate demon plantage lineage.

The most important and powerful ability of the monster plant is escape, which is a variety of poisonous malaria and venom, but this ability, once you leave the forest and leave the ethnic group, the effect will be greatly reduced.

More importantly, demon plants are wood, they are afraid of fire.

Of course, it is not the ordinary open flame, but the kind of ability flame. If they are met with some martial artist or Monster Race who are proficient in the fire department, they will definitely be restrained to death.

The number of martial artists who are proficient in fire abilities in Human Race is not mentioned, but in Monster Race, there are no less than ten types of Demonic beast with Divine Fire.

Among them, the Fire Phoenix family of 10000 Yaoshan and the Dijiao family of Yaoshengling are all good at using the Divine Fire Monster Race. When ordinary monster plants encounter them, there is a 90% chance that they will be burned directly to charcoal.

If these monster plants are used as domestication for the beast, the short board is too obvious, and the strength of the monomer is simply not comparable to the Monster Beast Race at the same level of the same level.

Regardless of whether it is cost-effective or practical, the favorite beasts of the beast trainers can’t get these demon plants.

So, they couldn’t figure it out, and asked God how Old Ancestor thought of conquering one or many monster plants as his beast.

Although from the current situation, it seems that the placement of these monster plants in the Holy Forest Island is very good, but when you really want to do it, these monster plants may not be used!

“Mister Zhuge, Master Yang, please!”

Wu Dao took several people into this wooden office building created by Emperor Rank’s own changes.

Yang Fan looked at 4 places with curious eyes.

Inside the building, everything looks like a normal high-rise building. The only difference is that all the infrastructure here is made of wood.

However, Emperor Rank Peak’s torso’s torso is somewhat harder than the ordinary Divine Weapon. The building’s material and quality are much stronger than those of reinforced concrete in those metropolises.

More importantly, this is also very environmentally friendly.

All the facilities in the building should be the active transformation of this walnut tree itself. It seems that most of its trunk has been hollowed out. In fact, it will not cause any damage to its body.

“I have to admit that it is a genius to think of using these monster plants as an office building guy!”

No fear of electricity, no fire, no earthquake, no water flooding, and even if they encounter any invincible danger, these demon plants can also migrate and escape at any time, which is simply a moving fortress.

Unless it is encountering those natural enemies with different fires, the defensive power of this Emperor Rank Peak demon plant is enough to resist the external damage of the overwhelming majority.

Yang Fan looked at his heart, and he really gained knowledge. Before, he never thought that Yao Zhi could still be used like this.

If you don’t consider the fighting factors, and tame some of these high-level demon values, you are equivalent to having a mobile tent and defensive fortress. Even if you are in the wild, you don’t have to worry about sleeping.

“If you have time, you must try another one!”

Yang Fan was thinking about it. He didn’t care about the battle strength of Yao Zhi, and he valued the practicality of Yao Zhi’s pet beast.

There is Spirit Fruit, spiritual liquid, poisonous malaria, and it can also be used as a house.

Eatable, drinkable, playable, sleepable, and more practical than those of demonic beast!

Sang Duoduo, Ling Tian and Tian Feiyao also followed behind curiously, looking left and right.

It stands to reason that Sang Duoduo and Ling Tian are both students of Shenglin Island. Ling Tian grew up here from an early age and should be very familiar with this Emperor Rank monster plant.

But in fact, the two people’s curiosity about the interior space of this Emperor Rank demon plant is not inferior to that of Yang Fan and Tian Feiyao who came to Shenglin Island for the first time.

Because Wu Dao took them through an underground passage.

Even Ling Tian, ​​who has lived on Shenglin Island for 88 years, has come to this Emperor Rank office building for countless times, and he is the first to know that for the first time, under this office building, there are still Such an underground corridor.

How many secrets are there on this holy forest island that he doesn’t know?

Revisit an old haunt, whether it is Sang Duduo or Ling Tian, ​​is the first discovery, they seem to have never really understood Shenglin Island.

A group of 5 people, led by Wu Dao, came to the negative 2-Layer of the office building through the secret road.

Then, in a dead end without any building passageway, Willpower was suddenly released by Emperor Rank demon plant, and then dived all the way, just like riding a normal elevator, balanced and uniform, without any jitter.

“This is the Wood Substitution technique!”

Yang Fan’s heart was shocked, and he was the most proficient in Wood Substitution technique. His perception was clearest. Didn’t expect this Emperor Rank monster plant actually applied Wood Substitution technique to such a situation of brought to the point of perfection.

With only one spirit willpower, the Wood Substitution technique can be manifested, and the 6 of them are wrapped around it in the body of the body.

Great Cow!

“You observe the Peak Emperor Rank, and use the Wood Substitution technique. You have a touch of heart. You have further deepened your understanding of the demon planting lineage exclusive spirit-Wood Substitution technique, Spiritual Power +100, Wood Dun range +50, skill +1000 proficiency.”

“You watched Peak Emperor Rank and used the Wood Substitution technique, and your heart touched…”

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