I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1174

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It is worthy of Emperor Rank Peak’s high-level demon plant, and the understanding and familiarity of Wood Substitution technique is really profound.

Yang Fan sighed.

This wave of experience was so refreshing that it only took a few seconds to increase the range of his wood escape by 500 meters, and the skill proficiency experience of Wood Substitution technique increased by 10000 points.

Great Cow!

It is a pity that the duration was too short, and soon they dived to 100 meters below the ground, the will dissipated, the escape technique was lifted, and a group of 6 people appeared in a place that was more than ten times larger than the Emperor Rank demon canopy crown More times than Underground Palace.

Above the dome, there are countless rhizomes coiled regularly.

Each branch of the rhizome produces a special fruit with a soft white light shining like a pearl of the night, shining the entire Underground Palace like daylight, and there is no sense of depression and suffocation at 100 meters underground.

In the middle of the palace, which is where Yang Fan set their feet, there is a wooden structured altar. On the altar sits a white eyebrow white beard but ruddy complexion, a handsome old man with crystal clear skin.

“This should be Ye Wentian in Zhuge Xincheng’s mouth?”

“And this altar, turned out to be the array core of the Holy Forest Island, and also the spiritual eyes Converging Ground of Heavenly Paradise!”

“Tightly combining the psionic shield and spiritual eyes not only saves the psionic units needed for the psionic array to operate, but also hides and protects the spirit vein foundation well.

Adapting to local conditions and flexible, it can be seen that the Array Master that arranged the Holy Forest Island Psionic Protection Array was not a commoner! “

Yang Fan’s eyes swept over the altar, and at a glance he could see where the joints were. After all, he is Array Great Grandmaster, and he is much more sensitive to the fluctuations of Formation than ordinary people.

Now Yang Fan starts to understand a little bit, why Tao Yaoyao, the Emperor Rank Peak walnut tree, stays here motionless so obediently.

In addition to the limitations of beast Taming, Spiritual Qi, which is continuously rising here, should also be a key factor.

Yang Fan believes that the reason why this walnut tree has grown to Peak Emperor Rank level in more than 100 years has a great relationship with this spirit vein.

Otherwise, if the demon plant is far behind the growth and evolution of Human Race and Demonic beast, impossible will grow to such a height as Emperor Rank Peak so quickly.

At least, Yang Fan has never seen the Peak Emperor Rank demon plant with such a high cultivation base before.

At first, even in the Secret Realm, which has a Spirit Strength concentration that is ten times and 100 times that of the outside world, Yang Fan has never encountered a monster plant that has been repaired to reach Peak Emperor Rank.

“Master, your invited guests are here!”

Wu Dao took the first two steps lightly, bowed and bowed his head, and then whispered to Ye Wentian sitting on the altar very respectfully.

Ye Wentian opened his eyes slowly, his eyes swept across the faces of Zhuge Xincheng and Yang Fan, and a very kind smile appeared on his face.

“Mister Zhuge, for many years, not only the style is still the same, but the cultivation base also seems to have a great breakthrough, which is really gratifying!”

Zhuge Xincheng also slightly bowed his face: “TOEFL, you are a little worse than Old Brother. Everyday can sit on this spirit vein and swallow Heaven and Earth Spirit Qi. The old man is envious!”

Ye Wentian hearing this, could not help shaking his head slightly.

“Mister Zhuge laughed and laughed. What is so enviable for a half-staffed person who can only rely on a little spirit vein to stretch on whilst at death’s door?”

After finishing speaking, Ye Wentian turned his head to Yang Fan and said, “I want to come to this little brother, the doctor Yang Fan who has been in the limelight recently. Sure enough, he is a talented, young hero!”

“Senior overpraised,” Yang Fan arched his hand: “I wonder if Senior calls Junior to come, but what advice?”

“Hehe!” Ye Wentian couldn’t help but chuckled: “It seems that Master Yang is dissatisfied with the old man’s hospitality, and he still has resentment qi in his heart.”

With that, Ye Wentian gently raised his head and greeted the dome quietly: “Yao Yao, take out the gift we prepared for Dr. Yang Fan. The so-called rituals are not strange. I hope that a few ceremonies will calm Master Yang’s heart. Resentment qi.”

“Yes, master!”

Immediately, a silhouette of green emerged from the roots of the dome, slowly floating down and fell right in front of Yang Fan.

This is a little girl in a green dress, barefoot, flying, light and green rays of light radiating from all over her, just like an elf.

She held a wooden square box in her hands. The box was filled with fist sized purple walnuts. There were 2 layers on top and bottom.

“This is the fresh Spirit Fruit that came from Condense in the latest spirit strength tide. It is now given to Master Yang. Hope Master Yang will not give up!”

Yang Fan’s eyes were slightly narrowed, and he looked up and down at the delicate and pretty little girl in front of him, and it was novel.

never expected cultivation base The monster plant after Emperor Rank Peak can be transformed into a will. Condense is similar to the body of Human Race. It is really a long time to see, and it has gained knowledge.

“You have used charm skills on Peak Emperor Rank’s Divine Soul Clone, but the charm fails, and Tao Yaoyao is aware of it. I don’t care, Spiritual Power +2, spirit willpower +2, skill proficiency +4 .”

Sure enough, Clone is undoubtedly, I don’t know if its ontology can also complete Human Transformation like Clone.

If you can, it may not be a good thing for Human Race.

Looking around, Yang Fan looked down towards the purple walnuts that Tao Yaoyao was holding, the rays of light were exposed, and Runes showed himself. This kind of thing was born with Runes to hide the spirit strength inside.

Good thing!

This is the second high-end Spirit Fruit with Runes that Yang Fan has seen since the 2 half-empire Dijiao got the 2 10000-year-old snake fruits.

Touching his eyes, Yang Fan unable to bear used identification techniques on this Spirit Fruit.

item name: 1000 Year Purple Core (Emperor Rank Peak)

Quality: perfect

Efficacy: Strong Divine Soul, broad understanding of the sea, accelerated Spiritual Power cultivation.

attribute: Spiritual Power +99999, Sea of ​​Consciousness Space +9999, Divine Soul source +9, Spiritual Power cultivation speed +1

Restrictions on use: above Psionic Master

Remarks: The best partner of the Psionic series, you deserve it!

Yang Fan’s eyes lit up, this attribute great cow, I feel no worse than the Ninth Grade he got before.

In particular, it actually doubles the speed of Spiritual Power cultivation of consumers, which is almost the same as indirectly improving Spiritual Power innate talent and cultivation aptitude. It feels like it is hanging.

good stuff!

Worthy of being the fruit of the Emperor Rank Peak demon plant, this is the Great Cow!

Yang Fan looked at him with joy, and said, “Why is this so funny?” After brushing, the ten purple-skinned walnuts in Tao Yaoyao’s hands were collected into his storage space.

“You have a share. Since the three children are Master’s recipes and all of them are Psionic, let’s give each one a gift!”

After the gift was delivered, Tao Yaoyao not at all went away in stealth, but looked towards the Sang Duoduo, Ling Tian and Tian Feiyao who were standing behind Yang Fan with a smile on their faces.

With a wave of his hand, he ingested three pieces of the same purple-skinned walnuts out of thin air and sent them to Sang Duoduo in front of three people.

Looking at the Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit in front of him, Sang Duoduo’s 3 people’s breath was a little flattered. Was it even a share of them?

Wu Dao next to him was shocked. Today’s venerable Lord is so generous. Not only did he give Yang Fan ten Spirit Fruits, but now he is also actively distributing benefits to Yang Fan’s 3 disciplines.

It’s a pity to see, before that, someone from Wu himself personally wanted to get a newest Spirit Fruit from Tao Yaoyao, but he didn’t get what he wanted. What he said was that condensing Spirit Fruit is detrimental to its origin, which is not conducive to its breakthrough. Get a batch.

It’s okay now, in just a few days, this girl delivered 13 Spirit Fruit without frowning, which is really impossible!

“Many thanks, Lord Yaoyao’s gift!”

“Many Thanks Senior!”

Sang Duoduo, Ling Tian and Tian Feiyao quickly put away the Spirit Fruit in front of them, and at the same time thanked the beautiful little girl in front of her.

However, they all knew that this was obviously the light of their Master. Otherwise, such a precious Emperor Rank Peak Spirit Fruit could not be in their hands.

At this time, Ye Wentian on the altar also looked at Tao Yaoyao unexpectedly, and he did not expect that today Tao Yaoyao would be so generous and sensible. Without his command, he took the initiative to please Yang Fan. disciple.

“Why is this happening, is this girl discovering anything unusual in Yang Fan?”

There was a trace of doubt in Ye Wentian’s heart.

Tao Yaoyao is his beast. Before this, in addition to being his master, he had never been so proactive to get close to other Human Races.

What’s so strange about this Yang Fan, even when he met for the first time, this girl had such a great affection for him, even at the expense of her own source and forced to condense 3 spirit pieces .

“Yao Yao doesn’t know why, anyway, when he sees him, he feels particularly cordial, and the disabled to bear wants to be closer to him.”

Hearing Ye Wentian’s sound transmission inquiry, Tao Yaoyao replied softly and casually.

She not at all told Ye Wentian truthfully, the reason why she thinks Yang Fan is so kind, is because when she just used Wood Substitution technique to transfer several people to the Underground Palace, she obviously felt the one that Yang Fan uploaded. Silk alone belongs to the escape breath of their enchanted lineage.

Therefore, Tao Yaoyao instinctively thinks that although Yang Fan looks like a human race, his real body must be a cultivation base far above it.

Otherwise, he could easily master the unique wood escape technique that only they can master the lineage.

Think about it, it is now the strength of Peak Emperor Rank’s cultivation base, but it can only split up a Divine Soul Clone that can’t leave the real body within 1 kilometers.

And Yang Fan, the senior of the demon planting world, has been able to transfer to the Human Race world with a real body of Human Transformation without revealing a little weak spot, and even made such a big name in the human world.

Such a cultivation realm, even if it is not a real emperor, at least a half emperor realm.

Therefore, after thinking about the identity of Yang Fan, Tao Yaoyao, who thought he was smart, became unable to bear and wanted to hug this thick thigh and began to show Yang Fan continuously.

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