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For Fan Yaoyao's sudden favor, Yang Fan is also a little bit coercive.

After all, his charm skills have not yet succeeded in charm, why has this demon plant already loved the house and Wu began to benefit his own discipline?

None of the people present were fools. Naturally, they could be seen. In the end, these three Emperor Rank Spirit Fruits were not inspired by Ye Wentian, but by Tao Yaoyao.

After all, Ye Wentian was able to send out ten Emperor Rank Peak Spirit Fruits at a time and it was already a face to Yang Fan. There is no need to deliberately please Yang Yang’s 3 disciplines.

The problem is, Yang Fan doesn't know what Tao Yaoyao is for.

Everyone met for the first time, and there was no friendship at all. This Peak Emperor Rank monster plant can’t be because of watching him Yang Fan. Someone looks too handsome and has good feelings, so he will take another 3 such precious Emperor Rank Spirit. Fruit?

"Forget it, whether it has crafty plots and machinations, in short, turn the one human one monster in front of you into yourself!"

Yang Fan is too lazy to think about it anyway, as long as Ye Wentian and Tao Yaoyao all become their own people, all problems will be solved.

His thoughts moved lightly, and he began to move towards Ye Wentian and Tao Yaoyao with his charm skills.

"You have applied charm skills to Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Ye Wentian (endangered). When the charm fails, Ye Wentian is aware and alert, Spiritual Power +2, Spirit willpower +2, and skill proficiency +4."

"You have used charm skills on Peak Emperor Rank's Divine Soul Clone, but the charm fails, and Tao Yaoyao is aware of it. I don't care, Spiritual Power +2, spirit willpower +2, skill proficiency +4 ."


Hearing the feedback from the system hint, Yang Fan was nodded.

Like his previous guesses, Ye Wentian was indeed a semi-Sovereign level gangster who failed in the breakthrough imperial realm, and his life status has reached the endangered level, which is much more serious than the original Li Liangcai and Tianchanzi.

In this way, the purpose of suddenly forcing Yang Fan to come over this time is naturally self-evident.

But Yang Fan now has only one problem in the heart.

That is, how many incomplete half emperors like Li Liangcai, Tianchanzi and Ye Wentian are about to hang in the Human Race Federation?

In this time's trip to the Federal Center City, he has met four and a half emperors.

As a result, except for Zhuge Xincheng, who seems to be normal, which of the remaining three is not a life-threatening state and will soon receive a lunch?

Yang Fan is not sure if he will meet the 5th, 6th and even more hidden half emperors who have lost half their lives.

"Master Yang is the first Emperor Rank physician of the Federation, a medical brilliant, and has a unique vision, and can naturally see the plight of the old man."

The gift was sent out, and Ye Wentian began to explain the reason to Yang Fan and express his apology.

"This time, it's a bit abrupt to ask Master Yang to come over in this way, but the old man is also a last resort, and also asked Master Yang to blame."

Wu Dao was also whispering next to him at this time: "Yang Fan may not know, Ancestor Master and his Senior have not left Shenglin Island for nearly 50 years."

"It's not that I don't want to, but I can't."

"Ancestor Master's vitality is endangered. The reason why I can still sit here and talk to you and laugh with everyone is because the underground spirit vein is barely supported."

"This is the top secret of my holy forest island, it is not easy to confide in the outside world, so I can only use this method to try to take the chance to invite Yang Fan to come to holy forest island. If there is any offense, please invite the small friend Forgive me!"


Yang Fan slightly nodded, to put it bluntly is to fear that the news of Ye Wentian's serious injury will be leaked. Some people will be detrimental to Shenglin Island or Ye Wentian.

It seems that at this time, they are afraid that it is easier to get out of the island when entering the island.

Now Wu Dao suddenly throws out such a big melon in front of so many people, the meaning is self-evident.

If you don't treat Ye Wentian to a certain degree of self-preservation, or before Ye Wentian is completely hung up, these people on Shenglin Island wouldn't worry about letting them leave easily?

"Old Ye ghost, what do you mean, could you still want to ban me from waiting?!"

Zhuge Xincheng naturally also saw the meaning of Ye Wentian and Wu Dao 2 and his complexion could not be changed slightly. He opened the door and asked Ye Wentian directly.

"Mister Zhuge laughed." Ye Wentian shook his head and gave Yang Fan a glance, saying: "This question, if you want to come to Dr. Yang Fan, he will give you a definite answer."

Feeling that Wu Dao and Zhuge Xincheng's eyes were all focused on themselves, Yang Fan's eyebrows were raised, don't look deeply towards Ye Wentian: "This is Ye Old Senior's test for Junior?"

"No." Ye Wentian said: "It is because some words will be more convincing if they are spoken from Master Yang's mouth, otherwise Mister Zhuge will think this is an old man who is cracking a joke with him..."

Zhuge Xincheng frowns interrupted the conversation between two people: "What kind of dumb mystery are you playing? If you have any words, just pick them out. Is it interesting to hide?"

Ye Wentian continued to look at Yang Fan without speaking.

Yang Fan lightly shrugged and said to Zhuge Xincheng very calmly: "In fact, there is nothing to say, that this Ye Old Senior seems to have been hit hard recently, and will die soon."

"Well, if it is not treated in time, it may not last for three days."

Shrimp stuff? !

As soon as Yang Fan's words fell, the seven people and a demon who were present, except Ye Wentian, all face changed, shocked.

"Old Ye ghost, won't this be true?"

Zhuge Xincheng looked up at Ye Wentian in disbelief, and at the same time he wanted to find out the divine sense wantonly.

However, Ye Wentian always sits on the altar, the surrounding spirit vein and the array core protection of the psionic shield, his divine sense simply cannot be detected.

"Ancestor Master, is this true..."

Wu Dao was also unable to bear and took 2 steps forward, looking at Ye Wentian with a worried look.

He had long known that Ancestor Master's situation might not be very optimistic, but he couldn't believe it, Ancestor Master only had less than 3 days left!

At this moment, Wu Dao had a feeling that the sky was about to collapse, his tongue was trembling, his legs were a little soft, and he could hardly hold himself.

Ye Wentian, but their Sea Calming Divine Needle on the Holy Forest Island, his existence is even more important than Spirit Emperor Ye Feiyan in a sense.

Wu Dao is really afraid to imagine, if Shenglin Island loses Ye Wentian's old Sect Founder, what will happen next.

You know, almost more than half of the monster plants in Shenglin Island are the beasts that Wen An Old Ancestor personally conquered. Once the constraints of Wen An Old Ancestor are lost, no one can guarantee that these monster plants will not collectively riot or It was simply defecting out of Sanlin Island.

Although there are many powerhouses on Shenglin Island, Half Emperor is not only Wu Dao, but also has enough strength to suppress these demons.

However, without the deterrence and control of Ye Wentian, the Old Ancestor, how could they rest assured that the students of Sanlin Island would live in the attic wood house transformed by these demon plants.

What's more, the Emperor Rank Peak demon plant, which is the most important and most important part of the Holy Forest Island, even has a lot of secrets on the island?

If it wants to escape, with its Peak Emperor Rank's wood escape technique, even Wu Dao has no way to keep it.

"Almost!" Ye Wentian quietly nodded, and his eyes fell on Yang Fan again: "If Dr. Yang Fan can't help it, the old man will only have about 3 days."


Hearing Ye Wentian's own confirmation, the people who were unable to bear were trembling, and even the breathing sound became much heavier.

How could this be? !

Compared with Wu Dao, Zhuge Xincheng and the others, Tao Yaoyao is the beast of Ye Wentian, and the shock in his heart is more intense. Looking at Ye Wentian's indifferent expression and the usual gentle smile, Tao Yaoyao only felt There was a chill in the hind ridge and both legs were trembling.

Tao Yaoyao is very clear. If Ye Wentian really hangs, he will find a way to imprison or simply kill Tao Yaoyao before he dies.

Because the entire Holy Forest Island, except for the Spirit Emperor that can no longer be closed, there is no second martial artist who can limit the control of Tao Yaoyao.

In order not to cause trouble to future generations, or to ensure the confidentiality of Shenglin Island, Tao Yaoyao will surely become the first object to be liquidated by Ye Wentian before he dies.

"What's so special, it's really a demon sitting at home, the disaster is from heaven! The old lady lived more than 1000 years old, not enough, I don't want to die!"

Tao Yaoyao, feeling the endless despair, suddenly looked up to Yang Fan.

This is the super power of their lineage, and Tao Yaoyao just wanted to hold the super big thick legs. If anyone can save it now, it is definitely the same family in front of him.

Feeling Taoyao Yao's suddenly hot eyes, Yang Fan unable to bear cast another charm skill to it.

"You have used charm skills on Peak Emperor Rank, and the charm has succeeded. Tao Yaoyao has greatly improved your favorability to Spiritual Power +5, Spirit willpower +5, and skill proficiency +10."

Was it so easy?

Yang Fan secretly rejoiced in his heart and hit the iron while hot, directly brushing Tao Yaoyao's favorability to the ultimate friendly situation.

All right.

Tao Yaoyao became his own person, and the uneasiness in Yang Fan’s heart standing under the dangerous wall finally dissipated, otherwise standing on top of his head could release poisonous malaria or other attacks at any time. The means of Emperor Rank Peak demon plant, feel really uncomfortable.

Only Ye Wentian is left below.

Yang Fan packed his mind, looked up at Ye Wentian, and opened the mouth and said softly: "I don't know if Senior Ye has heard a sentence that Junior once said."

"In this world, I haven't had Yang Fan. Someone has a badly treated injury!"

"If you're being polite, don't say you are just a half emperor. Even if the real Sovereign situation is hurt, I can still get rid of it!"

That's how Great Cow is, so confident!

Sure enough, as soon as Yang Fan's voice fell, system prompts sounded one after another.

"You played the Great Cow and successfully gained the half-step Spirit Emperor Wu Dao's deep trust. The social ability was greatly improved, the flexibility of the slogan was greatly enhanced, and the tongue was like a spring +50."

"You played the Great Cow and successfully gained the deep trust of Martial Sovereign (incomplete) Zhuge Xincheng, the social ability was greatly improved, the flexibility of the slogan was greatly enhanced, and the tongue was like a spring +100."

"You played the Great Cow and succeeded in gaining the slight trust of Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Ye Wentian..."

"You played the Great Cow and successfully gained the deep trust of the Peak Emperor Rank..."

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