I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1176

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Yang Fan is very pleased.

Because apart from Ye Wentian being a mild trust, the rest of the people are all deeply trusted, and there is no doubt about his words.

However, Yang Fan still has some doubts.

That’s how Tao Yaoyao’s demon plant seemed to have a different attitude towards him.

Sang Duodo, Ling Tian and Tian Feiyao are their own disciplines, and trusting their Master is fine.

Two of them, Zhuge Xincheng and Wu Dao, have all experienced the magic of Yang Fan’s healing technique for themselves, and deep trust is also reasonable.

But this Tao Yao Yao was the first to meet with Yang Fan. He has never seen Yang Fan heal the wounds of others, nor has he personally experienced Yang Fan’s treatment. Why does it trust Yang Fan so much?

It’s just a fascinating skill that is not understandable. After all, no matter how good the favor is, it will not directly turn people or Monster Race into intellectual disability. They still have the basic judgment ability.

Even in front of his own discipline, Yang Fan’s blowing of the Great Cow often does not necessarily arouse the recognition and harmony of all disciplines, let alone the Tao Tao Yao who first met.

“This demon plant, there is a problem.”

Yang Fan took a deep look at Tao Yaoyao meaningfully. Seeing the more pleasing and begging colors in Tao Yaoyao’s eyes, Yang Fan seemed to understand the embarrassing situation of this demon plant.

“Are you afraid of Ye Wentian’s death in advance after she is afraid?”

Because they are all animal trainers, Yang Fan can easily guess Ye Wentian’s ideas and decisions.

Because if it is Yang Fan himself, if there is such a heaven knows that he will die, he will also kill his beast in advance, and he will pick the strongest beast first.

The stronger the strength, the greater the harm that will remain, but without the restriction and control of his master, he will definitely defect or retaliate.

So whether it is for the family and friends behind him or for the entire Human Race compatriots, each animal trainer basically chooses to let his beast be buried with himself before he dies.

Non-my family, whose heart must be different, is not just something serious.

The beast trainer and his own beast have never been in one heart. The relationship between them has always been the relationship between slavery and enslavement. Simply there is no such thing as equality and harmonious coexistence.

Every animal trainer, including Yang Fan, knows this well.

That is, Yang Fan, because of the help of the system, you can make your pets have 100% loyalty, and you never have to worry about the pets under your command will rebel against the Lord.

However, this is not the case with other animal trainers. Their beast loyalty can only reach a maximum of 99 points. At any time, there is a possibility of rebellion against the master or even devouring the master.

Therefore, the overwhelming majority tamers will never fully trust their beasts, and there will be a trace of vigilance and countermeasures in the dark.

Yang Fan believes that Ye Wentian will probably do the same. Absolutely impossible will make Tao Yaoyao live after his death.

And Tao Yaoyao is bound to have some sense, so he showed such ardent, expectant and pleasing eyes to Yang Fan, the first doctor of the Federation, and even hesitated to put red envelopes in advance to Yang Fan, and sponsored 3 Emperor privately. Rank Spirit Fruit gives Yang Fan three disciplines.

It is not only buying life for Ye Wentian, but also redeeming itself.

“Yes! Yang Fan Xiaoyou Medical Brilliant. He used to cure Old Li and Master Tianchan’s trauma in the Federal Center City. The effect is remarkable!”

Next to it, Wu Dao seemed to have grabbed the last life-saving straw and looked at Yang Fan with his eyes shining brightly, confident in Yang Fan’s pretending words.

Li Lianghe and Tian Chanzi are both half emperors. Yang Fan can delay their injuries and prolong their life essence. Then there must be a way to change their current state of Ancestor Master.

“Yang Fan Xiaoyou!” Wu Dao pleaded: “Please make an all-out effort to heal, no matter what the result is, we owe you a favor!”

Yang Fan slightly smiled, with a hint of holy rays of light on his face.

“Old Wu, don’t worry, since I’m here, Ye Old Senior will die even if he wants to die. You have to be a little confident in my medical skills!”

With that said, Yang Fan threw a high-level healing technique directly on Ye Wentian on the altar.

“You used advanced healing techniques for Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Ye Wentian. The treatment was successful. Ye Wentian’s injuries recovered slightly, life force was greatly supplemented, Spiritual Power +5, Spirit willpower +5, and skill proficiency +10. “

“Ding! You used advanced healing techniques for Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Ye Wentian, and found that the source of Ye Wentian Divine Soul was eroded by special energy interference, successfully triggering the advanced healing technique associated skills-purification!”

“Ding! You used the purification companion technique to Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Ye Wentian. The skill was successfully used. The special energy interference in Ye Wentian’s knowledge of the sea was partially purified! Spiritual Power +5, Spirit willpower +5, and skill proficiency +10. “


Yang Fan startled.

Unexpectedly, the first application of advanced healing techniques to Ye Wentian triggered the purification effect of the associated skills.

It seems that this old comrade’s Divine Soul’s sea-knowledge was seriously eroded and polluted. Even if it triggered the purification technology, he didn’t help him clean it all at once.

at the same time.

Ye Wentian’s spirit suddenly shocked, a trace and soberness and calm sharp light suddenly burst out in the originally turbid and scattered eyes, and he looked up to Yang Fan in a very unexpected way.

“Now, the old man is beginning to believe what Dr. Yang Fan said before.”

For a long time, I felt the great changes in my Divine Consciousness Sea and Life Source. Ye Wentian let out a breath and sighed.

“Dr. Yang Fan’s medical skills are really unprecedented, and maybe even the power of Sovereign can be cured!”

“Really the rear waves of the long river drives on those before, generation is stronger than generation, great!”

With that said, Ye Wentian actually stood up slowly from the altar and stepped down gently.

Wu Dao appeared in the rejoicing expression, watching step by step approaching Ye Wentian who was near them, trembling with disbelief: “Old Ancestor ……You have recovered completely…?”

No wonder Wu Dao is so excited and excited. It is true that Ye Wentian has not left the altar for nearly 50 years and has not walked past it so easily.

Never expected, after only one treatment by Yang Fan, Wen Tian Old Ancestor can get rid of the support of the spirit vein and leave the altar alone.

“How could it be so easy to recover completely?” Ye Wentian smiled, loudly said: “It’s just because of Dr. Yang Fan’s blessing, his symptoms have been relieved, and he has got rid of some old diseases, and can barely leave the altar for a few minutes. .”

“Speaking of which, compared to Clone and will incarnation, is the most comfortable to use your own body!”

In other words, Ye Wentian stretched his hands and feet freely, and he was very happy. He had a sense of “being in a fan cage for a long time and recovering to nature”.

Without the interference and erosion of the vicious will in the sea, his strength control of his body is gradually returning.

“Dr. Many Thanks Yang Fan!” After the stretch was over, Ye Wentian walked straight to Yang Fan’s body, and Zheng Segong gave Yang Fan a hand.

Yang Fan shook his head slightly and smiled, “Ye Old Senior doesn’t have to be like this. The treatment has just begun. It’s thanks now, and it’s too early.”

“In addition, there is a sentence I want to make clear in advance, I can only heal the old stubborn disease of Senior body, delay the sustained damage of the trauma to the Senior body, and I have not been able to completely remove the trauma from Senior within the body except.”

“So, it is better not to have too much hope for Senior at the moment, at least until my cultivation base breakthrough reaches Emperor Realm, but I can’t help this kind of Injury of Great Dao.”

“It’s okay!” Ye Wentian didn’t have any expression of disappointment and disappointment, hehe smiled and said: “The half-year contract between you and Li Liangcai and Tianchanzi, the old man also heard a little, they can afford it, the old man can wait more Up.”

“Moreover, being able to leave the altar and being able to control his body with such ease again is already a great surprise for the old man.”

“You know, there is no way to eliminate the larvae that have been eroding in the old man’s knowledge of the sea, even if it’s non-smoke, that girl can completely get rid of it without harming the old man Divine Soul’s origin. The land did it, and at this point, the old man was convinced.”

Yang Fan smiled shamefully, modestly said: “Old Senior flatter, Junior dare not dare to speak with Spirit Emperor’s mentality on equal terms, but everyone has their own field of specialisation, Junior just happens to be proficient with a physician.”

“However, the treatment effect just now is not very good, because Senior not at all let go of its Spirit Defence, Junior’s treatment has not yet exerted its maximum effect.”

“Next, if Senior believes in Junior, please also let Senior relax and stop having half resistance.”

Ye Wentian hearing this, nodded lightly said with a smile: “This is natural. If you do not trust Master Yang, the old man will not specifically invite Master Yang to come to Shenglin Island.”

With that said, Ye Wentian glanced at Zhuge Xincheng next to him, without much words, he immediately collected his blood defense and Spirit Defence, and let Yang Fan do it.

Of the 6 people present, Zhuge Xincheng was the only one who could threaten him. Ye Wentian obviously trusted Zhuge Xincheng, otherwise he would never be invited to the Underground Palace.

After putting down all the precautions, Ye Wentian once again arched his hand to Yang Fan: “There is Master Lao Yang!”

Yang Fan slightly smiled, no more polite with him, right hand waved, charm skills and advanced healing techniques greeted Ye Wentian at the same time.

“You showed charm skills to Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Ye Wentian, and the charm failed. Ye Wentian felt aware of it and didn’t care. Spiritual Power +2, Spirit willpower +2, and skill proficiency +4.”

“You used advanced healing techniques for Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Ye Wentian. The treatment was successful. Ye Wentian’s injuries recovered slightly, life force was greatly supplemented, Spiritual Power +5, Spirit willpower +5, and skill proficiency +10. “


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