I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1177

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Zhuge Xincheng, Wu Dao and the others all stood quietly aside, and no one dared to disturb the treatment of Ye Wentian by Yang Fan.

Looking at the breath and mental state of Ye Wentian, with the increase in the number of treatments by Yang Fan, it is gradually returning to a steady state, and everyone present can’t help but relax.

The same as Human Race, no one would hope that the Supreme Powerhouse in Human Race will be seriously injured or even directly killed.

So whether it is Wu Dao, Ling Tian and Sang Duotu that are closely related to Shenglin Island, or Zhuge Xincheng and Tian Feiyao who have no direct interest in Shenglin Island, at this moment, deep in one’s heart hopes to see Ye Wentian can turn the crisis into security.

of course.

Among the 5 demon and one demon watching next to him, seeing Ye Wentian’s injury improved, Life Aura on his body became more and more thick and thick, and he was the most excited, and the most cheering excitedly in his heart, still belonged to Tao Yaoyao.

the reason is simple.

Because the quality of Ye Wentian’s injury is directly related to the life and death of this Peak Emperor Rank demon plant, no one will pay more attention and care than it.

“The Emperor guessed it was really good. The demon planting power of the pseudonym Yang Fan, the cultivation base has already reached the half emperor or even the real emperor. Otherwise, even if he is proficient in the treatment of Human Race, it will be impossible and healed. Wentian’s injury!”

“Don’t think that the emperor doesn’t know that the treatment of Human Race has a direct relationship with the doctor’s own Spiritual Power cultivation base. If the cultivation base is not reached, simply impossible will leapfrog treatment!”

Tao Yaoyao was in a mood, and thought he had seen through Yang Fan’s reality.

Being able to heal the injury of Ye Wentian, the half emperor, shows that Yang Fan’s Spiritual Power cultivation base must have reached at least half emperor realm.

This is a proper demon plant power, this big thick leg, in any case, have to hug.

If it’s not that there are too many Human Races present, I’m afraid it will expose the identity of Yang Fan’s demon planter and cause trouble. Tao Yaoyao wants to bow to Yang Fan and ask Yang Fan to take his knees away .

Yang Fan is unaware of the eyes of these people and monsters next to him. His attention is now focused on Ye Wentian. He has been trying hard to turn this Kailin Sect Founder of Shenglin Island into his own person. .

“You have charm skills for Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Ye Wentian, and the charm fails…”

“You have used charm skills on Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Ye Wentian, 30% 6 Ignore the defense chance to trigger successfully, the charm is successful, Ye Wentian has greatly improved your favorability, Spiritual Power +2, spirit willpower +2, skill proficiency +4.”

“You showed charm skills to Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Ye Wentian, and the charm was successful…”

“You have exhibited charm skills to Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Ye Wentian, and the charm has succeeded. Ye Wentian’s favorability with you has been greatly improved. The closeness is one of the feelings of one’s feelings in one’s speech. Divine Soul knows the sea and the relationship between the two parties is extremely friendly. Spiritual Power +5, spirit willpower +5, and skill proficiency +10.”


Even if Ye Wentian has completely given up all the defensive power, Yang Fan still spent more than 20 times on the charm skills to successfully trigger the probability of ignoring the defense. It is not easy to refresh the relationship between the two parties to an extremely friendly situation.

Looking at Ye Wentian looked towards his own eyes gradually becoming softer and smoother, with the attitude of Zhuge Xincheng, Wu Dao and the others looked towards him, already exactly similar, Yang Fan has been holding his mind slightly loose.

Compared to Tao Yaoyao, Ye Wentian is the most unstable risk factor on the entire Holy Forest Island.

Now, no matter whether it is Ye Wentian or Tao Yaoyao, they have all become their own people. Yang Fan never needs to worry about any conspiracy to persecute on Shenglin Island.

“Since you are your own, there is no need to cover up the sloppy-work anymore. Here is the time when someone from Yang Fan shows me real technology!”

With no worries in mind, Yang Fan finally no longer acted in a perfunctory manner, and directly drove full horsepower to begin full treatment.

“You used advanced healing techniques for Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Ye Wentian, the treatment was successful, and Ye Wentian’s injuries recovered slightly…”

“Ding! You used advanced healing techniques for Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Ye Wentian, and found that the source of Ye Wentian Divine Soul was eroded by special energy interference, successfully triggering the advanced healing technique associated skills-purification!”

“Ding! You used the purification companion technique to Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Ye Wentian. The skill was successfully used. The special energy interference in Ye Wentian’s knowledge of the sea was completely purified…”

“You used advanced healing techniques for Spirit Emperor (incomplete) Ye Wentian, the treatment was successful, and the injuries on Ye Wentian’s body partly recovered…”

Once, twice, ten times, 2 times…

With the increase in the number of advanced healing techniques, the probability of triggering purification associated skills has also been greatly improved. Finally, under three consecutive purification treatments, Ye Wentian has been entangled with his Divine Soul origin in the sea of ​​knowledge. The ground larvae were poisoned by Yang Fan for several years and were thoroughly purified.

At the same time, the injury of Ye Wentian also recovered from the initial slight recovery, and it turned into a partial recovery at once. The treatment effect is extremely significant.

At the moment when the venomous poison in the sea was cleared, Ye Wentian’s spirit willpower involuntarily burst out without suppression, and a giant Divine Soul illusory shadow about 1000 meters high came out from behind him, a huge essence Divine might swept across the entire Holy Forest island in a flash.

For a time, the teachers and students and demon plants on the island bowed and bowed consciously, unconsciously.

The Yang Fan and the others closest to Ye Wentian, under the protection of the will of Zhuge Xincheng Martial Dao, not at all was greatly affected.

Fortunately, Ye Wentian’s Divine Soul illusory shadow just passed away, and was quickly recovered by Ye Wentian to the Sea of ​​Consciousness Space, not at all, which caused too much to the people and things on the Holy Forest Island. Of destruction.

“Old Ye ghost, you are…breakthrough?!”

Zhuge Xincheng could not bear to softly ask Ye Wentian that the power of the will that the old man had burst suddenly was too strong. If it were not assisted by Spirit Physique for 10000 years, he could hardly resist it.

It’s really too powerful. It feels more powerful than Tian Chanzi’s old monk.

“Where is breakthrough so easy?”

Ye Wentian shook his head slightly, first glanced at Yang Fan apologetically, then explained softly:

“It’s just that the relic poison of Dijiao Soul, which was repressed in Divine Soul’s knowledge of the sea, dissipated suddenly. The original man’s Divine Soul was originally out of trouble, rebounded under pressure, and was temporarily out of control that’s all. Fortunately, not at all hurt Dr. Yang Fan, otherwise The sin of old man is great!”

Yang Fan shook his head gently, indicating that he was not at all affected by a little bit.

In fact, if it were not for Zhuge Xincheng who was busy with his business, and protected him with Martial Dao’s will in advance, Yang Fan also wanted to take the opportunity to wipe some oil and come back from the experience of Ye Wentian’s Divine Soul will. .

However, judging from the Divine Soul illusory shadow released by Ye Wentian Divine Soul, the strength of this Old Master’s cultivation base is much better than that of Li Liangcai and Tianchanzi, and even more so than Zhuge Xincheng. .

If it wasn’t for his Divine Soul that had been suppressed and eroded, only the Injury of Great Dao within the body was not enough to prevent him from stepping out of the altar for several decades.

Hearing Ye Wentian’s explanation, Zhuge Xincheng’s eyes when looking towards Ye Wentian have also changed to a certain extent. Obviously, he did not expect this Old Ye ghost’s cultivation base to be so powerful.

Just Divine Soul’s instinct rebounded from the origin, and such an amazing imposing manner of coercion broke out, and the Great Cow was a bit big.

What can he say, it is worthy of being able to tune out Super Emperor Spirit Emperor like absolute Sovereign?

“Old Ye ghost, you said this earth bug is poisonous, shouldn’t it be Monster Sovereign who put it on you personally?”

Thinking of a possibility, Zhuge Xincheng asked Ye Wentian in silence.

With the powerful Divine Soul cultivation base that Old Ye ghost just showed, besides Monster Sovereign, who else can suppress him for more than 50 years?

“Yes.” Ye Wentian gently nodded, “In order to agree with the Sovereign covenant, the strongest of the human and demon 2 clan competed with each other. The old man was in the battle with the half emperor of the Diaojiu family, and he was killed by the Monster Sovereign. Secret calculations.”

“Fortunately, the three Sovereigns of the Human Race were also at the time, and the Monster Sovereign did not dare to be too obvious, so old man not at all died on the spot.”

Zhuge Xincheng unable to bear whispered: “These demon babies, damn it all, even Monster Sovereign likes bully the weak, so shameless!”

With that said, Zhuge Xincheng could not help glancing at the mulberry blossoming beside him.

This girl was also under the secret calculations of Monster Sovereign Clone, so she has been unconscious and lying in bed for 51 years.

The Sovereign of these Monster Races is the least to see that the Human Race will have a new emperor to break through, so it will be so completely crazy and ridiculous to cripple the Human Race secretly to destroy the Heavens Pride.

Ye Wentian hearing this, could not help shaking his head slightly.

Human and demon 2 races are inherently hostile to each other. Absolutely irreconcilable, it is like the second army against each other. As long as they can win, they are naturally omnipotent, and there is no so-called meanness.

After all, the sneak attack of the opponent’s monstruous talent genius is not the only one that is doing on the Monster Race side. As far as Ye Wentian knows, the 3 emperors of Human Race did not do similar activities during that time.

“It’s all over, you don’t have to go to mention more.” Ye Wentian said: “When the old man becomes an emperor in the future, he will naturally go to the Monster Sovereign to liquidate himself!”

After finishing speaking, Ye Wentian once again thanked Yang Fan: “This time thanks to Dr. Yang Fan, otherwise the old man will certainly not last long.”

“Life-saving grace, don’t forget your teeth, remember this old man man, if you have the opportunity in the future, you will be rewarded!”

Saying that, Ye Wentian was concentrating, Spiritual Fluctuation was boiling, and then the sea channel was opened, red glow appeared, a drop was fist sized, shining red blood glow Divine Soul The source was slowly pulled by Ye Wentian out of the Sea of ​Consciousness Space.

Seeing this drop of Divine Soul origin, and feeling the familiar Soul Power fluctuations transmitted from the origin, Yang Fan and Zhuge Xincheng couldn’t help but change color at the same time.

This turned out to be a half-empire beast soul!

Good guy, where did Ye Wentian come from?

In his endangered state where he was seriously injured and not dying for a long time, he even dared to put such a half-sovereign level beast soul in his sea of ​​knowledge, don’t die?

“I know that Dr. Yang Fan is proficient in Soul Refining Technique, and I must be very interested in this beast soul.”

Ye Wentian said softly: “This is a beast soul of the half emperor of the earth beetle, but it was captured by the old man a few days ago, and it is now given to Dr. Yang Fan for medical consultation!”

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