I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1178

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This is definitely a fierce person.

Yang Fan looked towards Ye Wentian’s expressions all changed some colors.

This should be the reason why Ye Wentian is endangered, and there are only 3 days left for the root of life essence.

Even if you are desperate, you must kill the other party, is it because the half emperor who came to provoke or infringe the Holy Forest Island is an earthworm?

Enough for vengeance.

Just now, he also said that Zhuge Xincheng should not care too much about the previous things. As a result, in a blink of an eye, Serene took out a beast soul of a half emperor of the Dijiao tribe.

None of the people present could know Ye Wentian’s physical condition better than Yang Fan.

The knowledge of the sea is forbidden, and the cultivation base is semi-residual. You can only rely on the spirit strength of the spirit vein altar to be dozens of times thicker than that of the outer realm to barely suppress the residual poison of the earthworm.

It can be said that Ye Wentian’s cultivation base state is far worse than that of Li Liangcai and Tian Chanzi’s two gangsters with the same semi-residual body.

But even so, he still killed a half emperor of the Dijiao tribe. No matter how dangerous the process was, the lifeless cruelty in him was really heart-wrenching.

Provoked such a hatred family, the Dijiao family can be considered blood mold.

Now that Ye Wentian is out of trouble, his body returns to freedom, even if the Dao injury remains, his strength is greatly suppressed, but as long as Sovereign can’t be out, in the circle of the Half Emperor, the strength of this Old Master can definitely rank in the top few. Bit.

At least, Zhuge Xincheng, with 10000 years of Spirit Physique body protection, may not necessarily be his opponent.

“You are the only one who killed a half emperor?”

Zhuge Xincheng sucked his mouth and looked like a ghost.

There is something wrong!

Before, they played 2 times against the Emperor Dijiao in the Federal Center City. Which one wasn’t the best, with 10000 points?

They are so much harder than one. How did the half ghost old Ye Wentian kill a half emperor demon with only one person?

Although there is a certain strength gap between the half emperors, the half emperor demon also has strengths and weaknesses.

But the half emperors of the Dijiao family are different. They are born with different species. Not only is the defense amazing, but also comes with Space Divine Ability, the perception of the Heavenly Dao rules is not inferior to that of Human Race.

Ordinary Human Race Half-Emperor does not want to kill them completely, even if they want to trap them, it is extremely difficult.

Therefore, it is difficult to imagine Zhugexin being honest. How did Ye Wentian’s previous weak state of half-death live to kill a land emperor and half emperor and successfully collect its half-empire beast soul?

“It’s it’s own death.” Ye Wentian lightly said: “It took the initiative to provoke provocation, just got into the imaginary formation where the old man was arranged outside the island.”

Ye Wentian did not elaborate on the process of killing Dijiao Banhuang, but waved his hand and pushed the semi-empire beast soul held in the palm of his hand to Yang Fan.

“This is a little bit of the old man’s intentions, and also please Dr. Yang Fan to accept it.”

“Relax, the old man has put a spiritual ban on the surface of this beast soul, don’t worry about it backlashing. When the children have enough strength to refining it in the future, they only need to be triggered by the spirit. Will be lifted.”


Ye Wentian doesn’t think that Yang Fan has enough strength to refining the semi-empire’s Demonic beast soul. The reason why he sent out this semi-imperial beast soul is because he wanted to satisfy Yang Fan’s singularity and let him collect one in advance. That’s it.

After all, it is a semi-Sovereign level beast soul, which is not only rare, but also rare. Soul refining masters like Yang Fan certainly cannot refuse such temptation.

Who knows, this is already the third half-empire beast soul handled by Yang Fan.

Moreover, by coincidence, these half emperor beast souls are all from the Dijiao family.

Three half-empire monsters have died one after another, and the goddess of the Dijiao family will feel very depressed now?

The corner of Yang Fan’s mouth was slightly hooked, and he said a word of thanks to Ye Wentian, and then he no longer extended his hand politely to hold the half-empire beast soul in front of him.

Without any hesitation, Yang Fan directly went out of Spiritual Power, and the spiritual prohibition covering Ye Wentian on the surface of the beast soul triggered the dispersal.

Then, in the expression of Ye Wentian’s surprised and even exclaimed expression, Yang Fan’s fine Magical Powers opened wide, and two golden spiritual chains were found from the sea of ​​knowledge. and brandishing claws, the earth beast soul who wants to take the opportunity to escape is locked firmly and dragged into his Sea of ​​Consciousness Space.

“You used Divine Soul for the Monster Sovereign (mutilated) invincible Divine Soul source. The detention was successful. Monster Sovereign (mutilated) invincible Divine Soul was successfully intercepted. Spiritual Power +10, spirit willpower +10, skilled Degrees +20.”

The capture was successful.

Yang Fan smiled, as long as it was Divine Soul’s origin, no matter what level it was, he could not escape the capture of his Divine Soul detention.

A man with a system is just such a great cow!

“This… this is…”

Ye Wentian looked a little dumbfounded, but this is a half-over Sovereign level beast soul, even if this Ye person tried to subdue it before, it also spent the strength of the old nose.

Yang Fan looks like a realm of level 7 Psionic Master. How dare he, how can he control this half-empire beast soul?

It is really incredible, completely contrary to his basic knowledge of the profession of soul refining.

However, the thought of Yang Fan only used the cultivation base of the Psionic Master of level 7, but he could heal part of his injury to the half emperor. Ye Wentian’s surprise and disbelief in his heart was slightly reduced. .

“Didn’t expect, Old Ye ghost!” Zhuge Xincheng whispered to Ye Wentian sound transmission: “This is no longer the first semi-empire beast soul captured by Yang Fan.”

“Before in the Federal Center City, I waited for two successive killings of the half emperor, and all the remaining half-empire beasts were taken into the Divine Consciousness Sea by this Little Brat.”

Ye Wentian suddenly nodded.

He was also aware of the attack of the half emperor on the Federal Center City a few days ago. It was only that he was fighting with the land emperor half emperor who invaded the Holy Forest Island, and he had no time to distract him.

Now think about it, the land emperor half emperor who invaded Shenglin Island at that time should not be on a whim, and came over to try it by accident.

The purpose of it coming to Shenglin Island is mostly to contain Ye Wentian, lest Ye Wentian will go to the Federal Center City for assistance, which would ruin their plan to attack the Federal Center City by the Demon Holy Ridge.

Only in the end, they could not have expected that the two half-empire big demon sent to the federal city by the demon holy mountain were all killed. Even the half emperor who came to the holy forest island to disturb the enemy was also given by the fierce person Ye Wentian Completely stayed on the Holy Forest Island.

“However, your old ghost can be regarded as wrong, even thinking of keeping this half-empire beast soul.”

Zhuge Xincheng looked at Ye Wentian suspiciously: “To be honest, have you already made the idea of ​​asking Yang Fan to come over and heal you?”

According to their normal demon hunting habits, after killing the demon at this level, they will usually destroy their beasts and souls in case they will regenerate and reappear.

Very few people will deliberately collect and save this large Demonic beast soul, especially this semi-Sovereign level beast soul, if it is a little careless, it will be hurt by its backlash, and even dove to occupy the magpie nest.

Before getting the Emperor Rank Beast Soul Catcher refined by Yang Fan, Zhuge Xincheng was absolutely dared not to include such a semi-imperial beast soul in his Sea of ​​Consciousness Space. Under normal circumstances, he directly fights Something is dead.

Ye Wentian did not know in advance that Yang Fan had the ability to capture the refining half-empire beast soul, but he deliberately took the risk to keep this earth beast beast soul. If there is no own plot against, Zhuge Xincheng is regardless I won’t believe it.

“Old man was also on a whim at the time, and felt that this half-empire beast soul should have some effect, so he took the risk of intercepting it.”

Ye Wentian sighed softly: “But old man never expected, Dr. Yang Fan’s attainment on Soul Refining Technique has already been so profound that even half-empire beast soul can restrain refining!”

This is really beyond his expectations.

Originally it was just a free move, didn’t expect worked wonders so quickly!

At this time, Yang Fan’s mind sank into the sea of ​​knowledge, and looked up at the human transformation that had been transformed into Human Transformation. He was constantly attacking the invincible Jiao who came out of the barrier of the sea of ​​knowledge and tried to escape from the trap. Without saying anything, he began to charm and domesticate.

Only by reducing the endless resentment and fear of Divine Soul’s original soul-spirit master can we effectively increase the final pill success rate. This is the secret of pill concocting that Yang Fan explored early in the morning.

Finally, after spending about 7 or 8 minutes, and after casting more than 60 charm skills against the invincible Divine Soul, Yang Fan finally succeeded in turning this beast soul into his own, the grudge in his heart. Completely disappeared from hostility.

“Okay, Little Darling, please jump into the father’s bowl now!”

Yang Fan rubbed his hands and looked at the innocuous Jiao Invincible with both eyes shining brightly. As soon as his thoughts moved, there was a Soul Refining Furnace, which was condensed by Divine Soul chains, completely enveloping the source of Jiao Invincible Divine Soul.

Soul Refining Technique suddenly launched, the corresponding system hint continuously sounded in Yang Fan’s ear.

“You used the Soul Refining Technique for Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Divine Soul’s invincible source. Soul refining was successful. Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Divine Soul’s invincible source was partially retained for refining. Sovereign level Third Grade Soul Refining Jindan +5, Spiritual Power +200, skill proficiency +200.”

“You used Soul Refining Technique for Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Divine Soul origin, soul refining success, Monster Sovereign (incomplete) Divine Soul origin was partially retained for refining, Sovereign level Third Grade Refining Soul +10, Spiritual Power +200, skill proficiency +200.”

“You used Soul Refining Technique for Monster Sovereign’s (incomplete) Divine Soul’s invincible source, the soul refining success…Sovereign level Grade 2 Soul Refining Jindan +6…”

Unexpectedly by Yang Fan, it is also the Remnant Soul of Level 3 Sovereign, but the invincible rate of Jiao Wudi’s Divine Soul is actually much higher than that of Jiao Wushuang, especially Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan and Alchemy Pill. The number is more than double that of Jiao Wushuang.

Yang Fan guessed that it was because the source of Divine Soul captured by Ye Wentian was relatively complete.

It is not difficult to guess that the Remnant Soul of Sovereign Level 3 can be recognized in the sea without being backlashed. The strength of Ye Wentian’s Spiritual Power cultivation base or Divine Soul must be on Sovereign Level 3 or even higher.

Very Great Cow!

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