I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1179

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When Yang Fan refines the Soul Refining Pill, the figure outside is not motionless, and Soul Power waves appear 3 feet above his head. The person standing next to him can vaguely see a pill furnace that looks like Divine Soul illusory shadow.

illusory shadow is about one person tall, narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, just like bottle gourd, standing in the void.

There is a golden fire light hidden in the furnace, and every time it flashes, it will emit a strong Soul Power fluctuation, which looks very mysterious.

This pill furnace illusory shadow has been suspended above Yang Fan’s head for more than ten minutes. The fire in the furnace is getting heavier, and the Soul Power fluctuations emitted are more restrained. Until the end, the fire is like the day, stinging double However, there is no trace of Soul Power fluctuations anymore.

Beside, 6 people and a demon, standing still, looking directly at the change of the soul furnace, but they can only see an appearance, I don’t know why.

Not aware of it.

Especially Tao Taoyao, who thinks he has seen through the thin details of Yang Fan, is shocked by the operation of Yang Fan.

Now it has guessed more than once in the heart, what kind of breed is this senior in the demon planting world?

He can also heal the surgery and Soul Refining Technique, and all of them perform so well. The Great Cow has to be wanted. It is simply a model for their demon planting world.

Undercover has done this well known but it will not cause others to doubt, this Senior is definitely an unprecedented person or even a no-comer!

“Find an opportunity, must have a good discussion with this Senior, if you can learn such a small hand from it, the Emperor may be able to get together in the Human Race in the future!”

Tao Yaoyao stared at Yang Fan, starlight in his eyes, and admired it.


When the fire in the pill furnace completely lit up the entire soul refining furnace, the fire suddenly converged, and the pill furnace illusory shadow suddenly shrank and returned to Yang Fan’s sea of ​​knowledge.

Immediately afterwards, Yang Fan opened his eyes and returned to normal again.

“The harvest is pretty good, and I haven’t wasted such a good piece of raw materials!”

Yang Fan hehe smiled and was in a good mood, and then waved out 6 Soul Refining Pills from the storage space summon.

3 pieces of Sovereign level Third Grade Soul Refining Jindan and 3 pieces of Sovereign level Grade 2 Soul Refining Jindan are all used by Ye Wentian, and they are pushed to Ye Wentian in front of them.

“Blessings of Old Senior of Toya, the harvest of pill concocting is good this time, these 6 medicine pill should have some effect on the injury of Senior Ye, it should be presenting Buddha with borrowed flowers, give back to Senior Ye, hope 10000 Mo quit !”

For his own people, Yang Fan will never be stingy.

Without any threat to his personal safety, Yang Fan naturally hopes that the strongest of Human Race will become stronger and stronger.


Ye Wentian stared at the 6 golden medicines floating in front of her eyes, and her breathing began to become a little short of breath.

With his eyesight, it is natural to recognize the corresponding level of the six Soul Refining Jindan in front of the eyes from the distribution of the lines of the Dan lines.

That’s why he appears so excited, excited, and unable to himself.

“This is Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan, and it is still Sovereign level Third Grade Soul Refining Jindan! Yang Fan was able to refine such a high-grade Soul Refining Jindan, he turned out to be a Sovereign level soul refining master!”

Ye Wentian’s heart was amazed, because everything that happened in front of him was far beyond his expectations.

He never expected that Yang Fan could successfully refine Soul Refining Jindan with a semi-empire beast soul out.

Even more unexpectedly, after refining Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan, Yang Fan would give him 6 pieces of such high-level Soul Refining Jindan even if he changed hands without the slightest hesitation!

This is too generous!

Anyway, if he changed to himself, Ye Wentian asked him if he would not be willing to take out such a baby anyway, let alone give it away for free!

Moreover, the semi-imperial beast soul was originally the medical fee given to Yang Fan by Ye Wentian. It stands to reason that the beast soul has no relationship with him since the moment Yang Fan accepted and accepted.

Therefore, Ye Wentian is really not very embarrassed to extend this hand.

Although, these 6 medicine pills are really fragrant, they made him drool.

“Yang Fan, your gift is a little too precious. The old man is afraid that it is a bit hot, not very suitable!”

Ye Wentian endured the urge to reach out and put on a shameful expression of refusal, but wanted to take it but was sorry. If he didn’t take it, he was afraid that he would miss such a good opportunity.

After all, this is Soul Refining Jindan of Sovereign level Third Grade and Sovereign level Grade 2, which is the cultivation resource that Ye Wentian now urgently needs for this kind of cultivation base.

After taking them, although it may not necessarily make his cultivation base go further, it is undeniable that it will definitely promote the suppression of his within the body trauma.

Don’t let slip an opportunity, the loss will never come back. In this world, apart from Yang Fan, it is estimated that there will never be a second soul refiner who will have this ability and be so generous at the same time.


Zhuge Xincheng glanced at Ye Wentian contemptuously, suddenly interrupted and said:

“Old Ye ghost, if it is sorry, it would be better to transfer it to the old man. Although Soul Refining Jindan at this level is not available to me now, but it is well prepared and will always be available in the future.”

After finishing the talk, Zhuge Xincheng would take action and forcefully take away the six Soul Refining Jindan in front of Ye Wentian.

“Get out! Don’t play the autumn wind here!”

Ye Wentian glared at the faster speed before Zhuge Xincheng collected medicine pill into his Sea of ​​Consciousness Space.

Zhuge Xincheng paused and gently pouted: “I wouldn’t have gotten this way, would I have to force Lao Tzu to force me, is it cheap?”

Ye Wentian’s forehead is black, and there is an urge to beat Zhuge Xincheng.

However, he also had to admit that, being so distracted by this old fellow, he finally got his wish and took the six Soul Refining Jindan into his pockets. Although it was indeed hypocritical, the result was finally good.

Ye Wentian is not that kind of too pedantic. Since something has entered his pocket, it is impossible to let him take it out again.

“It’s okay, it’s the old man who is greedy for money!” Ye Wentian smiled embarrassedly at Yang Fan, and said sincerely: “These six Soul Refining Jindan are really what the old man urgently needs. It is the old man who once again accepted Dr. Yang Fan’s favor .”

Ye Wentian didn’t mean to say that he had to pay for it, because simply couldn’t afford it.

The value of Sovereign level Soul Refining Jindan simply cannot be measured by money. In terms of things, they have no resources and treasures enough to mention on equal terms.

The spirit vein under their feet is barely comparable to it, but this spirit vein is the surviving foundation of their holy forest island, and there is no reason to sell it.

Therefore, Ye Wentian can only sell his affection again cheeky.

“No need to be so.” Yang Fan indifferently lightly took the head and said, “This half-empire beast soul was originally provided by Senior. The refined medicine pill should have a Senior, and Senior does not have to take seriously.”

“Xiaoyou atmosphere!”

Ye Wentian gave Yang Fan a thumbs up, and finally stopped being polite with Yang Fan, but the look towards Yang Fan’s eyes seemed more and more charitable.

Some human feelings, just keep in mind, there is no need to hang on the lips at all times.

Next, Ye Wentian intends to stay Yang Fan on Shenglin Island for a few more days, so as to make the best of the landlord’s friendship. However, Yang Fan’s parents and family who are far away in Jinghua City refused directly.

After all, there is a half-empire demon in Jinghua City who is glare like a tiger watching his prey, but the Six Roads of Samsara outside the city has not been formed due to lack of manpower. Jinghua City is still in existence at any time. It may be in danger of being attacked by the semi-empire demon sneak attack again.

Therefore, Yang Fan is now in a hurry, otherwise he will not leave in such a hurry for the cultivation Holy Land, such as the Heritage Martial Dao of Holy Forest Island.

“So, the old man will not stay!”

Ye Wentian expression is very regrettable, and he said to Yang Fan: “It is still the same sentence, the old man owes you 2 relationships. If there is any need to greet, a phone call or a message in the future, Ye Wentian is absolutely unambiguous! “

Tao Yaoyao stood behind Ye Wentian, looking at Yang Fan with regret and even regret.

Its thighs haven’t been fully embraced, and there are still many questions to ask Yang Fan. Why should this demon Senior feel anxious to leave?

I don’t know when I’ll see you again.

Tao Qianqian is 10000 points of reluctance and unwillingness.

It is the beast of Ye Wentian and the central office building of Shenglin Island. It has a special status. Without the permission of Ye Wentian, it is naturally impossible to leave Shenglin Island half a step.

Therefore, unless Yang Fan visits Shenglin Island again in the future, he may not have the chance to see the power of this demon planting world again.

“What a pity, if possible, the Emperor really wanted to follow this Senior!”

Tao Yaoyao sighed and wailed in his heart, feeling annoyed and saddened by his current embarrassing situation and the loss of a chance to embrace the big brother of the same race.

Yang Fan rushed to Ye Wentian and Wu Dao and the others to bid farewell, then brought by Zhuge Xincheng, and walked away again.

In a blink of an eye, a group of 5 people disappeared over the island of Shenglin.

Standing above Tao Yaoyao’s huge canopy, Ye Wentian and Wu Dao 2 watched as several people lost the silhouette in the space channel, and then slowly regained their gaze.

“Should the Little Brat who has been following Dr. Yang Fan just now be Ling Tian? He is now switching to Dr. Yang Fan’s door?”

Ye Wentian asked Wu Dao softly, and Wu Dao nodded responded: “Three months ago, when he discovered that Ling Yun was a possessed demon, he had resentment qi in his heart, and he became angry and worshipped Yang Fan who was still a Grandmaster at the time. “

“3 months ago?” Ye Wentian raised his eyebrows and smacked 2 times: “If the old man remembers well, 3 months ago, Ling Tian’s cultivation base was only Level 6 Spirit Emperor, right?”

Wu Dao once again nodded: “Ancestor Master, you remember correctly, Ling Tian was indeed the cultivation base of the Spirit Emperor at level 6 at that time.”

Wu Dao knows why Ye Wentian asks this question, because the breakthrough speed of Ling Tian’s cultivation base is a little too amazing.

In a little more than 3 months, I went from a Level 6 Spirit Emperor breakthrough to a half-step Spirit Emperor, which was the same as his former Master cultivation base, and I thought it was a little terrifying.

The progress of the cultivation base in this way is definitely not easy to achieve with a few Soul Refining Jindan.

“It seems that this doctor Dr. Yang Fan is really not simple.” Ye Wentian sighed softly: “It’s not just medical skills, Soul Refining Technique, even the method of adjusting the discipline is extraordinary.”

“Isn’t it rumored that he wanted to recruit a recipe a while ago?”

Ye Wentian thought about it for a moment, and suddenly spoke out to Wu Dao instructed:

“Take all the Heavens Pride disciple of our Holy Forest Island that will be out of the island to experience him. If he really has the ability to conquer all the disciplines, it will be regarded as a gift from me. A good relationship formed.”

“What, all sent?”

Wu Dao hearing this, suddenly raised his head, his face exposed.

“Ancestor Master, the discipline that is about to graduate this time is the most in the past, and the talent of cultivation base is also unprecedented. Are you really not leaving any one?”

Would you like to be so generous?

“Yes, as long as Dr. Yang Fan is not overwhelming, he will send him all!”

Ye Wentian was nodded and said with great certainty: “The old man just wanted to see if all Heavens Pride had been trained by Dr. Yang Fan, the cultivation base would be advanced by leaps and bounds.”

Wu Dao hearing this, finally no more to say, bowed and said: “understood Ancestor Master, disciple arrange this!”

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