I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1180

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This time there are no more surprises.

In just a few minutes, Zhuge Xincheng easily sent Yang Fan master and disciple 4 people to Jinghua City.

Later, Zhuge Xincheng resigned to Yang Fan on the grounds of going back to practice and did not stay in Jinghua for a moment.

Yang Fan smacked his mouth for 2 times and lamented with regret: “Jinghua City must have its own half emperor. No matter how good the half emperor in the outside city is, it can’t be retained anyway!”

Although he succeeded in giving Zhuge Xincheng to Huyou as the Guest Elder of the Demon Extinguishing Sect, the guest official is not a permanent resident after all. People have the freedom and right to leave at any time, and they are not completely controlled by Yang Fan, the Sir Sect Master.

what a pity.

Originally, Yang Fan also wanted to take this gangster to the 900 sect members and disciple to show off, and harvest a wave of worship value and Sect experience. Now it’s all broken.

“Master, rest assured, with me and Blossoming Senior Sister, you will soon have 2 more disciples, even more than the real disciples!”

Ling Tian Confidence Declaration.

After taking the purple walnut that Tao Yaoyao gave him just now, the kid’s self-confidence began to bulge again.

The expansion of the knowledge of the sea, the growth of the source, and the sky-changing change that directly doubled the Spiritual Power cultivation speed, let Ling Tian start to burst into confidence at once, and feel that the breakthrough to the half emperor realm, it can’t be considered what Too.

“Not bad, looking forward to that day!”

Yang Fan is gratified that nodded, it is good to have self-confidence, he also hopes that these 2 baby disciplines can bring him some surprises.

As for those purple-skinned walnuts, Yang Fan himself has no desire or intention to take it.

There is no reason for him and it is not cost-effective.

He takes it by himself, far from making his talented disciplinary smurf id more cost-effective, especially the medicine efficacy that doubles the Spiritual Power cultivation speed, which is not a bird for Yang Fan, but it is cultivation experience From one point to two.

But on those disciplines with great talents and full Sect team spirit, Yang Fan’s gains are far more than just 2:1.

The faster the disciple smurf id’s cultivation speed, the more cultivation experience Yang Fan can get, which is far more cost-effective than his own arduous cultivation.

“Feiyao girl, you can’t be slack and discouraged. Breakthrough Emperor Rank as soon as possible, there may not be hope of becoming an emperor in the future.”

Seeing Tian Feiyao standing in the middle of Sang Duoduo and Ling Tian, ​​who has broken through to the half-step Spirit Emperor realm’s Super Heavens Pride, it seems that some emotions are low and a little bit shocked, Yang Fan couldn’t help but encourage.

Tian Feiyao strongly nodded and set the tone: “Master is assured that although the talent of the disciplinary is more than a little bit worse than the blossoming Senior Sister and Ling Tian Senior Brother, but the disciplinary will never give up. With the Master, everything is not a problem! “

I secretly took another picture of Yang Fan’s flattery. Yang Fan looked at Tian Feiyao with satisfaction, feeling that this girl is still promising as always.

Although her current cultivation base is far inferior to Sang Duoduo and Ling Tian, ​​this girl is better than young, strong plasticity, so clever and sensible, coupled with Yang Fan, who likes eccentric Masters, future achievements are not necessarily It will be inferior to Sang Duduo and Ling Tian.

“Yes, you need to have this kind of fighting spirit and self-confidence, optimistic about you for the teacher!”

Yang Fan habitually fills the chicken soup with smurf id, so that they can work harder to earn experience for themselves.

Without the cover of Zhuge Xincheng’s half emperor’s will, the breath of the master and disciple 4 was quickly captured by the Half Emperor in the city.

Yang Fan and Tian Feiyao are that’s all, even if there is no concealed aura, it may not be able to prompt the attention of Gu Zeyan and the others in time.

But Sang Duoduo and Ling Tian are two of them, but now they are half-step Spirit Emperor. When they don’t deliberately hide their breath, they appear like two large Qianqian watt bulbs bright and dazzling, other Half Emperor and Emperor are the most powerful.

Shua! shua!

Several silhouettes flashed in and blinked in front of Yang Fan 4 people.

“Who am I, it turns out that Yang Fan is back!”

Gu Zeyan smiled heartily and saw Yang Fan’s return in safety.

However, while rejoicing and delighting, Gu Zeyan’s gaze also unconsciously began to sweep towards the bodies of Sang Duduo and Ling Tian 2.

Ling Tian knew him naturally, but he didn’t expect that this kid had left Jinghua City for more than half a month, and he had successfully broken through to a half-step Spirit Emperor realm. It seemed that he had a good chance to go to the Federal Center City.

And this little girl standing next to Ling Tian is also a half-step Spirit Emperor little girl. Gu Zeyan looked at it with some eyesight. Before going to the Federal Center City, it seems not at all I saw such a young Half Emperor?


Liu Silong, who was standing next to Gu Zeyan, stared at Sang Duoduo’s small face with excitement, and then said, “You are a blossoming girl, are you awake?”

“I’ve seen Master Gong!” Sang Duoduo also recognized Liu Silong, and directed at the Old Master sweetly smiled, said: “Yes, Duduo has woke up as early as half a month, it is the Master who personally took the initiative to heal and drive Except for all the injuries on Duodo.”

Sang Duoduo looked at Yang Fan in front of him respectfully and took a flattery without a trace.

“Master?” Liu Silong startled, took a look at Yang Fan, and said with a surprise: “So, do you also worship Yang Fan as a teacher?”

Have you made a mistake? Yang Fan, the kid who started fast enough, even dared to grab even the discipline scheduled by Master Tianchan.

Sang Duoduo nodded hard: “Well, thanks to Master’s not giving up, accept me to be included in the door wall, Duo Duo is now the Big Senior Sister of Demon Extinguishing Sect!”

Gu Zeyan interjected to Liu Silong and asked, “Liu old man, is this little girl?”

“The daughter of Zimo and Han Yun, Sang Duoduo.” Liu Silong softly replied: “I was injured by Monster Race monster before, and I have been in a coma for 51 years. This is just waking up!”

“Sang Duoduo, the Peak Spirit Emperor that was less than 50 years old?”

Gu Zeyan’s voice increased a few degrees unconsciously, his eyes staring at Sang Duo Duo.

This girl’s fame in the Federation was not so great. Her breakthrough time to become Peak Spirit Emperor was even less than Spirit Emperor’s 2 years. It was hailed as the Number One Person of the younger generation at that time. It is the peerless Heavens Pride that the Human Race Federation is most likely to become the fourth Human Sovereign.

Although Gu Zeyan has not seen her a few times, he is very impressed by the name Sang Duduo.

There is no way, one age is not one third of his age, but the cultivation base is already equal to his junior Heavens Pride, it is difficult to make people do not remember.

It was only 51 years ago that the war between the human and the demon 2 clan broke out. Not only was Sang Duoduo seriously injured and comatose, but there was little news, even Gu Zeyan they almost became a waste person, hiding in the 10000 Shouge pension.

didn’t expect After 51 years, they still have a chance to see the first Heavens Pride of the first Human Race.

“Okay, okay!” Gu Zeyan laughed heartily, “I have another Heavens Pride recovery in Human Race, and there is another half-step Spirit Emperor in the Federation, which is a good sign. ZTE is promising!”

Gu Zeyan was very happy.

Compared to the old guys who have exhausted their potential and can only stop at Half Emperor realm in this life, Gu Zeyan hopes to see more and more people appear in the Human Race like Sang Duduo and Ling Tian. This has unlimited potential and is expected to impact the younger generation of Sovereign Realm.

“Have seen Dean!”

“I have seen Zhao Professor and Hu Professor!”

Under the introduction of Liu Silong, Sang Duoduo one after another came forward and paid respect with Gu Zeyan, Zhao Xuewen and Hu Chen.

“You don’t have to be so restrained.” Zhao Xuewen said: “speaking of which, you are also a half student of my Jinghua Martial University. At that time, your father, Sang Zimo and your mother, Shao Hanyun, were influential figures in our Jinghua Martial University. In the past 100 years, the old man can still recall their high-spirited and vigorous.”

“It’s a pity that Zi Mo’s kid, Fu Qiang, couldn’t accompany your mother-in-law to the end, otherwise, let him see that his daughter had reached the realm of the Half Emperor earlier than him.

Hearing these Senior mention their father, Sang Duoduo’s expression couldn’t help but darken, and his emotions became a little sad.

But soon, she ruled out the sadness. In the troubled world, she has seen too many life and death farewells, and her mind is already tenacious.

She believed that if her father had spirits in heaven, she would certainly not want her to be such a compassionate youngest daughter.

“Okay, don’t mention the past again.” Liu Silong whispered to end the topic, and looked at Sang Duduo gently, and said, “This time, Duo Duo will be here for a long time?”

Sang Duoduo is gentlely nodded. It seems that Mother hasn’t told the teacher about her coming, so she explained: “I’m going to cultivate with Master for a while. As long as the Master is still in Jinghua City, I will stay here forever. .”

“So, that can’t be more!” Liu Silong’s smile spread on his face, reassuringly, said: “Just, Jinghua Martial University is still lacking a deputy dean. Since you want to stay here, why not How about picking up this burden?”

Yang Fan looked a little speechless beside him. He hadn’t even entered the city gate yet. He had already started to pull people to the school. These Old Masters were full of thieves.

Isn’t it just to see that Sang Duduo is expected to become emperor in the future, want to make her name in Jinghua Martial University in advance, but also took such a big bend, as if no one can see it.

“This… Master, what do you think?”

Sang Duduo turned his head hesitantly to Yang Fan, softly solicited advice from Yang Fan, and gave a special face.

Yang Fan was gratified. Sure enough, the female disciple was more intimate and sensible. It’s no wonder that he, who is a master, is often biased.

“As long as you don’t delay daily cultivation, it’s not bad to do something normally.”

Seeing Gu Zeyan and Liu Silong, several old Professors also turned their attention to themselves, and Yang Fan spoke softly.

After all, he is also a part of Jinghua Martial University, and naturally wants Jinghua Martial University to get better and better. The so-called don’t let one’s own fertile water flow into others’ field. Of course, the advantage is that it must be left to his alma mater!

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