I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1181

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Pulling people succeeded, Gu Zeyan several people returned to the city to ones hearts content.

Yang Fan took three disciplines and plunged into the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array outside the city.

within array, Yang Fan Clone and Che Hongyu and the others are working overtime to engrave Six Roads of Samsara and virtual reality array nested inside the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array.

This little half a month in the past, they have been so busy.

But efficiency has not always been satisfactory.

There is no way. Among the Illusionist present, apart from Yang Fan Clone, the other dozen Illusionist, including Che Hongyu, are very new to Six Roads of Samsara imaginary formation.

Even Yang Fan 4 has been teaching carefully and unreservedly during this time, and it has not allowed them to reach the introductory state in such a short time.

As for the virtual reality imaginary formation, it was originally born out of the fantasy reality imaginary formation, which is relatively easy to understand, but even so, only Che Hongyu, Qian Tongfang, etc. less than 4 people comprehend it to be proficient in realm.

Therefore, there are few people in the work team of more than a dozen people who can really master the core skills and can help. All of them rely on Yang Fan Clone to plan the most critical large runes.

This is a lot of work, after all, it is a large moat built around the entire city of Jinghua, and it can’t be completed quickly by one person alone.

Anyway, Yang Fan Clone did not have a rest for half a month, and was tired like a dog every day. After recovering Spirit Power’s spiritual medicine Spirit Fruit, he swallowed several baskets, but the result was still moving fast near the north city gate of Jinghua City. .

Therefore, when I sensed the return of the deity and came to them in front of me, the classmate Yang Fan 4 who was already tired and almost burst into tears.

Clone also has human rights, he was fed up when he was not sleeping for half a month!

Essentially, he is the same as Divine Soul of Yang Fan, and he shares the same desire for a good night’s sleep and the desire to have a good dream. He cannot be deprived of his right to sleep and dream because he is Clone.

“Working hard, everyone!”

Feeling the strong mood swings from student No. 4, Yang Fan 2 said nothing, just remembered baptism, let this one be too busy and a little bit want to collapse Xiao 4 students selectively forgot some of them are not very happy Experience.

Sure enough, without the memory and the negative emotions that had accumulated the same as the dead dog before, the primary 4 classmates were immediately clear-minded and motivated.

Clone needs Clone’s consciousness. If you don’t want to work with Clone, should you let him do it?

“Junior Brother Yang, are you back?!”

Che Hongyu and Qian Tongfang showed their happy faces at the same time, and at the same time greeted each other, they hand in hand with Yang Fan paid respect.

“Now that Fan Fan Junior Brother is back, but the big moat on the other side of the Federal Center has been built?”

Che Hongyu asked aloud.

They should have been instructed to go back to the Federal Center City to assist Yang Fan to build a moat, but they were left behind by Yang Fan Clone who had just returned from the Federal Center City.

A set of Six Roads of Samsara virtual combination imaginary formation, which is said to be able to trap the half emperor, directly enchanted Che Hongyu and the others completely, and could not bear to leave.

Fortunately, Yang Fan’s real body sought a favor for the Illusionist Association in the Federal Center City, so that Yao Puxin City Lord no longer held them accountable for not returning to the Federal Center City on time, otherwise Che Hongyu and his Illusionist Association were afraid To be registered in the City Lord House in the Federal Center City.

“Well, fortunately, it’s not a shame. Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, plus the Six Roads of Samsara virtual combination, all have been successfully tested.”

Yang Fan gently nodded and glanced at the construction progress of the Six Roads of Samsara Grand Array. I couldn’t help but understand why the primary 4 classmates had such big complaints.

The formations around the city have already been dug up, and all the materials needed for the layout have been prepared.

But engraving the formation mark, but there are very few helpers connected to the Formation node. Only Che Hongyu and Qian Tongfang can barely use it.

This is completely different from when Yang Fan arranged the Six Roads of Samsara virtual battlefield in the Federal Center City.

In the Federal Center City, in addition to Clone, Yang Fan also has eleven 2 disciplines proficient in Six Roads of Samsara and virtual reality.

For the description of the basic formation mark, the layout of Six Roads of Samsara imaginary formation and virtual reality imaginary formation basically does not require Yang Fan’s devotion.

That is, at the end, when you want to combine Six Roads of Samsara and two virtual Heaven Grade imaginary formations in virtual reality into a large formation, Yang Fan and Clone are required to work together.

In normal times, Yang Fan’s deity is always staying in the study room of City Lord’s house, drinking tea and reading books, and taking a break from sleep.

Where is it like being in Jinghua City, just a small 4 person is working hard.

Yang Fan unable to bear raised his hand again and pats the little 4 classmate in front of him. Fortunately, this is just a Clone. The memory and so on can be reset at any time.

Otherwise, if you are tired of this dog every day, you will have to be depressed even if you don’t die from overwork.

It’s really hard.

However, we must continue to work hard.

No way, Clone just doesn’t have human rights. If you don’t work, what does the master make you do?

“Blooming, Ling Tian, ​​Feiyao.”

Yang Fan didn’t hesitate much and started to roll call.

“Master, the discipline is here!”

Sang Duoduo, Ling Tian and Tian Feiyao stood up in turn and bowed to obey Yang Fan’s instructions.

Yang Fan lightly said: “As in the Federal Center City, you three are each responsible for a city gate, and immediately start to lay out the remaining Six Roads of Samsara Formation. It is necessary to complete the arrangement of this combination within 3 days. “

“Master, I am afraid that the manpower is not enough?”

Ling Tian’s face was bitter, and within three days he wanted to complete the layout of the Six Roads of Samsara surrounding Jinghua City. It felt a little impossible.

In the Federal Center City, the reason why they completed the formation of Formation Runes so quickly is because there are 2 or 3 Little Junior Brothers or Little Junior Sister in their hands.

But now, just by their own words, even if they do not sleep for 3 days and 3 nights, it is not good.

“Relax, the teacher will find some helpers for you, as long as you are not lazy, 3 days is enough.”

Yang Fan didn’t take it seriously. When the 900 smurf id he received in Jinghua was a decoration, as long as he wanted, he could make several Array Great Grandmasters at any time.

“Then… Junior Brother Yang, we can also help fight and so on next to us.”

Che Hongyu also interjected next to him, but he didn’t feel confident enough.

Once upon a time, they, Illusionist, who came out of the Illusionist guild, even had some guilty shortness of breath and lack of confidence.

No way, the Six Roads of Samsara virtual combination imaginary formation is really too esoteric for them, just learning comprehended little half a month, it is not enough.

Although it’s a bit of a shame to only lay hands next to and so on, as long as you can learn more about the skills of arranging the Six Roads of Samsara in the layout process, it is also very fragrant.

In the past few days, I laid hands with Yang Fan Clone and saw the powerful deployment ability of a clone of Yang Fan trifling, which has already made these Illusionist who usually aloof and remote out of the ordinary give up the so-called dignity and confidence.

When they studied Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array with Yang Fan before, although they thought Yang Fan was strong, they were not too strong.

After all, the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array is just a revision, and a large number of them are extremely proficient in this set of formulations. It is not very difficult to learn and does not feel too difficult.

But this new set of Super Heaven Grade Six Roads of Samsara large array, these imaginary formation Master to the original form completely.

Because no matter how hard they work hard, they are always out of the way.

Even Che Hongyu and Qian Tongfang, these Emperor Rank Illusionist, have worked hard to understand all the 2 sets of Formulation to get started and even master the level.

In the end, it was still very frustrating to find that they simply couldn’t do the related steps that let Six Roads of Samsara and virtual reality 2 sets of super heaven grade imaginary formation communicate with each other.

Even if Yang Fan Clone has explained to them more than once through the array model or spiritual transmission, once they are implemented, all of them end in failure.

This caused them to involuntarily produce a kind of innate talent of their own position. They are the illusion of being a waste wood. All the pride and confidence in the past were all hit by these 2 sets of Formation.

Now, they just want to be a tool person by Yang Fan or Clone, and learn more by watching and learning more.

“Of course, if you want to form a team within 3 days, how can you achieve it without the senior cooperation of the Illusionist Association? You are already planning!”

“However, it’s not about getting started, but about cooperation. I want to cooperate with each other. This was the main reason why I had to invite you to Jinghua City.”

Yang Fan naturally also kept these Illusionist’s changes in his attitude towards himself before and after, gladly nodded, and by the way, wore a high hat to Che Hongyu and the others.

Che Hongyu’s old face was a little blushing: “Junior Brother has lifted up, what is the level of our position, we already have self-knowledge in our hearts, and we can fight for you next time, we are already satisfied.”

Although they also want to cooperate with and even cooperate with Yang Fan as Yang Fan said, but the level is not enough.

Just like everyone climbing the stairs together, others on own initiative handed you the ladder and wanted to invite you to climb the stairs together. As a result, you don’t even have the strength to hold out hands to receive the ladder, how can you climb it?

Yang Fan shook his head lightly said with a smile: “The President of the car is too humble, you are Senior of Illusionist lineage, but you dare not kill us like this Junior.”

With that in mind, Yang Fan glanced at the dozen or so King Rank Illusionist standing behind Che Hongyu, don’t blame:

“And there are a lot of talents in your association. Many young Illusionist are also very talented and outstanding, which makes people look but very envious…”

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