I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1182

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Che Hongyu understands in seconds.

Yang Fan This is because of the sect members and disciple and association members he brought!

He had heard the news that Yang Fan wanted to recruit recipes. He also knew that Yang Fan has always had a special preference for the younger generation Heavens Pride.

Looking at the more than 900 sect members and disciple he received at Jinghua Martial University, it is not difficult to guess that Yang Fan’s receipt of the discipline has been a bit addictive.

And now, Yang Fan is finally going to start with their younger disciples of the Illusionist Association.

Che Hongyu couldn’t help but look back at Fang Zhe and Qian Tongfang. This time they brought the elites of their Illusionist Association, and more than half of them were the disciples of their senior and junior brothers.

“Two Junior Brothers, what do you think?”

Che Hongyu secretly transmitted sound to Fang Zhe and Qian Tongfang.

If it was before Yang Fan took out the Six Roads of Samsara combination, Che Hongyu might just refuse to even think about it.

But now, after seeing Yang Fan’s powerful accomplishments and terrifying innate talent on the way, Che Hongyu suddenly didn’t have that much confidence, he hesitated.

Perhaps, it is also a good choice to transfer all these disciplines and members of the association to Yang Fan.

“I have no opinion.” Fang Zhe’s first statement, sound transmission replied: “No matter how you worship, there hasn’t been our Illusionist lineage, Yang Fan Junior Brother, but Master’s last final disciple received by others, with us. One, if he really wants to teach, it seems to me a good thing!”

“I am the same!” Qian Tongfang’s voice was very lonely: “With Yang Fan Junior Brother’s group, I feel that my 100-year-old cultivation is like a joke, and I have no intention to teach any discipline.”

“In fact, if it weren’t for our generations to stay here, it wasn’t the Master and his Senior’s kindness, but even I have a little bit of want to go directly to Yang Fan Junior Brother as a teacher!”

For a time.

Che Hongyu and Fang Zhe were silent at the same time.

Although Qian Tongfang’s words were somewhat counter-intuitive, but at that instant, why did they not have the same thought in their hearts?

They are all obvious to Yang Fan Professor disciple’s ability. Not only the cultivation base’s strength enters the country extremely quickly, even the imaginary formation Formation that Yang Fan teaches to his sect members and disciple can achieve mastery or even Perfection Realm in a very short time.

Like the previous Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, Yang Fan was able to let himself never be exposed to the imaginary formation or even the formulation innate talent discipline overnight, and the perception of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array was enough to separate Deploying realm.

This ability, not to mention a few of their senior and junior brothers, even if their Master Hu Yanjingde was still alive.

At first, Che Hongyu and the others thought it was Yang Fan who deliberately hid himself, and did not give them the know-how Professor Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array to them.

But later, as several people became more familiar with Yang Fan disciple, and they communicated with each other, they found out that the method of layout they mastered was exactly similar to what Yang Fan had taught them before. Simply there was no intentional hiding. Possible.

“This is the sect secret technique of our Demon Extinguishing Sect, which cannot be taught by a non-discipline.”

This was a few days ago, after Che Hongyu asked Yang Fan Clone sincerely, Yang Fan Clone told him personally.

It was from that moment that Che Hongyu had some ideas in his mind that he wanted to make these disciplines into the Demon Extinguishing Sect.

Especially his son Che Yingda, if he can take the opportunity to enter under the door of Yang Fan, it may not be a huge opportunity.

After all, besides being a powerful Illusionist, Yang Fan is also an Emperor Rank physician, Emperor Rank Soul Trainer and Emperor Rank Beast Trainer.

At the same time, Yang Fan’s own cultivation talent is also extremely amazing. They are more obvious to all. They broke through the night to become kings. They also advanced to level 6 in succession. They almost didn’t shock their eyes.

Following such a Master is absolutely promising!

“Junior Brother Yang, you are the Junior disciple received by Junior Brother and Senior. The accomplishment of Formulation is far better than our senior and junior brothers. According to the rules of our Illusionist Association, powerhouse, under the weak, this Illusionist Association The post of President will be handed over to Junior Brother Yang after today.”

After thinking about it for a moment, Che Hongyu gave up his job as Wang Biao and gave up his position of Illusionist transfer to President.

Qian Tongfang and Fang Zhe couldn’t help but eyes opened wide beside them.

Does Hong Senior Brother Yu fight this way?

Their previous meaning was nothing more than letting the doormen and members of the association behind them switch to Yang Fan’s door.

The Illusionist Association is not a very tight organization, and the members in the association are of different identities. It does not exclude other Sect’s Illusionist from joining.

Therefore, letting these people worship Yang Fan as a teacher and join the Demon Extinguishing Sect does not conflict with the purpose of their Illusionist Association.

But they never expected, Che Hongyu would be so generous, and directly handed over to give up the position of President.

“President, don’t want to crack a joke, I never thought of coveting the position of President of your guild.”

Yang Fan is also a little bit dumbfounded. He is just a little bit greedy for the King Rank Illusionist brought by Che Hongyu. He wants to receive a few more recipes by the way, but he has never thought about what he wants to be President.

Is there any misunderstanding?

Che Hongyu is too polite.

“I don’t have a cracking joke.” Che Hongyu said seriously: “This is the rule set by the Master and Senior that year. Our President of the Illusionist Association has always been based on their own strength.”

“When the Master is alive, the Master is the President of the Association. After the Master’s death, among the many disciplines, my attainment is the most important, so I am the President.”

“Now, Junior Brother Yang, you have shown that the attainment of the array is far more than that of being a brother. Naturally, the brother can no longer occupy President’s position so shamelessly.”

Che Hongyu’s attitude is sincere, and after the reaction, Fang Zhe and Qian Tongfang can’t help but nodded at the same time.

Otherwise, Senior Brother Che’s brain is full of life and boldness.

Just sending out the juniors in a few associations, how can directly send out the entire Illusionist association to deepen the connection with Yang Fan Junior Brother?

During this time, although they always regarded Yang Fan as their Little Junior Brother, Junior Brother Yang Junior Brother Yang called out every time they met, but Yang Fan himself never admitted it himself.

What does this mean? This shows that although others have inherited the Master’s sentiment, they do not think that they are the discipline of Huyan Jingde. They also deal with the Illusionist Association out of a cooperative attitude, and they are not really themselves.

Therefore, in order to get closer to Yang Fan, Che Hongji’s act of directly packing the entire association out of the box is simply a stroke of magic.

Regardless of Yang Fan’s current influence in the Federation, only Yang Fan’s strength and accomplishments in imaginary formation are sufficient to serve as the President of their Illusionist Association.

Embracing Yang Fan’s thighs, with such a more intimate relationship, if they want to ask Yang Fan some questions on the Formulation, will Yang Fan be embarrassed not to point them?

“Yang Fan Junior Brother may not know it, but our Illusionist Association members are not the only ones in front of us.”

Seeing that Yang Fan seemed to want to refuse, Che Hongyu suddenly spoke again and said softly:

“Although our Illusionist Association has few members, all of them are Heavens Pride in ten-thousand does not have one, even if they are top-notch figures in the Psionic general meeting.”

The members of the Illusionist Association must first be a Psionic, but they must also have a good imaginary formation innate talent. Only if these two basic conditions are met at the same time is it possible to be eligible to enter the threshold of the Illusionist Association.

Psionic, among the martial artists of Human Race, is 100 in ten-thousand does not have one.

Among the 100 in ten-thousand does not have one Psionic team, Psionic with Illusionist innate talent is ten in ten-thousand does not have one.

After such a layer of selection, the people who can finally enter the Illusionist Association are all elites in the elite, whether it is Formation innate talent or Spiritual Power innate talent, all are extremely amazing.


Hearing these words from Che Hongyu, Yang Fan’s mind was unable to bear a tremor, and originally wanted to continue to reject the president of the Illusionist Association, and he swallowed back to his stomach when he arrived.

What Yang Fan lacks most is the discipline of Psionic lineage.

Otherwise, he would not be so greedy for the King Rank Illusionist brought by the car.

No way, the number of Psionic in this world is really too small. Of the more than 900 disciplines Yang Fan currently receives, nearly 99% of the disciplines are taking the path of Qi and blood Martial Dao.

The disciples of the Psionic family are not enough for even 20 people, so few are pitiful.

This also led to the fact that the cultivation experience learned in Yang Fan normally was a bit serious, and the number of qi and blood experience far exceeded that of Spiritual Power.

If it wasn’t for Yang Fan from time to time, he could also receive some Monster Race beast souls to refining and replenish. He wanted the Dual Cultivation plan, where Qi blood and Spiritual Power cultivation base go hand in hand.

Therefore, Yang Fan focused his eyes on Spiritual Masters Divine Guild and the Illusionist Association in front of him.

I just didn’t expect that Che Hongyu would be so generous, and he would give him the entire Illusionist Association as soon as he came up.

“500 thirty two people!”

Seeing Yang Fan seemed to be a little moved, Che Hongyu knew he was in the right direction, so he continued to open the mouth and said: “My Illusionist Association is in the 36 federal domains, with a total of 500 3 12 members!”

“Except for some old guys who are older like brothers, there are more than 400 people who are youngsters who are not 100 years old!”

“These youngsters have not only unlimited potential but also great plasticity. Many are Loose Cultivator of no Sect, no Faction. If you are interested, Yang Fan Junior Brother can call them to the city of Jinghua as President of the association. Go home.”

Yang Fan’s eyes lit up suddenly.

I have to say that at this moment, he was really excited.

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