I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1183

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More than 400 well-known figures in Psionic.

100 in ten-thousand does not have one Human Race elite.


Yang Fan sucked 2 times and smiled.

“Senior Brother Che is so kind, and if the younger brother doesn’t agree, it will be too humane.”

“Well, since it’s our rules in the Illusionist Association, then the younger brother is brave enough to take this errand.”

“But it’s just a name. Normally, all kinds of matters in the association also rely on Senior Brother Che, Senior Brother Qian and Senior Brother Fang.”

Che Hongyu and the others are all happy.

Yang Fan is finally willing to call them Senior Brother.

This step is right!

Although it seems that they sold all the members of the Illusionist Association, Che Hongyu, Fang Zhe and Qian Tongfang knew very well that they could therefore draw Yang Fan, the first Illusionist in the Federation, into their Illusionist Association. Bundled with them on the same war chariot, they definitely took the big advantage.

The 500 thirty two members of the Illusionist Association will definitely thank and even thank him for the decisions and sacrifices made by his former President and Second Elder Third Elder.

As for whether Yang Fan can successfully recruit young members of the association, Che Hongyu has never doubted.

Although their Illusionist Association is a somewhat academically semi-official organization, the mobility of its members is relatively loose, but it also follows the most common “powerhouse is respected” rule of this era.

However, the so-called powerhouse in their association does not refer to how powerful the cultivation base is, but the accomplishment of the Formulation, whether the strength of the battlefield can serve the crowd.

Yang Fan has organized two sets of city-level super moats in Jinghua City and the Federal Central City in succession. What is the accomplishment of the Form, without Che Hongyu’s deliberate propaganda, I believe that the members of the association will also know how To choose.

With the emergence of the new moat, for many ordinary people in 36 domains, there may not be any more intuitive feelings, and they may not have paid much attention to this matter.

However, for these Illusionists who are proficient in imaginary formation and even living on imaginary formation, it is undoubtedly a tenth-level madness in the industry. I believe that every Illusionist now scattered in the various domains of the Federation has already heard of Yang. The name Fan.

“now it’s right!”

Che Hongyu laughed heartily, without saying a word, he directly took off a blue ring-shaped jade pendant that was worn around his waist, and put his hands in front of Yang Fan.

“The Presidential Order of the Illusionist Association was master-made by the Master that year. It not only represents the identity of the President of the Association, but also is a key to enter the Virtual Masters Divine Guild virtual community.”

“After Junior Brother refining it, you can use it to enter the virtual community, obtain the highest authority of the Illusionist Association in the community, and issue a convening order on the forum of our association branch. If there is no accident, there will be within one month. More than 90% of members can hear the news.”

Yang Fan slightly startled, didn’t expect Illusionist Association turned out to be in this way to contact the members distributed in the association.

But if you think about it, it seems reasonable.

After all, under the situation that global communication has not been fully popularized, Spiritual Masters Divine Guild’s virtual spiritual community seems to be only one special communication channel that can be globally connected.

However, this channel can only be entered by members of Spiritual Masters Divine Guild, which directly isolates nearly 99% of the Federal Human Race, which is not universal.

However, the members of the Illusionist Association are all Psionic. Naturally, it is not necessary to consider these, and it can be used as an online gathering place within the association.

Speaking of which, Yang Fan is also a member of Spiritual Masters Divine Guild, and also has his own virtual community account, but it seems that it has been a long time since he has entered the waves.

“I heard that the virtual community of Spirit Masters Divine Guild was built by Spirit Emperor with Supreme power. Now that Spirit Emperor can’t close the gate, can the virtual community enter as normal as before?”

When Yang Fan reached out and took President’s order, he asked Che Hongyu softly.

“That’s nature,” Che Hongyu said: “It seems that Junior Brother doesn’t know much about the construction of virtual communities.”

“The virtual community is actually a special virtual space accidentally developed by Lord Spirit Emperor by accident. In the beginning, Spirit Emperor did need to be supported by Supreme’s spirit strength.”

“But then, with the passage of time, more and more Psionic’s divine sense entered into the Human Race Federation, and the mental surplus that everyone unintentionally exuded was enough to support the normal operation of the space.”

“So, even if Lord Spirit Emperor can’t close the door, the virtual community can still go in and out normally.”

“Even more how, Peak Spirit Emperor will take turns sitting in the Psionic General Association every year. Even at the lowest peak of community views, the energy supply in the virtual space will not be broken.”

Yang Fan suddenly, secretly sighed Spirit Emperor, adults are really not Great Cow.

It can even open up a stable virtual space directly, so that all Psionic of Human Race can swim through the dive sense in vitro, so as to achieve the purpose of mutual communication and unity.

This is no longer something that can be done with a simple Space Rule. Yang Fan is really curious now. The Sovereign environment is really a kind of realm. I really want to experience it myself.

Came back to his senses, Yang Fan took the Presidential order in his hands seriously, not at all, and directly entered the virtual community to issue a convening order.

Compared to the Loose Cultivator members who are scattered among the federal domains, these disciplines are more important.

“Senior Brother Che, I intend to accept Indah and their more than ten juniors as Direct Disciple, and personally Professor Six Roads of Samsara. I wonder if you still have Senior Brother Fang and Senior Brother Qian?”

Now that Che Hongyu has seen his purpose, Yang Fan no longer searches and hides, and asks Che Hongyu and the others to speak straight to the point.

It is far from being able to hydrolyze near thirst, but the more than ten Illusionist brought by Che Hongyu can relieve the urgent need.

Most of them are Psionic Masters, and they have a certain foundation of imaginary formation. As long as Yang Fan takes a little guidance, they can let them master Six Roads of Samsara imaginary formation and virtual reality imaginary formation.

With so many ready-made helpers here, they are used well, and maybe they will not be used in 3 days, they can easily build the remaining formations.

Che Hongyu looked happy.

Must agree!

He has done so many things, and even packaged out the entire Illusionist Association. Isn’t that the moment?

Although he himself was impeded by impossible generations and then went to the door of Yang Fan, his son Che Yingda could do it.

Yang Fan was originally Little Master-uncle, a child of Indah, and it was completely justified to cast himself under the door of his Little Master-uncle.

“Indah, Cao Fang, what are you still doing stupidly there, and don’t come over to meet your new Master!”

Che Yingda, Cao Fang and the others came back to his senses from the shock of President Yi, and at the command of Che Hongyu, they came forward and bowed to Yang Fan to salute.

“Disciple Che Yingda, meet the Master!”

“Disciple Cao Fang, meet the Master!”

“Disciple 10000 Zhencang…”

There were a total of 3 people before and after, one after another came forward and bowed to Yang Fan to see him.

In Yang Fan’s ear, the system hint also began to sound constantly.

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for receiving a high apprentice. The 8th-level Psionic Master Che Yingda has succeeded in apprenticeship. It is detected that the relationship between the 8th-level Psionic Master Che Yingda and the host is extremely friendly. Big bonus, Sect loyalty +50.”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for receiving a high apprentice. Level 7 Psionic Master Cao Fang succeeded in apprenticeship. The relationship between Level 7 Psionic Master Cao Fang and the host was detected as extremely friendly. Degrees +50.”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for receiving a high apprentice, 7th-level Psionic Master 10000 Zhencang apprenticeship success…”


After thirteen system hints, Yang Fan was very surprised that the 3 newcomer disciplines all worshipped him, making them loyal to Sect’s loyalty of 3 points as soon as they started.

It seems that although he was not in Jinghua City during this time, his Clone Elementary 4 classmates should have spent a lot of time in front of these Little Brat.

It is good now.

Not only did these juniors adore Yang Fan, but even the big brothers Che Hongyu, Fang Zhe, and Qian Tongfang were beaten without any confidence, and they directly gave up the entire Illusionist Association.

Yang Fan is satisfied nodded at these new disciplines.

With the exception of two, Psionic Peak, the remaining eleven are all Psionic Masters, and all are high-level Psionic Masters above Fifth Level.

With so many genius disciplines to get started, Yang Fan is in a good mood, and naturally will not be stingy. According to the rules, he took out Soul Refining Jindan and Soul Refining Dan under 4 18 Emperor Rank directly from his storage space.

According to the actual cultivation realm of these disciplines, each should be allocated, and 6 pieces of Soul Refining Jindan and Soul Refining Pill are best for each person they are currently taking.

It is not that Yang Fan refuses to give more, but that the Sect experience of these people has not met the requirements. Giving too much will not only allow him to get more Sect experience, but will also cause dissatisfaction with other disciplines. spread.

“Thank you Master for your kind gift!”

Even if each person only got 6 pieces, most of these medicine pill are high-end Soul Refining Jindan and Soul Refining Pill.

For their current cultivation realm, this is a rare cultivation Supreme Treasure, and each and everyone are all happy to be fart, and bowed to Yang Fan to thank.

You can get such a generous reward as soon as you get started. In the previous Illusionist Association, they did not even dare to think about the treatment. What else are they not satisfied with?

“Ding! Your disciplinary Che Yingda has been given a soul-stirring pill to be excited, grateful for your heart, and greatly improved the sense of belonging to Sect, Sect loyalty +20.”

“Ding! Cao Xin, your disciple, was inspired by the soul-finishing pill, thank you for your heart, and greatly increase your sense of belonging to Sect…”


Yang Fan slightly smiled, money can make ghosts grind, even if it is bought master and disciple friendship, as long as it can be recognized by the system, it is true master and disciple friendship.

The worship value of these smurf id can’t be faked, nor can the Sect loyalty of system hint.

As long as he enters the door of his Yang Fan, then these discipline smurf id will never want to fly out of his palm in this life.

gā gā gā, so confident!

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