I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1184

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Yang Fan waved his hand and used the power of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array array outside the city to move 3 people into an imaginary formation that was completely isolated from the outside world.

Thirty-three young disciples were surprised, holding Spiritual Pill in their hands and staring at Yang Fan.

“All sit cross-legged, and the teacher will now teach you some of the secret cultivation techniques of our Demon Extinguishing Sect.”

Yang Fan’s gaze swept across the body of ten three people.

Perhaps because of the relationship between the 5th spirit strength and the tide just erupted shortly afterwards, the Spirit Power cultivation base and Qi blood cultivation base of these 3 people have all reached the Peak realm of the current cultivation base class, but they have been stuck at the bottleneck. breakthrough advancement.

This situation is exactly what Yang Fan likes most to see in the disciplines.

So, after successfully ignoring these Little Brat to his door, Yang Fan began to impatiently want to pass on the power to help them directly promote.

“You are concentrating and trying to impart the Heaven Grade fine mysterious technique to the disciple Che Yingda-divine light Jiu Shi Divine Refining Technique, the success is imparted! Spiritual Power +2, spirit willpower +2.”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully imparting Heaven grade fine mysterious skills to the disciple Che Yingda-divine light Divine Refining Technique, Sect’s loyalty bonus of 100 points is successfully inspired, and disciple An Sheng automatically acquires 70% of the host’s skill proficiency Cheng, divine light has long regarded Divine Refining Technique skill proficiency +25888, current skill proficiency (25888100000).”

“Ding! Your disciple made a breakthrough, cultivation base was promoted to Ninth Rank Psionic Master, thank you for your heart, greatly improved the sense of belonging of Sect, Sect loyalty +20.”

“You are concentrating and trying to teach the Disciple Cao Fang Heaven Grade fine mysterious skills-divine light Divine Refining Technique for a long time, teach success…”


One, two… ten, thirteen!

In less than ten minutes, Che Yingda, Cao Fang, 10000 Zhencang, and other 3 Illusionist who had just visited the demon extermination team, successively advanced to breakthrough.

First, the Spirit Power cultivation base has advanced to one level each, and the two Psionic Peak disciplines have directly broken through the border and entered the Psionic Master realm in one fell swoop.

After Spiritual Power cultivation base breakthrough, Yang Fan began to teach them the Qi and blood martial skill to help them raise the Qi and blood cultivation base to a small level in a short time.

Sect’s loyalty, also in this consecutive breakthrough promotion, was successfully awarded a full value of 2 by Yang Fan.

Next, when Yang Fan teaches them arrays such as Six Roads of Samsara, there is no need to worry about the loss of Formulation experience due to insufficient loyalty.

After 20 minutes, when these Illusionist awakened from their determination, and found that their respective cultivation realm all had an amazing improvement, they instantly surprised Yang Fan and were highly praised.

If they were willing to worship Yang Fan as a teacher before, it was because they admired Yang Fan’s Supreme talent in the imaginary formation, and they were greedy for the identity of the first soul refining master of Yang Fan. Staying with Yang Fan is more conducive to their cultivation. Resources needed for Alchemy Pill.

So now.

After personally experiencing the miraculous ability of Yang Fan to help them directly break through the barrier, all the previous things seem to be less important.

It is just to allow them to advance without barriers, even if someone holds a knife holder on their neck, they will not be willing to leave Yang Fan.

It’s too great Cow too unbelievable!

No wonder the disciplines each and everyone cultivation base who have been following Yang Fan all the time will enter the country so fast.

No wonder, like Ling Tian or even Sang Duduo, both the cultivation innate talent and the current cultivation realm are so powerful as to be a perverted peerless Heavens Pride. .

Now they all understand.

If such a thick golden thigh is replaced by them, they will also hold on desperately.

Now, the only thing that feels a little pity and regret in the minds of 3 people is that, why did President Car not pack the Illusionist Association to Yang Fan Master earlier?

If they send it out earlier, can they also join the Demon Extinguishing Sect earlier and advance to breakthrough earlier?

“many thanks Master !”

“many thanks Master !”

After seeing the magical methods of Yang Fan, thirteen Illusionist smurf id were excited, flushed, and looked towards Yang Fan’s eyes.

“Ding! Your disciple Che Yingda is in a great mood, grateful for your heart, and a great sense of belonging to Sect, Sect’s loyalty is extremely enhanced, the worship value is +2, and the Sect team spirit is +10.”

“Ding! Your disciple Cao Fang is in a state of turmoil, grateful for your heart, and a great sense of belonging to Sect…”


Yang Fan very pleased in one’s mind, knowing that the grateful smurf id is his favorite.

“Okay, now, you can take the Soul Refining Pills that were given to you before as a teacher. If there is no accident, you should be able to advance to the next level!

Yang Fan commanded, and signaled these smurf ids to make persistent efforts.

The six Soul Refining Pills he gave to these smurf ids before are the top grade medicine pill that is most suitable for their current cultivation base, in order to allow them to make the cultivation base one more step in a very short time.

Yang Fan has never been afraid that his smurf id’s cultivation base is too high, even if he exceeds him as a Master.

He was afraid that these smurf ids did not work hard enough, and the entry was too slow, so that he could not rub up enough experience.

Therefore, when cultivating these smurf id disciple, Yang Fan has always been so spared.


after an hour.

When Yang Fan left the imaginary formation with these 3 new disciplines that had just been received, he moved back to Che Hongyu.

Che Hongyu, Qian Tongfang and Fang Zhe were all involuntarily eyes opened wide and exclaimed uncontrollably.

“The trough!”

“How can this be?!”

“Old man is not dreaming, how long has it been since, how could these children’s cultivation base…”

It’s incredible.

Thirty-three people, three of them broke through directly, and cultivation progressed to a big order.

Although the remaining ten people did not reach the breakthrough level, the cultivation realm has also been upgraded by 3 levels!

How did they do that?

The 6 Soul Refining Pills given to them by Yang Fan shouldn’t achieve such a great Cow’s boosting effect yet?

In the budget of their three people, 6 Soul Refining Pills, which can make these 3 children’s Spiritual Power cultivation progress a small level is already amazing.

But now, right in front of them, these Little Brats have actually improved three realms!

Especially Che Yingda, who was a serious 8-level Psionic Master an hour ago, but an hour later, he turned into a realm!

Although the same is the breakthrough, Che Yingda is the breakthrough from the king to the realm. The difficulty and shock level are far stronger than those of Liu Tian and Zhao Wei from Psionic Peak breaking through to Psionic Master realm!

It’s crazy, it feels so unreal, just like dreaming!

A few of Che Yingda have not completely got rid of the invincible mentality after the breakthrough realm. Each and everyone is just like the little hen who just laid an egg.

“Dad, look at what this is?”

Che Yingda looked at his elder son Che Hongyu with pride, and his mental thoughts moved, and a set of Six Roads of Samsara large array formations was transformed directly in front of Che Hongyu’s eyes.

The model is clear and thorough, the nodes are round and unobstructed, and it seems to be more refined than Che Hongyu’s own miniature model perfection.

“and this!”

Before Che Hongyu was surprised, Che Yingda was next to the Six Roads of Samsara array model with ease, and outlined a miniature model of virtual reality.

Not only Che Yingda, but also the others. When Che Yingda displayed the model of the road array he mastered, each and everyone overlooked the corresponding array model in front of him.

For a time, in front of thirteen juniors, rays of light flashed, waves of clouds, one after another, but a miniature yet clear lineup model appeared in front of them.

Hey! Hey!

This is the sound of the chin falling to the ground.

Che Hongyu, Fang Zhe, and Qian Tongfang, three high-level Emperor Rank Illusionist, were shocked at the same time, their mouths were round, their entire faces were a bit stiff and sour, and they could not recover for a long time.

“This is… Six Roads of Samsara imaginary formation of Perfection Realm?”

“Not only the Six Roads of Samsara, but also the virtual reality imaginary formation has the image of Perfection!”

“How is this possible? In just one hour, they are both breaking through to promote and improving their Formulation experience. How can it be done?”

No reason.

This unscientific!

What exactly did Yang Fan do to them? Why did these children’s cultivation realm and field level have so amazingly improved in just one hour?

“Okay!” Yang Fan clapped his hands to stop the Sand Statue behavior of these disciplines, loudly said: “According to the instructions before the teacher, start now, follow you blossoming Senior Sister, Ling Tian Senior Brother and Feiyao Senior Sister 3 people, go to the other 3 city gates and arrange Six Roads of Samsara.”


The order is forbidden, and all lineup models converge and dissipate instantaneously. Thirty-three people such as Che Yingda and Cao Fang nodded to respond at the same time. Respecting and obeying Yang Fan’s instructions, a batch was received.

“Yes, Master!”

Soon, thirteen people flew up at the same time, walking through the waters of the ten-party purgatory elixir, freely shuttle to see how they manipulate the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array and their proficiency.

Che Hongyu, Fang Zhe, and Qian Tongfang, senior and junior brothers, were both binocular and squeezed, and their hearts were throbbing. These little kids seemed to have reached Perfection Realm in their understanding of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array.

Is there any truth?

These little cubs haven’t even reached 3 or 2 who have mastered realm!

In just an hour of effort, the three Emperor Rank Illusionists found sadly that their three Old Guys really seemed to be waste wood, and even their own juniors were young and young.

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