I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1185

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At this time, the expressions all changed when Che Hongyu, Fang Zhe, Qian Tongfang looked towards Yang Fan again.

If it wasn’t for Yang Fan’s rush to return to the city, he would greet them and directly jump into the inner city with the connection between the moat formation and the psionic shield. The three old guys were afraid that they were already unable to bear. Ask Yang Fan sentence.

Yang Fan Junior Brother, do you still lack a recipe?

Such a magical master, they really want to have one.

I just don’t know if this idea of ​​them is being understood by Huyan Jingde, will the old Professor jump out of the Hall of Heroes to clean up the sect.

“Okay, 3 Senior Brothers, we are running out of time, can’t be compared with those Little Brats, come on!”

Yang Fan Clone half a month of exhausted fatigue and restlessness before washing, again as full of energy as chicken blood.

Che Hongyu 3 people looked at each other in blank dismay. There was no way but to keep their heads down and continue to fight Yang Fan Clone.

And Yang Fan, after returning to the inner city, did not directly return to Jinghua Martial University, but his body flashed continuously, and came to their first branch of Yang Clan Restaurant in Jinghua City.

The divine sense was swept, and Yang Chaoqun and Zhao Linglan were busy happily in the store. Not to mention, since they moved to Jinghua City, their business in the Yang Family restaurant was booming, and the couple went from white to black every day. The mouth is full of flowers.

“Mother is already Second Rank Martial Ancestor, and even Father is Martial Master Peak realm, the entry speed is very fast!”

Standing on the top floor of Yang Fan’s restaurant, Yang Chaoqun and Zhao Linglan’s cultivation base strength changes, Yang Fan gently nodded.

The reason why the father Mother’s cultivation base enters the country so quickly is that apart from Yang Fan’s massive reserves of heavenly materials earthly treasures and cultivation resources, the aptitude change resulting from the fifteenth spirit strength tide outburst has also played a role. Extremely critical role.

Otherwise, Yang Chaoqun and Zhao Linglan are not very outstanding cultivation talents, and it is unlikely that they will break through to Grandmaster realm in this life.

After entering the Grandmaster environment, you can prolong your life for 300 years. At least for a short time, Yang Fan no longer has to worry about these 2 old people who cannot live for 300 years.

As for how to plan the road in the future, can Father Mother also break into the realm of king and even become the realm of emperor, anyway, there is still a long time, don’t worry.


After the white shadow flashed, Zang Wenshu’s figure appeared quietly behind Yang Fan.

“Who said that I was secretly prying, it turned out that Yang Fan was back.”

Zang Wenshu greeted Yang Fan with a light smile, saying:

“Why, aren’t you going to meet Ling Zun Ling Ci? You haven’t been home for a long time, and they miss you all.”

Yang Fan turned around, gently bowed his hand at Zang Wenshu, and shook his head slightly: “It’s not necessary anymore. My father’s temperament I know, respecting customers first, and now the business in the store is just right, I still don’t continue to mess up. “

“Anyway, I have returned safely, and it will be the same when I reunite with my family at night. There is Lao Zang Senior, who has been secretly guarding and working hard.”

Zang Wenshu smiled and said: “Little friends should not be polite to the old man, benefit from the king, and be loyal to the king. Since they promised that the little friend will protect your family for a year, how can the old man say something?”

“And, in Jinghua city, there is a large moat array arranged by children outside, there is a first-class psionic shield, which can be described as a solid soup. The old man stays here every day to eat and drink, and it will soon become a decoration. .”

Yang Fan hehe smiled, not at all took Zang Wenshu’s words completely seriously.

No matter how powerful the moat and psionic shield outside the city are, they can only be used to resist or trap Foreign Domain Monster Race.

While in the city, Monster Race can not enter, but it does not mean that there is no trace of danger.

Those possessed monsters, secret agents who betrayed Human Race secretly, and Alien who have not been completely disguised as disguise, all make you can’t guard against it.

If it weren’t for Zang Wenshu, the Half Emperor, who sat in the Yang Family to deter, Yang Chaoqun and Zhao Linglan wanted to open a restaurant in Anhua in Jinghua City to do business, Yang Fan must be at ease.

Knowing that Zang Wenshu is known as a kitchen god, Yang Fan thought about it and moved his hands to extract ten pieces of ground meat from the storage space and handed it to Zang Wenshu.

“This is a gift that Junior specially brought back for Senior from the Federal Center City, and wish for Senior will not be dismissed.”

Yang Fan didn’t tell Zang Wenshu what is the essence of Demonic beast, but Zang Wenshu turned his eyes bright and instantly turned flushed.

“This is… Flood Dragon fine meat of the Dijiao family?!”

“And it’s not just an ordinary Emperor Rank earthworm, but a semi-Demon Emperor Realm…no no no, turned out to be a semi-empire realm’s big goblin meat, and its quality is already exactly similar to the real Sovereign level jiao meat!”

Zang Wenshu stretched out his hands and caressed the ten pieces of emperor’s emperor’s flesh in front of his eyes. He was obsessed with emotions, and felt like a young man in love seeing his favorite little lover.

As soon as the expert reaches out his hand, he knows if there is.

Zang Wenshu deserves to have the Old Senior title of the first chef of the Federation, so that he can recognize the type and grade of refined meat so quickly, and he really has a batch of professional.

If it is replaced by Yang Fan to distinguish, if there is no assistance of identification technique, only relying on his own experience and eyesight, Yang Fan believes that he must not be like Zang Wenshu, can be so accurate in such a short time the result of.

“Senior has good eyesight.” Yang Fan complimented softly, “This is indeed fresh flesh collected from the body of a half emperor, and knowing that Senior will certainly be interested in it, so I brought some back in particular. .”

“Hahaha, the friend is interested, many thanks!”

Zang Wenshu laughed heartily, with a wave of his hands, collected the ten pieces of half emperor Dijiao Jing meat from Yang Fan, which weighed 100 pounds.

“My country in China has been saying “dragon meat in the sky, donkey meat on the ground.”

With Chad’s top grade ingredients, Zang Wenshu is in a good mood and doesn’t consciously add up.

“But this donkey meat is easy to get, but dragon meat used to exist only in legend.”

“And this land jellyfish, but after the recovery of Heaven and Earth mutation spirit strength, alien species mutated from a python, already has a kind of Flood Dragon charm.”

“Early in the early years, the old man personally killed several King Rank earthworms, and specially developed some dishes that use earthworm blood meat as ingredients. The taste is definitely better than those of King Rank and Emperor Rank. The donkey meat is much tastier!”

“Unfortunately, the Monster Sovereign later proved that the chickens and dogs of the Dijiao family ascended to heaven, and all belonged to the protection of the Monster Sovereign.

Later, it caught up with the Sovereign appointment, and the powerhouse above the King Rank did not allow easy use of force. The old man would have less chance to taste the taste of Jiaojing meat. “

“In fact, not only the fine meat of the earth beetle, but the Phoenix claw of the Fire Phoenix, the bear paw of the black and white bear, and the fish tail of the crocodile are all beautiful on earth.

It’s a pity that since the old man was seriously injured and Sovereign’s agreement, there have been few opportunities to cook and taste. “

Hearing Zang Wenshu’s regretful sigh, Yang Fan unable to bear bashed 2 times.

Among the 5 Monster Sovereign races, the ground chick, Fire Phoenix, black-and-white bear, and iron-toothed crocodile, Zang Wenshu has eaten 4 of them.

Worthy of being a chef, not only is he good at cooking, but also has the courage to be thieves. Even the clansman of Monster Sovereign dares to eat. It is really a model for my generation of chefs.

“This half of Sovereign level earth jiao’s fine meat, I saw it for the first time in Zang Wenshu. It is definitely a blessing in life to have the opportunity to cook and taste it by myself!”

Wen Zangshu was very nostalgic and invited Yang Fan to say: “old man has some itchy hands. Unable to bear wants to cook. I wonder if Yang Fan can have free time to go together?”

Yang Fan shook his head and refused. Now that he hasn’t let him sit down and study cooking, he has seen his parents and he has to confirm the safety of the little girl.

Although the little girl should also be within the monitoring range of Zang Wenshu divine sense, and Fan Chengren is teaching him carefully, It shouldn’t be any problem, but if he does not take a look in person, he is not at ease.

After arching his hand and saying goodbye to Zang Wenshu, Yang Fan searched for the breath of Yang Guo and Spirit Devouring Rat and broke through the air to Jinghua Fan’s ancestral house.

“zhi zhi !”

“Master Baba, you are finally back!”

As soon as Yang Fan appeared, a golden light flashed quickly and landed firmly on Yang Fan’s right shoulder.

Spirit Devouring Rat stands upright with his hands cup one fist in the other hand. He looks at Yang Fan in a stern manner and is very affectionate.

“Brother, you are back! Great!”

At this time, Yang Guo this girl also flew over, half a month missing, this girl seems to be quite high, it should be the improvement of Martial Dao cultivation base, promote the growth of the skeleton meridian of the body.

Yang Fan raised her hand and pats the little girl who had already held her arm and spoiled her smile.

“Yes, it’s already Peak Psionic!”

At a glance, I can see the current cultivation realm of Yang Guo. Yang Fan is very open-hearted, and the sister’s innate talent really has nothing to say.

Not only did the Spiritual Power cultivation base reach Psionic Peak, but even the Martial Dao cultivation base reached a half-step king realm environment.

At her 12 years old, she achieved such an amazing cultivation realm. In the entire federal realm, it can be regarded as one of the very best Heavens Pride, right?

It seems that he came back just this time. After today, the Federal Human Race will have another peerless king of Martial Dao and Spiritual Power Dual Cultivation!

“That is of course, people have always been geniuses! In the future I will be able to become an emperor and an emperor, beyond Big Brother Yue!”

Yang Guo’s head was proud and proud, and his calf leather was blowing.

“There are more than one genius in this world, girl, don’t be complacent, otherwise you will be planted in the future!”

At this time, Fan Chengren also appeared in a flash and straightened his face, snatching the lines that Yang Fan wanted to speak.

“understood, Master!”

Yang Guo threw out his tongue timidly, and the arrogant little expression converged in an instant.

It can be seen that the awe of Fan Guoren, Master Yang Guo, is not small.

Yang Fan is very satisfied with this state. This little girl is to have a strict teacher watching next to her, lest she will be proud of her tail, and develop a pampering arrogance.

Fan Chengren, although only the cultivation realm of Fifth Level Spirit Emperor, is undoubtedly qualified as the teacher of Yang Guo.

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