I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1186

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“Master Yang!”

After reprimanding Yang Guo, Fan Chengren’s serious and handsome face smiled, and politely pounced on Yang Fan cupped the hands.

However, when he glanced over Yang Fan, he saw that Yang Fan was already a Ninth Rank Martial King and a 7-level Psionic Master. Fan Chengren’s eyes could not help shrinking, and the corners of his mouth were also unable to bear uncontrollably.

He still remembers that when he first met with Yang Fan for the first time half a year ago, Yang Fan had just awakened Spiritual Power’s little rookie, didn’t expect so fast, the little rookie was already Has the strength to approach the realm of Emperor Zun.

Fan Chengren sighed and sighed in his heart.

The innate talent aptitude of these two siblings is indeed a monstrous talent level. Anything else!

Within half a year, a direct breakthrough from Second Rank Martial Apprentice to Ninth Rank Martial King and Psionic Master Level 7.

Another direct breakthrough from first-level Psionic to Ninth Rank Psionic Peak and Ninth Rank Grandmaster Peak.

From brother to younger sister, it’s really a pervert.

If their promotion speed of siblings can always be so advanced by leaps and bounds, I am afraid that it will not be about a year. His Fifth Level Spirit Emperor is not enough to watch before them.

When the time comes, the Master’s cultivation base is not as high as the discipline, is it humiliating?

Not everyone has such a good attitude as Yang Fan, but frankly accepting that the teacher is worse than the discipline.

So Fan Chengren’s current mentality is very contradictory.

On the one hand, he naturally hopes that Yang Guo will be able to cultivate base and become an emperor.

On the other side, he was very worried that the cultivation base of Yang Guo this girl was entering the country too fast. What should I do if 10000 of his Master was left behind?

Therefore, during Professor Yang Guo’s time, the deeply stimulated Fan Chengren is also playing hard to cultivate, otherwise his cultivation base will also be impossible and will rise to level 2 in just half a year, reaching Fifth Level Spirit Emperor level.

“Sister Sister is tough, hardworking fan is old!”

Yang Fan is politely nodded and bows his hands in return.

Seeing that Fan Chengren’s cultivation base has been upgraded to Fifth Level Spirit Emperor level, Yang Fan did not hesitate and directly pulled out 3 Emperor Rank Seventh Grade Soul Refining Jindan and 3 Emperor Rank Seventh Grade Soul Refining Pills from the storage space. , Reaching out to Fan Chengren in front of him.

“A little care, it’s a kid’s tutoring gift for Guoguo this girl, I hope Fan Laomo will dislike it.”

Fan Chengren was breathless.

This kid came back to this set, and even his speech didn’t change much.

Previously in Xichu City, Yang Fan once sent Fan Chengren some Emperor Grade Soul Refining Jindan on the grounds of the teacher’s ceremony, and now he even bribed himself for the same reason.

Really, no sincerity.

Was my old fan really the kind of snobbish person who saw money?

Yang Fan, you read it wrong!

At this time, I will never accept your sugar-coated shell attack!

I want to tell you clearly that my master and disciple friendship between Fan Xiren and Guoguo is pure and flawless, and it is a great Master’s love that is not contaminated with any interests.

You never want to use these sugar-coated shells to contaminate me!

“No more next time!”

“It’s too much!”

Fan Chengren was indignant in his heart, but his hands were very honest and reliable, and he took the 6 medicine pills from Yang Fan in his hands, and his mouth was about to spit out.

Emperor Rank Seventh Grade’s Soul Refining Jindan and Soul Refining Pill are suitable for his current Fifth Level Spirit Emperor to take refining.

With good luck, he can even take advantage of these 6 Emperor Grade Soul Pills to directly push his cultivation base even further.

Do you say it smells good?

Between wanting face and strength, Fan Chengren chose the latter in disgust.

“Old Fan doesn’t need to feel sorry.”

It seems to see the embarrassment in Fan Chengren’s mind, Yang Fan lightly said with a smile:

“If it is not to teach Guoguo this girl, with the strength of Fan Lao, just go out of the city and be able to kill several beast souls of Emperor Rank big demon. Isn’t the soul refining with no difficulty?”

“Speaking of which is still due to my involvement, so that neither you nor Guoguo can easily get out of the city, so reasonable in every circumstance, I should provide Fan Lao some necessary cultivation resources as compensation.”

Since the last Xichu City incident, many people have seen through the wolf ambitions of Monster Race.

In order to prevent similar incidents from happening again, it is not only Yang Fan who dare to venture out of town easily, even his family members, who stay in Jinghua all day long have very few opportunities to go out of town.

Fan Xiren, because it is Yang Guo’s Master, has also received some attention and involvement from Foreign Domain Monster Race.

Every time I go out of the city, I will be attacked and peeped by some unfathomable mystery. In the end, in order to avoid trouble, I simply shrank in the city and taught Yang Guo more carefully.

For these, Yang Fan has always looked at it, and naturally will not treat Fan Xiren badly. In the past, every time he prepared a cultivation resource for Yang Guo, he would also prepare a copy for Fan Xiren.

It’s just that this fan old man has been digging very hard, and has always refused to use the resources cultivation sent by Yang Fan, but used all the resources in Yang Guo.

However, this Emperor Grade is a special case.

One is because Yang Guo’s current cultivation base is simply not available, and 2 is that Fan Chengren also seems to have difficulty refusing the ultimate temptation brought by Soul Refining Jindan.

“Oh, that’s right.” Seemingly remembering something, Yang Fan thought about it, and took out two purple walnuts from the storage space and handed them to Fan Chengren: “Here I go to the Federal Center City, and I accidentally got a few Emperor. Rank Spirit Fruit, specially left one for Fan Lao and Guoguo.”

“Huh? This is… the fruit of the Emperor Rank demon plant in the center of Holy Forest Island?!”

Fan Chengren raised his eyebrows and recognized the origin of the two purple walnuts in Yang Fan’s hand. He was shocked.

There are very few places where Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit can be produced in the 36 federations of the Federation, and there is only one place where this kind of Emperor Rank Peak level purple-skinned walnut can be taken out.

Fan Chengren had heard of this 1000-year-old purple kernel called Psionic lineage holy fruit in his early years. Not only is he familiar with its specific functions, but also knows that its annual output is extremely limited.

I heard that this walnut plant of Emperor Rank Peak only actively condense several 1000-year-old purple nuclei when the spirit strength tide erupts once every ten years.

Basically, with the exception of some extremely limited geniuses inside the Holy Forest Island, this 1000-year-old purple nucleus has hardly appeared outside the Holy Forest Island.

Fan Chengren also studied in Shenglin Island for a while when he was young, and had the privilege of witnessing the fragrance of the Emperor Rank Peak demonstrative plant condensing fruit to disperse the spectacular scene of the entire Shenglin Island.

Therefore, he would have some understanding of this 1000-year-old purple nucleus and recognized the origin of Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit in Yang Fan’s hand.

“Great Cow! What the hell did Yang Fan do to make Shenglin Island so bloody, would he be willing to give him Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit that they never easily delivered?”

“And, listening to what Yang Fan said, it seems that there are more than these two pieces, which is even more incredible!”

“Isn’t it better than Holy Forest Island? The Peak Emperor Rank monster plant produces only a few pieces of Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit every ten years. How could it be willing to give Yang Fan so much?”

The more I think about it, the more curious Fan Chengren’s mind is. When looking towards Yang Fan, his eyes change color.

“Fan Lao is good at seeing.” Yang Fan lightly said with a smile: “This is indeed the Spirit Fruit produced by the Emperor Rank demon plant on Shenglin Island. I heard that because of this year’s spirit strength tide variation, this time has come out. The efficacy of Spirit Fruit is the most of the past or so years.”

“Not only or to greatly increase Spiritual Power, to expand the Sea of ​​Consciousness Space, to increase the Divine Soul origin, but more importantly, it can also increase the speed of Spiritual Power cultivation by nearly twice as much!”


Double the Spiritual Power cultivation speed? !

Is it a lifetime improvement, or is it time-sensitive?

Is there such a perverted effect of purple nucleus in 1000? Have you never heard of it before?

Fan Chengren’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

If Yang Fan said that this double cultivation speed has no time limit, then the value of such a 1000-year purple core is more than the 6 Emperor Rank Seventh Grade soul refining pill that Yang Fan took out before. Much more precious!

Priceless treasure!

It is equivalent to directly doubling a person’s Spiritual Power cultivation talent forcibly, ah? !

“Thank you brother! I also thank you for the Master!”

Without waiting for Fan Chengren to accept or refuse, Yang Guo, the little clever ghost, reached out and grabbed all the two 2-year purple cores in Yang Fan’s hands, and put them into his space ring with a wave of his hand.

Yang Fan smirked, raised his hand and patted Yang Guo’s head gently.

Knowing that this girl is afraid that his Master thinks the gift is too expensive, and Sorry accepts it directly. This is to cover her Master.

However, this girl obviously underestimated the thickness of her Master’s face.

Even if she didn’t cover her like this, Yang Fan believed that Fan Chengren would just say “just this once” just like before, and then quickly import the 1000-year-old purple nucleus into his pocket.

“Okay, the minimum usage limit for the 1000-year purple nucleus is Psionic Master realm. Now let the big brother give you a boost and try to help you break through the situation directly!”

In front of Fan Chengren, Yang Fan didn’t hide it, and said directly to Yang Guo.

Fan Chengren has been bound with them for a long time, and he is one of his own people. Some things, even if Yang Fan does not say, he may have guessed himself already, there is no need to deliberately hide.

After finishing talking, Yang Fan set up a simple set of Six Roads of Samsara imaginary formation in the yard, covering the whole yard to prevent someone from prying outside.

“You are concentrating, trying to teach the Heaven Grade fine mysterious skills to the disciplinary Yang Guo-gathering spirit fingers, and teaching success! Spiritual Power +2, spirit willpower +2.”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully teaching the Heaven Grade fine mysterious skills to the disciplinary Yang Guo-Ju Lingzhi, Sect’s loyalty bonus of 100 points is successfully stimulated, and disciplinary Yang Guo automatically acquires 100% of the host’s skill proficiency bonus, Juling Zhi Skill proficiency +35888, current skill proficiency (35888100000).”

“Ding! Your disciplinary Yang Guo making a breakthrough, cultivation base was promoted to the first-level Psionic Master, thank you for your heart, and greatly increase the sense of belonging of Sect, Sect Contribution Point +50, the current Sect Contribution Point reaches 100, Disciple is at home, and the prosperity of Shimen is expected!”

Hearing the system hint, Yang Fan was satisfied with the nodded.

It is worthy of his own biological younger sister. Every time Sect’s experience is improved by several times that of others, so quickly the experience of Sect Contribution Point has been brushed to full value.

Next, maybe this girl will become his true Inner Disciple before Ling Tian.


With the end of Yang Fan’s initiation of power transmission, a strong to extreme Spirit Power fluctuation soon spread out from Yang Guo.

In just such a moment of effort, Yang Guo’s Spiritual Power cultivation base has successfully broken through and reached the cultivation realm of the first-class Psionic Master!

Fan Chengren looked at his tongue, Rao is that he had long speculated about the promotion of Yang Fan, but the speculation was ultimately speculation, far more shocking and shocking than what he saw.

Completely ignoring the progress of martial artist or Psionic’s understanding of Avenue Rules, you can directly make the half-step king in Peak realm instantaneously break into the king. Such an Innate Divine Ability is really against the sky!

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