I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1187

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The exclamation in Fan Chengren’s heart has not completely subsided, and the breath of Yang Guo who just broke into Psionic Master realm has changed again.

At this time, Yang Guo’s blood is like a furnace and rises to the sky. The red light of the fiery blood maps the entire small courtyard like a fiery red furnace.

Rao is such a Fifth Level Spirit Emperor as Fan Chengren, and the blood cultivation base is also earlier than the king realm’s supreme powerhouse. Next to this is the powerful blood and blood fluctuations that are shocking, and the clothing is fluttering and straight. .

“Even the qi and blood cultivation base has become a king?”

Fan Chengren was shocked by somewhat numb.

His baby disciple, a little brat who is only 12 years old and has not just graduated from elementary school, has already reached the Human Race powerhouse of King Realm with both Qi and Spiritual Power cultivation base!

If this is said, who dares to believe it?

The king of 12 years old, who rested before, who dares to think

Not to mention Human Race, even those monsters with extraordinary natural talent in Monster Race, the fear of being king before 12 years old is as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, right?

However, what made Fan Chengren even more surprised and even a little horrified is, why did this kid Yang Fan no longer carry him for Yang Guo increasing cultivation base like this before?

Has Yang Fan already regarded him as his own, confident that he will not have any ambitions, or is there already a plan to kill others?

Under normal circumstances, such important confidential information should not be known to outsiders anyway.

Even if Yang Fan now has half Demon Emperor Realm body protection, its strength is already comparable to that of Half Emperor, but after all it is not strong enough to ignore everything. Is it too early to expose these things?

Fan Chengren was half touched and half worried.

In the end of the world, when the situation is chaotic, people’s hearts are the most unpredictable.

Yang Fan just gave him so many good things as soon as he came up, so good that Fan Chengren felt somewhat guilty.

He really couldn’t quite figure out Yang Fan’s thoughts. I don’t know if Yang Fan really trusted him, or he was ready to shut him up completely.

It is a pity that he never thought of Yang Fan as much as possible. If possible, he really hoped that Yang Fan would have avoided his divine sense and sight as he used to when he was teaching Yang Guo.

Beside, Yang Fan didn’t notice Fan Chengren’s change of attitude, seeing Yang Guo’s Qi and blood cultivation base also successfully broke through to King Realm, Yang Fan’s heart was relieved, and he was very happy.

At the same time, the corresponding system hint also sounded in time in his ear:

“Ding! Your disciplinary Yang Guo making a breakthrough, cultivation base was promoted to the first level of Martial King, thank you for your heart, and greatly improved the sense of belonging of Sect, Inner Disciple advanced point +20, current Inner Disciple advanced Point (20100).”

Sure enough, because he is his biological younger sister, he belongs to Bloodline, and the speed and number of Sect experience is much richer than the average smurf id.

After cultivating base breakthrough, Yang Guo not at all wakes up directly from the setting, but continues to sit cross-legged on the spot, conscientiously cultivation to consolidate the King Realm that just broke through.

“Your disciple Yang Guo’s Qi and Blood runs for a week, the Qi and Blood Strength is +300, and the Sect team spirit 100% bonus is stimulated. You automatically get 100% of the Experience Yang of the Disciple Yang Guo and the Qi and Blood Strength is +300.”

“Your disciplinary Yang Guo Spiritual Power runs for a week, Spiritual Power +80, Sect team spirit 100 points bonus is excited, you automatically get the disciplinary Yang Guo 100% cultivation experience bonus, Spiritual Power +80.”


Ears kept coming to Yang Guo this girl cultivation experience account tips, Yang Fan satisfied nodded.

Sister’s cultivation talent is really not blown. At this speed of cultivation, it has already depressed nearly 90% of his sect members and disciple who just entered the king realm.

If you then serve a 1000-year-old purple nucleus and Spiritual Power’s cultivation speed doubles again, it is a real genius amongst geniuses, and Sovereign can be expected in the future.

Taking advantage of this time, Yang Fan glanced at Spirit Devouring Rat who had been standing on his shoulders.

I haven’t seen it for more than half a month. The cultivation base of this little mouse is still stuck in the realm of Fifth Level Monster King. The salted fish is a bit too much.

You know, after the fifteenth spirit strength tide eruption, the biggest benefit is not only the Human Race, but these wild Monster Races who are naturally sensitive to spirit strength.

Because cultivation has almost no bottleneck, as long as the demon power has accumulated enough, you can naturally advance to breakthrough.

Therefore, in the past 2 months, no matter whether it is Human Race or Monster Race, the low-level martial artist and Demonic beast whose strength is under the Emperor Rank have entered the country the fastest.

However, the Spirit Devouring Rat in front of him seems to have been spoiled by Yang Guo. Since the resurrection, the cultivation base has received a batch of entry salted fish. Until now, it has not reached the Peak state before its resurrection.

“Little Brat, give you 3 months, if you can’t break through to Beast King realm, then you don’t have to continue to exist.”

Yang Fan stared at the Xiaojin rat coldly and warned.

“There is no waste around me. If you can’t prove your worth, the owner will directly devour your Divine Soul origin, so that you will never be reborn.”

Lying in the trough!

The master is indeed the master, so ruthless!

Spirit Devouring Rat is a shivered. It takes 3 months for it to reach Beast King realm. Is that possible? If it is the kind of aptitude Monster Race Heavens Pride, can it be promoted to a big rank in one month?

It’s a pity that their Spirit Devouring Rat family has the highest Senior base in the history of the cultivation base, but it has only reached the realm of the 7th level Monster King Peak. Haven’t there ever been a Beast King?

Sand Sculpture like Host Isn’t this hard-hearted and doesn’t want to make it alive?

For a time, Spirit Devouring Rat was a little bit irresistible and felt that his good life was finally over. This time I am afraid that even the Young Lady can’t keep it.

“Well, don’t say that the owner doesn’t take care of you, the resources that should be given to you will not be lacking. If so much heavenly materials earthly treasures and blood essence of High Rank Monster Beast are wasted, you still haven’t met my requirements. , Don’t blame me for not feeling old!”

Just when Spirit Devouring Rat felt that the whole world was gloomy and a little bit unrequited and felt that he was dead, Yang Fan waved his hand and threw it a ring of space.

The ring contains some Earth Veins Essence Liquid, high-level Spirit Fruit, and Spirit Devouring Rat. This high-level Emperor Rank or even Half Emperor-level blood essence and fine meat have not been eaten in this life.

Seeing a pile of cultivation resources stuffed in the space ring, Spirit Devouring Rat was shocked and felt the sky above her head lit up again.

Fortunately, the owner is not really going to give it up. With so many spiritual liquid Spirit Fruit and blood essence of High Rank Monster Beast, if you work hard, you may not have a chance at all.

“Master Baba is assured, I will not let Baba be disappointed!”

Spirit Devouring Rat solemnly vowed.

No effort, only death, so in order to have a better tomorrow, starting from today, it can no longer continue salted fish.

Even if it is desperate, it has to progress its cultivation progress to Beast King realm within 3 months.

Otherwise, depending on the master’s brutality, he will really kill it directly!

Moreover, even the Young Lady has broken through to the king realm. If it is still a little Monster King as before, it is estimated that even the Young Lady will start to abandon it. When the time comes, it really exists a little bit. All value is lost.

Spirit Devouring Rat understands its position.

Compared with the Xiaohua, Dahei and Xiaohong around Yang Fan, it needs strength but no strength, it needs innate talent and no innate talent. The reason why it has not been abandoned by the owner until now is because it has got the owner younger sister Yang Guo. Elder sister’s favor.

As a cute, sensible and loyal little beast, Spirit Devouring Rat is now Yang Guo this girl.

Once Yang Guo didn’t like it anymore, he needed it. With its current strength and aptitude, the probability of being directly slaughtered by the owner was as high as 99%.

“Good self!”

Yang Fan gently nodded, withdrew his eyes from Spirit Devouring Rat and turned to Fan Chengren.

“Lao Fan, Guoguo this girl will give it to you, I still have things, take a step first!”

Yang Fan said goodbye to Fan Chengren.

Then, wave away the simple imaginary formations arranged around, and directly cut through the space teleportation.

Fan Chengren stared blankly at the disappearance of Yang Fan’s figure, a moment at a loss.

Is this gone?

There is neither killing nor extermination, nor any special account and so on?

“It seems that I really think too much. Yang Fan really regarded my old fan as his own!”

Fan Chengren’s mind was relaxed, and he smiled, and a warmth rose in his heart.

He didn’t know why Yang Fan was so relieved. Perhaps it was because Yang Fan’s strength was so strong that he didn’t care about it, but it was really good to be trusted by others.

At the end, Fan Chengren put his eyes on Yang Guo again, secretly lamenting:

“Come on, girl, having a brother who loves you so much and loves you so much is Heaven Defying Divine Ability. It is definitely the greatest opportunity and dependence in your life. Maybe even a teacher should live on your nose. !”

The 12-year-old king is absolutely unprecedented in the Human Race Federation. In the future, even if Yang Guo can advance to Half Emperor or even Realm, Fan Chengren will not feel any surprises.

Of course, the premise is that this girl will not die halfway, so is Yang Fan.

“However, as a teacher, I don’t just sit and eat salted fish waiting to die. I thought that the three words of Fan Xiren were also synonymous with the peerless Heavens Pride in Jinghua City in the past, and there may not be the possibility of becoming a king in the future!”

Fan Chengren’s figure was quite strong, and the old man chatted with a young maniac, and an unwilling and unwilling idea rose from his heart.

He has always been a face-to-face person in Mao Fang Lasi, good face.

If possible, he naturally did not want to be overtaken by his own discipline.

“Working hard and struggling is not just about you youngsters.”

“Besides, my old fan is only 100 9 12 years old this year, not too old!”

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