I Really Want To Go Against The Sky Chapter 1188

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Yang Fan returned to Jinghua Martial University non-stop.

Among the dormitory apartments, An Sheng, Mu Qianqian, Ai Xixuan and 7 other cultivation bases all stood up in the discipline on the Psionic Master and waited for a long time.

See Yang Fan flashing in, 7 people are respected paid respect as before.

“See Master!”

“Master, you are finally back, we miss you!”

After seeing the ceremony, 7 people surrounded Yang Fan with great enthusiasm and greeted them with sincere greetings.

Yang Fan’s eyes swept over 7 people, satisfied with nodded.

Among the nearly 900 disciple, there are only these 7 Psionic Master-level disciplines, which seem to be a little bit pitiful, but fortunately, the 7 smurf ids are still hard work, and the entry speed of the cultivation base is not slow.

These are all the pony that every day is providing him with Spiritual Power cultivation.

“Do you know why the teacher summoned you suddenly?”

Yang Fan asked softly.

“Listening to First Senior Brother saying that it is a new type of moat for the expansion outside the city. Is Master planning to pass on the moat’s Formation to us?”

Ai Xixuan asked curiously.

She is a student of Medical College, and is also in the third grade. She was rarely called up by An Sheng before any activities.

But at this time, An Sheng not only called her over, she also saw several other students in the second and third grades are here, and everyone’s Spiritual Power cultivation base is above the Psionic Master. Asked An Sheng a few more words.

Yang Fan glanced at An Sheng, and An Sheng sorryly smiled at Yang Fan.

Recently An Sheng is fine. I always like to chat with Yang Fan Clone in the Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array outside the city, and also learn some layout methods of the Six Roads of Samsara. I have heard Yang Fan Clone complain about the lack of manpower. If the progress is too slow.

Therefore, when Yang Fan came back and sound transmission made An Sheng urgently summon all the disciplines on the Psionic Master in the door, An Sheng already had some guesses in mind.

“It’s true.” Yang Fan gently nodded, said: “Now the Illusionist with a large moat array outside the city is in short supply. You are all Psionic Masters and the cultivation base is suitable. It is no problem to help.”

Ai Xixuan’s willow brows wrinkle does not self-confess: “But the discipline of the discipline is a physician, and I have never been in contact with the imaginary formation, I am afraid that I will help more and more busy?”

Not all Psionic have Formation innate talent.

Ai Xixuan has also done special tests before, her array innate talent is basically zero, and there is no possibility of becoming an Illusionist.

So when she applied for the major, she would choose the department of physicians of Jinghua Martial University to become a medical student who saved lives.

But now, Yang Fan Master wants her to learn the imaginary formation and help arrange the moat outside Jinghua City. She can’t help but feel like she’s cracking a joke.

Even if Yang Fan Master is a Great Cow, can he also make a person who basically has no Forminnate talent and experience in formation to become an Illusionist in a short time?

Is this possible?

Hearing Ai Xixuan’s question, Yang Fan couldn’t help smilingly.

It seems that this little discipline’s understanding of his Master is still not enough, and I haven’t seen An Sheng and Mu Qianqian next to them. Do they have any worries?

However, it is no wonder that among the seven Psionic Master-level disciplines, except for An Sheng and Mu Qianqian, the other five people did not participate in the layout of the last ten-party purgatory.

There are not many contacts with Yang Fan, and Yang Fan has never been taught the relevant array experience. Some doubts in my heart are inevitable.

Thinking of this, Yang Fan couldn’t help but glance at An Sheng next to him, didn’t expect An Sheng’s big mouth, although his mouth was unobstructed, he also knew what to say and what should be kept secret.

“These are not problems for the teacher.”

Yang Fan smiled lightly, said lightly: “As long as you are willing to be a teacher, everyone in the room can become an Array Grandmaster in a very short time!”

After finishing speaking, Yang Fan no longer spoke much, and directly told these smurf id with actual actions, how great their Master is.

“You are concentrating and trying to teach Heaven Grade Purgatory Demon Slaying Array to Discipline Ai Xixuan-Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, success! Spiritual power +2, spirit willpower +2.”

“Ding! Congratulations to the host for successfully teaching Heaven Grade Fine imaginary formation to Disciple Ai Xixuan-Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array. Sect’s loyalty 100% bonus is successfully stimulated, and Disciple Ai Xixuan automatically obtains 100% of the host’s skill proficiency bonus. Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array Formation experience +58888, current Formation experience (58888100000).”

“You are concentrating and trying to teach the Heaven Dragon Spirit imaginary formation to the disciple Long Xian-Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array, the teaching is successful…”

In addition to An Sheng and Mu Qianqian, the remaining five disciplines were all taught by Yang Fan, and the structure and array experience of Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array array were imprinted in the sea of ​​knowledge in minutes.

When they came back to his senses from the sudden enlightenment, they suddenly found that they were so familiar with the simple Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array arranged around the apartment.

A trace of force fluctuated, and the Formation nodes everywhere, as if they were right in front of them, so clear and transparent.

Before that, although several of them had been surrounded by this, they didn’t notice anything.

so amazing!

Even when Yang Fan received their entry, they already understood Yang Fan, a magical Powers that can directly teach the cultivation realm of the martial skill.

But they never thought that this kind of Innate Divine Ability of Yang Fan is not only effective for martial skills, but also for Formation!

Great Cow!

In just a few minutes, they had already given a set of Heaven Grade imaginary formation to the realm level of the Super Great Perfection. Who would dare to believe it if it was spread?

Especially among them, no one was an Illusionist before, and the innate talents of the battlefield were all pitifully low, even none at all.

But even so, within five minutes, all five of them became Array Great Grandmaster with Ten Square Purgatory Demon Slaying Array. This kind of feeling is a bit like dreaming.

It’s incredible!

no surprise.

The Master has always been a person who is good at creating miracles. Following him, these disciplines will become a miracle in themselves over time.

“Ding! Your disciplinary Ai Xixuan is in a state of turmoil, worships your heart, and greatly enhances your sense of belonging to Sect. Sect’s loyalty is greatly enhanced. Worship value is +5 and Sect Contribution Point is +10.”

“Ding! Your disciple is in a mood of excitement, worships your heart, and greatly enhances your sense of belonging to Sect…”

After gaining another wave of Sect experience, Yang Fan was relieved.

These smurf ids are pretty sensible and cute!

With a sigh in my heart, Yang Fan continued to work hard and began to teach the most important Six Roads of Samsara and virtual reality imaginary formation to all the disciplines present.

“You are concentrating and trying to teach Discipline An Sheng Heaven Grade spiritual imaginary formation-Six Roads of Samsara imaginary formation, success! Spiritual Power +2, spirit willpower +2.”

“You are concentrating and trying to teach Disciple Mu Qianqian Heaven Grade spiritual imaginary formation-virtual reality imaginary formation, teaching success…”


Soon, after a few minutes, Six Roads of Samsara imaginary formation and virtual reality imaginary formation were all taught, and the 7 recipes in front of them all had great perfection realm layout experience.

“An Sheng, Qianqian and Xixuan 3 people stayed and had other things to explain to the teacher.”

After everyone was awake from the feelings, Yang Fan spoke softly, leaving An Sheng, Mu Qianqian and Ai Xixuan 3 people left. As for the remaining 4 people, all of them were sent by Yang Fan out of the city to find the small 4 The classmates helped the team go.

“Among the 7 people, the two of you, Qianqian and Xixuan, are the most outstanding, and the most important are teachers.”

“As for the Sheng of Fat, it is the bottom of the seven. If it is not the First Senior Brother and the brother who is also a teacher, I really want to kick him!”

As soon as Yang Fan opened his mouth, An Sheng was covering his chest with an unable to bear next to him.

“Brother Fan, did you hurt your brother so much?”

An Sheng looked at Yang Fan with a grudge, like a little daughter-in-law who was frustrated: “I am now Lai Hao is also a Level 3 Psionic Master. Is the 18 years old Level 3 Psionic Master not enough? Where is the waste wood?”

Yang Fan glanced silently at this little fatty. How did your cultivation base improve, did you not have a C in your heart?

A Psionic Master purely piled on cultivation resources consumes more than ten times the resources of Mu Qianqian. Is there anything to be proud of?

“Just now, about ten minutes ago, Guoguo that girl has also broken through to the Psionic Master realm, and at the same time, her qi and blood Martial Dao has also reached the first-level Martial King’s realm.”

“Guoguo how old this year is, without me saying, you should be very clear in your heart.”

Yang Fan said slowly and quietly: “Also, this time I went to the Federal Center City and received a new recipe for her teacher. Her name is Sang Duduo.”

“In her ten years old, she was already Psionic Master Peak, and now, she has already reached the half-step Spirit Emperor’s cultivation realm.”

“So, fatty, if you don’t work hard, your position as First Senior Senior Brother may not be guaranteed.”

“You can count on your fingers, how many cultivation bases are higher than your discipline in the goalkeeper, you are not strong enough, how can you let those Junior Brothers and Sisters listen to your arrangements in the future?”

In an instant, An Sheng spoke up.

Naturally, he has been aware of this problem, otherwise he will not be desperately cultivation to improve himself during this time.

But is innate talent is such a fucking thing, it simply shifts based on personal will.

The so-called stupid bird flies first, the so-called diligence can make up for it, it is a joke in front of the huge innate talent difference.

An Sheng’s Spiritual Power innate talent is actually not that bad, but it also depends on who it compares with, not to mention Yang Guo and Sang Duduo that Yang Fan mentioned just now, even Mu Qianqian around him can be thrown out. He went several streets.

“So, don’t say that being a brother doesn’t take care of you.”

Yang Fan raised his hand pats An Sheng’s shoulder, turned his hand and pulled out a 1000-year-old purple core, saying:

“This is a piece of Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit that I specially asked for from Shenglin Island for you. After taking it, you can not only greatly increase your Spiritual Power cultivation base, but also double your Spiritual Power cultivation speed, which is almost It’s made for you.”

“For this Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit, I am not only selling human feelings, but also supporting the smiling face, and I have spent a lot of my nose on it, but you will not disappoint this brother’s intention of 10000000.”

As soon as Yang Fan’s voice fell, there were 2 system hints ringing in his ear at the same time.

“You lied and succeeded in achieving the deep trust of disciplinary An Sheng. The social ability was greatly improved, the flexibility of the slogan was greatly enhanced, and the tongue was like a spring +30.

“Ding! Your disciplinary An Sheng is in a state of turmoil, grateful for your heart, and a great sense of belonging to Sect. Sect’s loyalty is greatly enhanced. Inner Disciple’s advanced point is +5.”

at the same time.

An Sheng took the Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit in the hands of Yang Fan and felt the surge of spirit strength passed from Emperor Rank Spirit Fruit. His mood was agitated and he looked at Yang Fan with emotion.

“Master, Brother Fan, you are so kind to me!”

“Good friend, for a lifetime! I will follow you in this lifetime!”

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